HR Center- Executive Summary




A new wave of consciousness is growing around health and wellness through body wisdomempowered play, and energy management. The Mission of The Healyng Rose Center is to provide high quality transformational experiences, vibrant wellness lifestyle education and training within Sacred Healyng Environments (SHE) for those willing to explore, discover and attain the ultimate in radiant health and wellbeing.



The Healyng Rose Center (the Center), a California corporation in the startup phase of operation, is organizing to create a transformational educational wellness lifestyle Hub for the SF Bay Area community based on 15 years of providing quality progressive wellness lifestyle and Healyng technologies, education, training, and results for a small and dedicated group of clients for the parent business Zen Healyng & Healyng Technologies (Zen Healyng). Jen Healy, the founder and creator of the basis of the Center’s work.



The Center is actively researching the ideal location to launch a 30,000 sq ft. Community Healyng Hub offering the full spectrum of Zen Healyng services, Healyng Technologies, vital lifestyle treatments, practices, education, trainings – all set within a beautiful and uplifting Healyng environment in the central San Rafael area. The Center will be staffed with deeply aligned, experienced caring practitioners, will offer delicious Healyng Food through a gourmet café, will host Healyng events and classes, concerts and community events to bring people together around a full spectrum of progressive, educational and inspired offerings.



The Center revenue will come from fees for client services, classes, concerts, community awareness events, and research as well as from the café and other community hub activities. While the outcome of the Center’s submittal of a bank application cannot be relied upon in making a decision to participate in this project, as the application to organize can be approved, the Center would then be granted a small equity stake in the then approved bank holding company. Primary revenue will be derived from a comprehensive list of services and products offered in a magnetic and inspired Healyng environment, not currently available in the SF Bay area. Because the Center is an exclusive licensee venue for Zen Healyng, sub license revenue potential can be developed over time to share success with other progressive communities interested in improving their vitality, harmony and quality of life.



Jen Healy, a physicist, electrical engineer, advisor at UC Berkeley, founder of Zen Healyng & Healyng Technologies and master practitioner of the work of the Center in the Bay Area Community for 15 years will lead the technical, design, team and educational / artistic / lifestyle components of the project. Supporting this project is a national team of advisors and a local team of dedicated and caring professionals devoted to building conscious community resources for the masses.


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