Higher Consciousness through Music




Higher Consciousness through Music


I know there is a healing power to music. I know it. I feel it every time my body, mind and spirit merge on the dance floor, and I am lifted to that higher place where everything is possible.

In the ancient Sufi teachings they talk of attaining samadhi, or higher consciousness, through music. They explain it as health is the perfect condition of rhythm and tone. Music IS the rhythm and tone that puts ourselves in a state of harmony, like the beating of the heart and the pulse of the blood.

In Vedic medicine, Mysticism is the law of vibration, the nature of rhythm and tone perceived by the human body. All illnesses come from one source- the absence of life. Life is health. It is prana. It is breath. In the breath and the words behind it, there is the healing power to harmonize.

Music is made up of the elements of singing, playing and dancing. All these qualitites represent rhythm. It is the tone of the music that tunes the soul and raises its vibration above the depression of the world.

This healing of the mind, body and soul through music is an ancient art. We are here to keep this art alive and awaken the deep knowing in all of us, through this one shared moment of rhythm and vibration- taking us to that higher place in ourselves where we’re all ONE. One being, one mind, one life!

I would like to initiate that opening to the life force in all of us by chanting the sacred sound of OM together and raise the frequency in our souls, setting the tone for our existence.





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