Advanced Body Therapy In Service

Advanced Body Therapy In Service


Jen Healy

  • Body Mechanics & Techniques
  • Working from your center
  • Moving Energy for Release and Healing


Please use only the information that works for you and resonates with your individual style. These suggestions take practice so be conservative and patient with yourself. It also takes time to adjust your focus and practice.


When you have the intention to help and heal, while being present, trust that you have the capacity to do so. Learning to use your Chi, or energy, allows you to work without force. You facilitate the awareness and natural flow of energy (Chi) in your clients body. This is all done through breath. It is most important to teach your client how to breathe first.

Body Mechanics: Yoga!!

  • Helps prevent injury
  • Use your legs to move with fluidity
  • Bend at the hip creases
  • Keep arms extended
  • Bend knees and get low
  • For Deep Tissue, use both hands together (elbows)

These positions allow you to move from your center.

-Use less arm/muscle strength and lean into the area with your body weight

-Keep table low enough to move from your Hara

-Breathe into the lower abdomen on the inhale, exhale and push.


-Working the body as a system

  • Understand the interconnectedness of the body
  • Feet, Stomach, Hands, and Head are very important for the whole body

-Starting on the feet

  • Assessment of the body
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Moves energy up to the center
  • Counteracts effects of gravity, sitting, office jobs, and exercise

-Starting on the front of the body

If someone has chronic neck and shoulder pain, poor posture, and hunched over, start massage face up.

  • Work from the feet up
  • Concentrate on opening the stomach (solar plexus)
  • Focus on opening the chest
  • Roll shoulders down the back (shoulder release)
  • Turn over and work down the body

Major Problem Areas:

Large joints of the body:

These are the bridges that connect and transfer energy

1) Shoulders

2) Hips

1) Shoulders: NMR points

· Supraspinatus/Infraspinatus

· Teres Minor/Teres Major

· Subscapula

· Scapula release

-Realigning the shoulders

· Palm press on front

· Working top of shoulder and neck together (create space)

· Palm press on deltoids

2) Hips: 3 points triangle (gluts)

· Releasing GB points

· Sacrum holes

· Stretching- open hips on back and front

· Aligning hips- palm press on front

-Clearing Energy with pulse points (hold 30 sec. to 1 min.)

· Under arms (HP meridian)

· At hip flexors (Liver meridian)

-Shaking and Rocking to move energy

-Clearing the Spine

· U-points along the spaces on the sides of the spine (light to medium pressure only)

· Washing the spine

Moving Energy: Up-Out-Expanding-Elongating

  • Most people are very contracted down
  • Muscles work in two directions: contracting and expanding
  • Therefore balance the body by expanding

Thai Massage Techniques

Working the body as a whole system:

  • From center outwards
  • Give the energy a path to travel (transfer points)
  • Work head, hands, feet, and stomach
  • Releasing the legs helps neck and shoulders (GB), lower back (Kidney), and scapula (Liver) areas.
  • Balance front and back of the body

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