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Embodying your Power, Living it NOW:



INVESTMENT: $111 per week, all 12 weeks for $1,111


A 12 week program for a total new you!


Are you craving REAL positive change and success in your life?  Are you ready for a new, powerful way of being in the world?

Let this program be your opportunity for that to happen with the practical tools and support you need to succeed.  You will learn 12 powerful principles to use in your every day life to start living your greatest dreams NOW.   Love your life more than you ever dreamed possible, and feel your absolute best putting these tools into practice.

These simple practices guide you in defining your personal goals, teach you how to use the power of visualization and imagination to manifest, and give you the habits to set the tone of success in your vibration.

With these workshops, processes, techniques, videos and meditations, you learn how to set clear intentions, direct your energy, transform your challenges into opportunities, re-language your reality, and tap into the infinite well of resources available to you.  The course material is inspired by the teachings of Napoleon Hill, Abraham, Theta Healing, Pleiadian Wisdom, Melchizedek, and Amoraea Dreamseed.  Guided Meditations offered by Jen Healy.

The guidance and support of this program will prepare you to step into this new era with what it takes to be truly happy, healthy, and aligned with your higher purpose and power.



With your willingness to practice yourself into a better feeling place (through your vibration), you will receive all the tools and guidance necessary to make your dreams come true.

Learn about the vibrational nature of your being; learn how to follow and value the way you feel as your way in to your vibrational alignment to WHO YOU TRULY ARE; learn the connection between your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and what you’re seeing in the world around you; learn how to guide your thoughts in a way that allows your dreams to manifest into your reality.  Feel the empowered Self awaken to lead your life.

Weekly Postings, practices, guided meditations, and updates online at plus…


  • Inspirational Quotes, Mantras, and Poetry
  • Abraham-Hicks/Napoleon Hill Videos
  • Principles from The Law of Success book
  • Processes from “Ask & It is Given” book
  • Interactive Online Course & Live Phone Sessions
  • Weekly Gathering/Group Practice—1/2 Day Workshop
  • Opportunities to Collaborate/Create “Master Minds”
  • Mentor/Apprentice Relationships
  • Additional “Master Series for Success” Teachings
  • Opportunities for Greater Wealth and Success!


The practice and processes are given to help articulate and specify one’s dreams and desires into concise ideas as well as give you the tools to navigate life’s challenges.


**Remember, the more we PRACTICE, the more we get out of life**


The program is offered for 12-weeks, with one lesson covered each week to make up the 12 lessons of the online course.

I make these courses incredibly convenient, accessible, and affordable.  You can work at your own pace, do them from anywhere, and have lots of options for the level in which you want to participate.

Mentoring/Apprentice opportunities will be available to those who qualify.



This program is offered at 3 different levels:


Level I: Casual

This is the easiest and most relaxed version of the program.  Each week there will be inspirational quotes, mantras, and stories offered online, plus Abraham-Hicks videos, guided meditations, and simple suggestions and practices for empowering your life.  Other FREE audio teachings will also be available.  No reading materials are necessary, but are encouraged.   This package includes online course, an hour phone call consultation each week, and all access website materials.  Can be done from anywhere, anytime.

Investment: $101 per week. (unlimited availability)


Level II: Intensive

This package is an Intensive and there is much more opportunity for participation, sharing, and involvement.  At this level, reading and practicing from The Law of Success book and Ask & It is Given is recommended.  There will be weekly lessons and assignments.  Participation both on the interactive website as well as live meetings and gatherings are highly recommended to get the most out of the experience.  Included is a ½ day workshop on Saturdays for 12 weeks from 10-2pm with Interactive Empowerment Teachings and Yoga Practice Intensive.

Investment: $111 per week (small group setting: offered only to the first 12 participants to sign up)


Level III: Advanced

This is the Advanced Practice with even more opportunity for participation, building “Master Mind” teams, collaboration, and business (ad)ventures, as well as making extra income/revenue streams.  All the teachings in Level I and II are offered, plus the weekly workshop, plus…

Two additional one-on-one sessions (90 minutes) are included with your specific needs in mind:  your choice of Bodywork, Quantum Healyng, Private Yoga Therapy, Aerial Yoga Training, Empowerment Coaching, Spiritual Guidance, Meditation Instruction, Nutritional Healyng & Support, Cleansing, or Exercise/Movement Therapy.

Investment: $333 per week   (offered only to the first 10 people to sign up)



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