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Investing in each other’s dreams.

The Healyng Rose Center (HR Center), a California corporation in the startup phase of operation, is organizing to create a transformational educational wellness lifestyle Hub for the SF Bay Area community based on 15 years of providing quality progressive wellness lifestyle and Healyng technologies, education, training, and results for a small and dedicated group of clients for the parent business Zen Healyng & Healyng Technologies (Zen Healyng). Jen Healy is the founder and creator of the basis of the HR Center’s work.

The Healyng Rose Center is in an exciting start up phase of team building. This invitation to be part of the HR Center is an opportunity to express your passions, skills and needs along with coming into alignment with our vision.  The goal is to find the best fit for your gifts and talent while learning the extensive programs, projects, and processes that the HR Center will employ to up level its success.



This 12 week transformational training program is an essential first step to finding alignment for your goals, dreams, and wishes with our vision of how the HR Center will run smoothly and easily amongst its team members.  The Success Principles from the Empowerment Program will be utilized and implemented as a basis for understanding the practices behind the HR Center’s mission.  It is 100% necessary to fully participate in the training program in order to be considered for employment come 2014 when we plan on having enough funding in place to hire you for the role that we define during this training process.  The training program will offer the Empowerment Course, “12 Success Principles to Transform your Life,” weekly team meetings (by phone), and a weekly 3 hour workshop (in person) on both Thursday nights and Saturday am (for you to choose from).



There will be team building projects and activities that will determine the perfect fit for you within the HR Center infrastructure during this 12 week training.  The HR Center has many dynamic needs and plenty of room for insights, ideas, involvement, and feedback during this trial period.

The HR Center is actively researching the ideal location to launch a 25,000 sq ft. Community Healyng Hub offering the full spectrum of Zen Healyng services, Healyng Technologies, vital lifestyle treatments, practices, education, trainings – all set within a beautiful and uplifting Healyng environment in the central San Rafael area. The HR Center will be staffed with deeply aligned, experienced caring team and practitioners.  We plan on opening our doors to the public in August 2014.



The transformational training program will be of no cost to you. We are offering the entire experience in exchange for your contributions and involvement in the project. The weekly training, workshops, and empowerment course material is offered to you for free in exchange for 10 work hours dedicated to the project, as it is assigned specifically by the team leaders.  It is required that you take good notes in documenting your hours and results for your project or task.  There will be a vast array of areas in which you can engage, and our goal is to find something you truly love and feel excited about in order to become familiar with your gifts and talents.  It is clearly understood that in order to be hired for pay in 2014, it is 100% mandatory that you honor this agreement by completing the training program and all your assignments.



Jen Healy, a Quantum Healyng expert, physicist, electrical engineer, advisor at UC Berkeley, founder of Zen Healyng & Healyng Technologies and master practitioner of the work of the Center in the Bay Area Community for 15 years will lead the training, technical, design, team and educational / artistic / lifestyle components of the project.





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