Master Practitioner
Advanced Body Therapies

Body Engineering And Energy Management

Jen Healy has focused her bodywork on bridging the gap between science and the healing arts. She combines her background in Electrical Engineering and Physics with numerous healing modalities from Eastern and Western philosophies to offer a unique style of Body Engineering and Energy Management.

What you will experience from her sessions is a clear understanding of the function energy, alignment and balance plays in the body. While gaining structural stability, there is a sense of deeper relaxation and release of accumulated emotional and physical stress, chronic pain and fatigue. This healing process is informative and fun yet intense and profound.

This spiritual-based, meditative approach promotes balance and harmony by working with the universal life force and the body’s own healing intelligence. The focus and goal of her work is to uncover what Truths are held in the body’s energy system, what message is behind the disharmony, and what is blocking the natural flow of energy.

The sessions seemlessly weave together Deep Tissue, Energy Healing, Myofascial, NeuroMuscular, Thai Massage and much more into a Integrative Intuitive Deep Transformative Experience.  Her 20 years of experience with somatics, nutrition, Anusara yoga therapy, dance, and breathwork  also inform and inspire her work.  She works off of the basic premise that the body knows exactly what it needs to heal itself, thus, a good practitioner will listen closely, pay attention, stay present, and support the body in it’s healing process.

Eastern and Western Specialties Utilized:

Quantum Healyng

Advanced Zen Shiatsu
Ancient Thai Buddhist Healing
Chi Nei Tsang
Acupressure and Meridian Work
Chinese Medicine
Chakra Healing
Intuitive Energy Balancing

Theta Healing

Deep Tissue
Sports Massage
Neuromuscular Release
Myofascial Therapy
Internal Organ Massage
Craniosacral Spinal Release


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