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Quantum wave is a visionary company with a guiding message of light as the medicine of the future. Our mission is to help all mankind unwind from stress, tension, and dis-ease and to provide a new reference for Quantum Wellness as we enter into the new season emerging here on Planet Earth.

Cold Lasers

Cold Lasers (also known as soft & low level lasers) work like sunlight on a garden. The sunlight donates energy (photons) which nourishes the plants to grow healthy and strong. Cold lasers donate energy/photons to cells which stimulates the mitochondria to produce more ATP, the energy engine of our cells. More ATP energy means healthier cells to regenerate and help the body heal itself!


Unique Features

  • Scalar Wave Technology to clear cell memory
  • Compact, portable design to take anywhere
  • Easy to use digital interface – just point & click
  • Red, Infra Red and Violet wavelengths to reach and energize all cells in the body

What are Scalar Waves?

Scalar waves are revolutionary neutral waves of energy. They are unified field energy which is a technically a non quantifiable state of energy which makes up the entire universe…



Quantumwave Lasers is pleased to introduce our revolutionary new line of cold lasers. All of our soft laser systems are portable handheld units designed to be used by lay persons or professionals alike. All of our Quantumwave Lasers come with a rechargeable ac adapter and users manual.

All of our quantum healing cold lasers use our unique new violet soft laser crystal spectrum technology, fully digital Wavestar programmable interface, and our patent pending Quantumwave Laser technology and capabilities.

  • Quantumwave Laser – Main Unit

    The Quantumwave Laser is our main cold laser model. It has 16 laser diodes in the 650nm or red spectrum, and in the 780nm or infra red spectrum. We also include violet LED’s or high powered narrow beam width LED’s to help soften the light.


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