Reson-Dance Yoga







Reson-Dance Yoga

Inspirational Music–Expressive Movement–Fluid Yoga



The freedom to move and explore traditional yoga postures blended with rhythmic dance and music that inspires.

The movement is a prayer, a ritual, an offering with intention, to heal, release and celebrate the Body Temple.

The desire is to express, feel and explore every aspect of our being, through a playful dance- allowing the light-energy to pulse through our bodies.

The breath is our guide to ride the waves of energy that flow through us, aligning to our True Nature– Radiantly Happy, Healthy and Free.

Get ready to have some serious fun!


We are proud to present an exciting new expression of dance and yoga with Reson-Dance Yoga.  Bringing together extensive yoga and dance backgrounds from various arenas, the dymanic duo Jen Healy and Val Cunningham  infuse Vinasana, Anusura, Hatha Flow, Astanga, Kundalini, and Fluid (Prana) Yoga styles as a strong foundation  to explore and integrate an eclectic mix of dance styles and moves.

Their combined love and exploration of dance includes ballroom, latin, swing, jazz, house, hip hop, belly dance, and club fusion, with over 12 years of teaching experience backing their classes.

Their practice is influenced from an extraordinary blend of funky soulful music– house, trance, techno, breaks, soul, jazz, funk, salsa, latin, hip hop, downtempo, ambient, world beat, and many forms of original electronic music, to name a few.

After a dozen years of local dance scene community exposure, yoga and music festivals as well as inspiring burning man experiences, we are ready to create something new and very special for the public’s enjoyment.

We are offering a unique opportunity to bridge these worlds and create an amazing environment for a full and enlivening experience. We are excited to share these new teachings with you that  allow personal and authentic expression of movement with inspirational-soulful music, sacred play, fun, and fluid “dance-asana.”





Balancing the spirit of yoga with the joyful expression of dance, Reson-Dance Yoga is a sensory-based movement practice that leads to health, vitality, connection, embodiment, strength, flexibility, and fun. It empowers people of all shapes and sizes by connecting the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music. Every experience can be adapted to individual needs and abilities. Step into the full breath of your own joyful experience with this unique blend of Yoga and Dance.  It will positively shape the way you feel, look, think and live.


Jen Healy and Val Cunningham bring a broad spectrum of experience, style, talent and personality to their classes, as well as a ton of fun, humor, and play.



The Movement: A healing sensation of moving with purpose, passion and play. While focusing on the undulation of the spine, we release the kundalini energy from within.  Using the essence of yoga and dance, you will be guided to sense the dynamic balance of stillness (stability) and energy in constant motion (mobility) in the body. Get ready for some passionate playful movement – full body rhythm waves and fun twists and turns, as you are guided to open, align, and release in a new way- breaking through your boundaries and filling your heart with its fullest expression!


The Music: An eclectic compilation, guiding the listener on a sensational journey of vibration and sound through a full spectrum experience from sunrise to sunset. Depicting a beautiful day- full of waking wonder (opening), to midday play and adventure (aligning), to evening celebration (resonating), to indulging in night falling (releasing), to resting in the arms of the stars (connecting). The music is a gorgeous complement of feminine and masculine energies that will awaken your spirit and move your soul.




Make   Reson-Dance Yoga part of your Resolutions…


I am dedicating this year to always doing my best, inspiration, releasing limitations, strength, courage, wisdom, truth, freedom, empowerment, heart-opening, integrity, healing, light, harmony, joy, fun, play, movement, laughter, balance, deeper awareness and responsibility. These vital qualities are all apart of what I want to create with Reson-Dance Yoga….

Whether you have resolved to take better care of yourself, try something new or just plain exercise more– this class will offer you that and so much more!!

This is NOT your typical yoga class…this class is completely open and free-flowing, there are no strict routines or limitations– you are encouraged to do what you want– to do what you feel…

I am creating a space where we all practice together, explore together, inspire eachother, and have a whole lot of booty shakin’ fun while getting a great workout AND deepen our spiritual awareness– embodiment, consciousness, presence. I guide you through the movements and encourage you to find your own authentic movement and fullest expression.

All are welcome!





Higher Consciousness through Music


I know there is a healing power to music. I know it. I feel it every time my body, mind and spirit merge on the dance floor, and I am lifted to that higher place where everything is possible.

In the ancient Sufi teachings they talk of attaining samadhi, or higher consciousness, through music. They explain it as health is the perfect condition of rhythm and tone. Music IS the rhythm and tone that puts ourselves in a state of harmony, like the beating of the heart and the pulse of the blood.

In Vedic medicine, Mysticism is the law of vibration, the nature of rhythm and tone perceived by the human body. All illnesses come from one source- the absence of life. Life is health. It is prana. It is breath. In the breath and the words behind it, there is the healing power to harmonize.

Music is made up of the elements of singing, playing and dancing. All these qualitites represent rhythm. It is the tone of the music that tunes the soul and raises its vibration above the depression of the world.

This healing of the mind, body and soul through music is an ancient art. We are here to keep this art alive and awaken the deep knowing in all of us, through this one shared moment of rhythm and vibration- taking us to that higher place in ourselves where we’re all ONE. One being, one mind, one life!

I would like to initiate that opening to the life force in all of us by chanting the sacred sound of OM together and raise the frequency in our souls, setting the tone for our existence.


**Private Yoga Sessions Available** in Hatha, Anasura, and Vinyasa Flow styles for all levels of experience.

Unique combination of Expressive Movement, Dance, Thai style massage and yoga postures

How to deeply understand the energy of the body through self-massage while practicing yoga to facilitate the opening and releasing blocks and tensions held in the body

Focus on the posture (spine) and core strength (abdomen)

Flow style of movement creating a sequencing of postures for the body and breathe to follow and remember how to move with ease and grace. Movement combined with holding and being with a posture for longer periods of time, designs to move more deeply into areas of tension.


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