Fun-Raiser:: Envision Quantum Playgrounds

Envision Quantum Playgrounds

*Awakening Conscious Embodied Play*


I’m thrilled to be living my dreams, and envisioning a brighter future.  I love the work I am doing– it is truly revolutionary!  With that said, there is so much more I’d like to accomplish this year.  So I realized that I have this awesome, extended community around me that is my “quantum family,” and if I asked every person I know to give just $10 as a gift to my vision, I’d be able to move forward with my plans to build Quantum Playgrounds, as permanent installations, at specific sacred sites aligned with my vision, like a retreat center in Hawaii, or a progressive grade school here in Marin, or a yoga studio in Bali.  There are many on my list!  I would love your help in actualizing this dream, and I so appreciate whatever you feel inspired to give!



An interactive art installation– powerful quantum play structure–
Five pointed star peridot heart activation portal sacred geometry design w/ aerial yoga swings and monkey yoga bars!

I am creating this fun-raiser so we can  build amazing original interactive sacred geometry  play-structures around the world at specific sacred sites (like retreat centers, schools, and parks) that promote growth, freedom, expansion, movement, consciousness, and embodied play.   I so much appreciate  your contribution and making my birthday wish come true of building Quantum Playgrounds and uplifting the spirit of all beings willing to play!

AND for your generosity… I’d like to give back and say thank you by offering you a FREE guided meditation or a $20 coupon towards a bodywork session, which ever you prefer.  You are welcome to give what  you feel inspired to, but $10 would be the perfect gift!

I am looking forward to all the great things that we are to share, living bigger and brighter dreams, and inspiring the best in each other!

Please make a donation below on paypal ( or send a check to Jen Healy @ 12 Lido Lane, San Rafael, CA 94901.

Contact me for more  information: -or-  415-531-8972

Thank you for your gift towards my vision:


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