PREMIUM PACKAGE: FOR COUPLES, COMPANIES, OR INDIVIDUALS $3600 → 3 month agreement (All sessions are 60-90 min.)…

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$3600 → 3 month agreement
(All sessions are 60-90 min.)

1 Coaching session per week @ 220/hr = 3960 (90 min. each)
Full Empowerment Course w/ personal coaching @ 595 (per person)
1 Coaching call per week @ 150/hr = 1800 (60 min. each)
TOTAL: 6,355  SAVINGS: 2,755  (~40%)



Are you craving REAL positive change and success in your life?  Are you ready for a new, powerful way of being in the world?

Let this empowerment program be your opportunity for that to happen with the practical tools and help you need to succeed, at any endeavor. You will learn 12 powerful principles to use in your every day life to start living your greatest dreams NOW. Love your life more than you ever dreamed possible, and feel your absolute best putting these tools into practice.

These simple practices guide you in defining your personal goals, teach you how to use the power of visualization and imagination to manifest, and give you the habits to set the tone of success in your vibration.

With these processes, techniques, videos and meditations, you learn how to set clear intentions, direct your energy, transform your challenges into opportunities, re-language your reality, and tap into the infinite well of resources available to you.  



Bring your relationships, health, and well-being to the next level, where you’ll feel more aligned, empowered, energized, and good about yourself.

This advanced empowerment program is your lifestyle makeover and spiritual overhaul all wrapped up into one. Designed by master practitioner and spiritual leader Jen Healy, this program provides everything you need to create real positive change while inspiring, transforming, and empowering your life– and most importantly– feeling good about yourself while gaining lasting results!

We work together for you to become your best Self. These mind, body, spirit coaching sessions may also include (when needed):

  • Quantum Healyng Bodywork
  • “Aerial Yoga Play” practice
  • Exercise routines
  • Nutritional support
  • Superfood wisdom/Food preparing
  • Guided Meditations
  • Empowerment Practices
  • Spiritual Guidance

It’s a reviving, rejuvenating crash course in centering yourself to create body awareness, relieve daily stress and chronic pain, awaken your life force, and promote long lasting happiness.

~~It’s time to super charge your life!  Feel Good, Be Empowered, and Live your Best Life~~


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