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Spring and Fall are the best times to cleanse and give the body, mind, and spirit a fresh start.   Look good, feel great, and strengthen the immune system by detoxifying the body for overall optimal health and Well-being!

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Colon Cleansing Program was last modified: by Jen Healy

I am recommending the my favorite powerful and effective Herbal detoxification program I know, and it is safe and effective for anyone! This internal cleansing kit is from Blessed Herbs.

This 30-day program offers complete detoxifying, tonifying and rejuvenating of all the vital body organ systems including cardio-vascular, breathing, digestive, lymphatic, nervous and defense systems.

The cost for the 4-week supplies (blessed herbs only) is just $300, with shipping.

I will be your guide through the whole program, and I am happy to cater to your specific dietary and lifestyle needs. The cleanse can be made into a very mild detox experience or the most advanced. So please, just let me know what your thoughts and concerns are, and we will make it work especially for you!!

Obtain and maintain optimal health for the whole body through exercise, nutrition, herbs, supplements, cleansing, healing therapies, and spiritual philosophy.





the Internal Cleansing Kit $300








the Colon Cleansing Kit $100


For more information, go to Blessed Herbs website:

Blessed Herbs website link.

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