A big thank you…


I am so thankful that I got to share my vision for The Healyng Rose Center with you on this festive occasion called birthdays.

It is such an honor to have this wonderful community to live, love and dream within.  As I traveled around for my birthday, I realize we have something really special in the SF Bay Area.


I deeply love and appreciate all my friends who have taken the time to give a small gift to my birthday wish.  There have been 25 gracious contributions,  and I look forward to sharing with you our progress, knowing you have made it possible for us to get started with your gift.   Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.


My goal is to raise $5000 to cover initial start up expenses for the business plan and processing the paperwork for establishing the DPO.

So if 470 more friends make a $10 donation to our vision, we can get there!

If you feel inspired to see this center come to fruition, we greatly appreciate the love and support.   I will also establish a crowdfunding campaign this fall and there will be more opportunities to get involved.


Sending out a birthday wish was really an exciting journey to announce this incredible project to you that was both a stretch and a leap of faith.  I really appreciate all the positive feedback about its content and the level of belief in my abilities to carry it out that has become the wind beneath my wings.

Thank you so much for that outpouring of support, it means the world to me!


It has been a stretch for me to ask all of you to be involved and give a gift to the project because for my entire life (literally) I have been a “Do it myself” kind of gal, and although I deeply cherish my fierce independence and strong competent character, it is time for me to operate from a place of team and community and interdependence.  As with most people that I work with in my Healyng practice, my growing edge is asking for help and letting it in.

The grace for me is doing this with a sense of inner strength and vulnerability that is my true power, allowing it in and accepting from a place of receptivity.

It is also what this project represents from a stand point of our society as a whole operating from these principles.  I want to live this example for myself and for my community.**


As I took time to reflect on my journey over the last 40 years on this planet, I noted where I was at 20 (and what has changed) as well as where I was at 30 and the difference.   Then I read this morning (I love Divine timing) an article from Oprah about “What I wish I knew at 21.”

I was already planning on sharing with you in my thank you letter my reflections about where I am and where I’m going, and this article completely changed the focus of my sharing.


My story:

We all have a story, many of them actually. I don’t really share too much about my past and my journey, and I’m realizing its really important that I do.  More so that I let you know more about me than just to tell my story.

What I discovered from reading that article this morning is that I really love my life and who I am today.  AND that has not always been the case.  I hope my story brings us closer together and helps us all realize we’ve all been there and we can all relate to one another’s journey.


When I was 20, I was really in a place of inner and outer struggle.

In trying to prove myself and “make it” in the world, I was over efforting everything.  I really thought that if I worked really really hard, I could finally move away from a very unpleasant past.  That level of stress on my body and systems led to much achievement and many injuries and hardships.

Although I was graduating top of my class with 2 degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics, getting a full scholarship for graduate school, in a great relationship, and a top athlete I was very unhappy.  In fact, ‘happy’ was not even on my radar.  I slept about 2-4 hours a night, worked 3 jobs to survive and put myself through school, and no achievement was ever good enough to fill the void inside.

I lived and grew up in Philadelphia where the moto was “what do you want?” instead of “hi, how are you?” … At least it was for me.

I believe everything we experience leads us on our journey to self discovery so I wouldn’t change a thing, AND I’m really really happy to give up the struggle of ‘working so hard to make things happen’ and the self-loathing for ease and grace and love.


At 25, I took my life back, changed my direction entirely, and dedicated my life to the Healing Arts and Spiritual path.  I decided to face my fears and start living fully, which was not easy but it was worth it because the alternative was living a very unhappy life.  These changes included traveling (I had never once taken a vacation and had worked full time and gone to school full time since I was 14 years old), working less than 80 hours a week, moving to San Francisco, going to Burningman, and studying in Thailand for 3 months.


By 30, I was feeling torn to shreds in some ways, coming out of my saturn return, the parts of myself that were not working anymore were more annoying and glaringly obvious yet I didn’t know how to change them yet.  I found myself often frustrated with life and with people, yet still hopeful, knowing real change was necessary and possible.

I was wanting to build these Healyng Centers and created a shared space to actualize the vision.  It wasn’t working out the way I had hoped.

I found myself feeling alone and afraid, with a sense of “I don’t know what I’m doing or where I’m going.”  Ironically, the outer world was often giving me the feedback that “I have it so together.”  I basically had given up on my government and my community at that time, feeling an overall lack of support or interest in what I was doing.

I did deep inner work and Shamanic healing for 5 years to emerge knowing that I was creating that version of reality, and that I had the power (choice) to change that perspective and therefore my experience.

I am so happy and grateful to give up the struggle of frustration and despair to really love and trust the journey as well as gain the power to choose wisely over what I give my attention to.


At 35, I chose to start living the life of my dreams. Anything and everything that I wished for I went for.  I started Healyng Technologies, a clothing line (SNAP Sacred Designs), women’s groups, recorded guided meditations, Reson-Dance Yoga, Quantum Playgrounds, Empowerment Courses, and found the Ecstatic Dance Community.

Through my spiritual practice and inner guidance,  I’m so happy and grateful for the courage to really go for it and learn that “I am the one I’ve been waiting for.”



Over the last 5 years it has not always been easy, with many ups and downs and disappointments, but it is much easier than the alternative– to live an unhappy, mundane, dead existence.

I can now honestly say that I really appreciate my life and my journey.

I am truly happy, vibrant, radically alive, and living in radiant health.

I love my Healyng practice and supporting people of their healing journey with my Comprehensive Healyng Programs.

I love being a leader in my field and teaching people about energy medicine and electromagnetics with Quantum Energetics and Healyng Technologies.

I have found my freedom in expression through dance, conscious movement, and embodying empowered play with the creation of The Quantum Playground and Aerial Yoga Play.

I love that I’ve found a brilliant way of teaching people about Quantum Physics and Sacred Geometry though the embodied play.  It makes my heart sing.

I’m so happy and grateful to bridge science and spirituality with Empowerment Courses and Coaching Programs to give people real tools for transformation.

This has been my journey, and I’m happy to have the opportunity to share my story with you. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

Moving forward, I am excited to create more partnership and collaboration in my life in this  next decade of building Healyng Centers and Quantum Playgrounds around the world, starting with The Healyng Rose Center in Marin.

I have come to deeply appreciate that “we are the ones we have been waiting for,” and I look forward to creating our dreams together.



**I’d like to share with you the Harmonic Coding of the Golden Divine — my interpretation of how the Divine Feminine principles want to come into harmony with the way we interact with universal laws.

Link:: http://www.zenhealyng.com/featured/home-6-recent/new-beginnings/



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