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Vitamineral™ Green, Vital Healing Food – 500 Grams Truganic™ Therapeutic SuperFood Green Powder Nutritional Partner Price: $54.95 Green…

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Vitamineral™ Green, Vital Healing Food – 500 Grams
Truganic™ Therapeutic SuperFood Green Powder
Vitamineral Green - Best of Raw Award

Nutritional Partner Price: $54.95

Green foods are perhaps the most healing foods on the planet, and the single most important addition to a diet you can make.  They are foundational.  For over 20 years, I have deeply and passionately immersed myself full time into providing the best possible foundation.  My deepest passion is for the Earth and all of its inhabitants to be healed on a core level.  Mother Nature gave us the substances we need for healing.  It is my life path duty and my great honor to assemble them for you.

“Compromise is not an option. Hype is nothing.  Substance is everything.  Vitamineral™ Green is the best possible green food that I can offer.” Dr Jameth Sheridan

Every ingredient, including how it is grown and processed, is therapeutic.  It is an extremely potent & comprehensive array of nature’s most nutritive and cleansing superfoods, grown and processed to maximize their benefits.  Contains a full spectrum of naturally occurring, absorbable and non-toxic vitamins, minerals, all the essential amino acids (protein), antioxidants, chlorophyll, soluble and insoluble fibers, tens of thousands of phytonutrients, and a plethora of other synergistically bound, organic nutrients.  Contains no synthetic or isolated nutrients (not excreted as expensive yellow urine or stored as toxic deposits).  Vitamineral™ Green is Actual Food™.

Ingredients: Version 4.8: 100% Superfoods * 100% TruGanic™

From the Land

• Nettle Leaf • Shavegrass (Horsetail) • Alfalfa Leaf Juice • Dandelion Leaf Juice • Barley Grass Juice • Oat Grass Juice • Barley Grass • Wheat Grass • American Basil • Holy Basil/Tulsi • Moringa Leaf • Yacon Leaf • Nopal Cactus • Chickweed • Ginger Root • Broccoli Juice • Kale Juice • Spinach Juice • Parsley Juice • Carob Pod • Amla Berry

From the Waters
• Spirulina • Chlorella

From the Oceans
• Icelandic Kelp • Dulse • Nori • Alaria • Bladderwrack

Enzymes (optimum absorption +)
• Protease • Amylase • Lipase  • Cellulase • Bromelain  • Papain • Alpha-Galactosidase


HealthForce™ NSO Blend:

Atherobactor agilisA. citreusA. globiformisA. leuteusA. simplexAceinetobactor calcoacetiusAzotobacter calcoaceticusAz. chroococcumAz. paspaliAZosirillum brasilienseAzo. lipoferumBacillus brevisB. marceransB. pumilusBrev stationisKurthia zipffiPhanerochaete chrysosporiumStreptomyces fradiaeS. cellulosaeS. griseoflavus

HealthForce™ Lactobacillus Blend:

Lactobacillus plantarumLactobacillus bulgaricusLactobacillius paracaseiLactobacillus rhamnosusLactobacillus salivariusStreptococcus thermophilus


• Shilajit + • Magnetic • Homeopathic • Energetic & Vibrational energies

• Magnetically sanitized and purified
• All ingredients are optimally dried for maximum lifeforce.

For more information and a list of all their superior products, go to the HealthForce website.

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