{EP} Week 13- Turning Points




“Yesterday is but a dream, Tomorrow is only a vision.  But today well lived makes Every

yesterday a dream of happiness, And every tomorrow a vision of hope.  Look well, therefore, to this day.”

-From the Sanscrit.


“The test of a man is the fight he makes, The grit that he daily shows; The way he stands on his feet and takes Fate’s numerous bumps and blows, A coward can smile when there’s naught to fear, When nothing his progress bars; But it takes a man to stand up and cheer While some other fellow stars.

“It isn’t the victory, after all, But the fight that a brother makes; The man who, driven against the wall, Still stands up erect and takes The blows of fate with his head held high: Bleeding, and bruised, and pale, Is the man who’ll win in the by and by, For he isn’t afraid to fail.

“It’s the bumps you get, and the jolts you get, And the shocks that your courage stands, The hours of sorrow and vain regret, The prize that escapes your hands, That test your mettle and prove your worth; It isn’t the blows you deal, But the blow you take on the good old earth, That show if your stuff is real.”


They do me wrong who say I come no more When once I knock and fail to find you in; For every day I stand outside your door, And bid you wake, and rise to fight and win. Wail not for precious chances passed away; Weep not for golden ages on the wane;

Each night I burn the records of the day; At sunrise every soul is born again. Laugh like a boy at splendors that have sped, To vanished joys be blind and deaf and dumb; My judgments seal the dead past with its dead, But never bind a moment yet to come.

Though deep in mire wring not your hands and weep, I lend my arm to all who say, “I can!”

No shame faced outcast ever sank so deep But yet might rise and be again a man! Dost thou behold thy lost youth all aghast?

Dost reel from righteous retribution’s blow? Then turn from blotted archives of the past And find the future’s pages white as snow. Art thou a mourner? Rouse thee from thy spell; Art thou a sinner? Sin may be forgiven; Each morning gives thee wings to flee from hell, Each night a star to guide thy feet to heaven.

Joaquin Miller’s poem:

“All honor to him who shall win a prize,” The world has cried for a thousand years; But to him who tries, and who fails, and dies, I give great honor, and glory, and tears.

Give glory and honor and pitiful tears To all who fail in their deeds sublime; Their ghosts are many in the van of years, They were born with Time, in advance of Time.

Oh, great is the hem who wins a name; But greater many, and many a time, Some pale-faced fellow who dies in shame And lets God finish the thought sublime.

And great is the man with a sword undrawn, And good is the man who refrains from wine; But the man who fails and yet still fights on, In, he is the twin-brother of mine.”


“You can do it if you believe you can!”




Profiting by Failure

Lesson 13 is Profiting by Failure. Hill gives a different slant on the word failure. He states that failure is normally a negative word, but he distinguishes failure from temporary defeat, and temporary defeat can be a blessing in disguise. Hill also tells us that sound character is often the product of reversals and setbacks, and temporary defeat should be looked upon as a teacher of some needed lesson.

Hill lists several examples from his personal life about succeeding then experiencing setbacks-and describes the correct mindset for overcoming these setbacks. In retrospect, he was thankful for experiencing so much defeat, since it had the effect of giving him the courage to attempt things he wouldn’t have tried if his early life would have been easier. Quoting Hill: “Defeat is a destructive force only when it is accepted as failure. When accepted as teaching some needed lesson, it is always a blessing.”

The message of this lesson can be summed up as follows: There ultimately is no failure. What appears to be failure is usually a minor setback in disguise. Ensure you do not accept it as permanent!


Lesson 13 – Failure

  • Why failure is only really temporary defeat … and is usually a blessing in disguise.
  • The seven shocking turning points in Napoleon Hill’s life … and the surprising lessons that you can learn from them.
  • The entire amazing six page introduction to “Hill’s Golden Rule” magazine.
  • Why your failures are just stepping stones on the road to finding what you truly love.
  • Why defeat is a destructive force only when you accept it as failure.
  • Why you should love your enemies instead of hating them … by seeing the value of what they are doing for you.


The great truth of this lesson is that adversity and defeat are generally blessings in disguise.

Be thankful for the defeat which men call failure, because if you can survive it and keep on trying it gives you a chance to prove your ability to rise to the heights of achievement in your chosen field of endeavor.

In previous lessons of this course, we learned that strength grows out of resistance; and we shall learn, in this lesson, that sound character is usually the handiwork of reverses, and set-backs, and temporary defeat, which the uninformed part of the world calls “failure.”

Neither temporary defeat nor adversity amounts to failure in the mind of the person who looks upon it as a teacher that will teach some needed lesson. As a matter of fact, there is a great and lasting lesson in every reverse, and in every defeat; and, usually, it is a lesson that could he learned in no other way than through defeat.

No man ever arose from the knock-out blow of defeat without being stronger and wiser for the experience. Defeat talks to us in a language all its own; a language to which we must listen whether we like it or not.

Of course one must have considerable courage to look upon defeat as a blessing in disguise; but the attainment of any position in life, that is worth having, requires a lot of “sand.”

I am convinced that failure is Nature’s plan through which she hurdle-jumps men of destiny and prepares them to do their work. Failure is Nature’s great crumble in which she burns the dross from the human heart and so purifies the metal of the man that it can stand the test of hard usage.

I have come to the turning- point, which the uninformed call “failure,” seven different times. At each of these seven turning-points I thought I had made a dismal failure; but now I know that what looked to be a failure was nothing more than a kindly, unseen hand, that halted me in my chosen course and with great wisdom forced me to redirect my efforts along more advantageous pathways.











Discover the work into which you can throw my heart and soul…  Finding the work for which one is best fitted and which one likes best is very much like finding the one person whom one loves best; there is no rule by which to make the search, but when the right niche is contacted one immediately recognizes it.


I look again and I am carried backward into the history of man’s struggle for a place in the sun, and there I see, also, the “failures” of the past – failures that have meant more to the human race than all the so- called successes recorded in the history of the world.

Be thankful, then,  for the defeat which men call failure, because if you can survive it and keep on trying it gives you a chance to prove your ability to rise to the heights of achievement in your chosen field of endeavor.









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  • Pivotal Moments and Turning Points in Life

Hill had come to these turning- points, which the uninformed call “failure,” seven different times. At each of these seven turning-points he thought he had made a dismal failure; but now he knows that what looked to be a failure was nothing more than a kindly, unseen hand, that halted him in his chosen course and with great wisdom forced him to redirect his efforts along more advantageous pathways.

He arrived at this decision, however, only after he had taken a retrospective view of his experiences and had analyzed them in the light of many years of sober and meditative thought.


Consider the 10 most impactful events in your life that were pivotal moments, or turning points, for making new and better decisions.  Re-evaluate what once looked like a set back or a defeat as a gift and a blessing, bringing you greater opportunity and molding your character into the  strong, powerful creator you are today.

List these events and the re-intrepretation in an outline form, and in chronological order (if you can) to see the path that has unfolded before you.

Revel in the process of taking the time to reclaim the deeper meaning and the energy that is freed up by this new interpretation and potent practice.

Have fun with it, and enjoy the journey of self-discovery.


Levels II & III: Read Lesson 14 on Tolerance in The Law of Success Book for next week.  Note these are big chapters so pace yourself and make a commitment to read every day.  Take notes as you go along, and STICK WITH IT!

Level III: Listen to the Your Wish Is Your Command CD Series: sample of disc 10




Nature’s ways are not easily understood. If they were, no one could be tested for great responsibility, with FAILURE!

“When Nature wants to make a man, And shake a man, And wake a man; When Nature wants to make a man To do the Future’s will;

When she tries with all her skill And she yearns with all her soul To create him large and whole… With what cunning she prepares him! How she goads and never spares him! How she whets him, and she frets him, And in poverty begets him….

How she often disappoints How she often anoints, With what wisdom she will hide him, Never minding what betide him Though his genius sob with slighting And his pride may not forget! Bids him struggle harder yet. Makes him lonely So that only God’s high messages shall reach him, So that she may surely teach him What the Hierarchy planned.

Though he may not understand Gives him passions to command. How remorselessly she spurs him With terrific ardor stirs him When she poignantly prefers him!

Lo, the crisis! Lo, the shout That must call the leader out. When the people need salvation Doth he come to lead the nation…. Then doth Nature show her plan When the world has found – A MAN!”

There is no FAILURE.  That which looks to be failure is usually nothing but temporary defeat.  Make sure that you do not accept it as PERMANENT!

Let us remember that the wheel is always turning. If it brings us sorrow today, it will bring us joy tomorrow. Life is a cycle of varying events – fortunes and misfortunes.

We cannot stop this wheel of fate from turning, but we can modify the misfortune it brings us by remembering that good fortune will follow, just as surely as night follows day, if we but keep faith with ourselves and earnestly and honestly do our best.

In his greatest hours of trial the immortal Lincoln was heard, often, to say: “And this, too, will soon pass.”

Defeat is a destructive force only when it is accepted as failure!  When accepted as teaching some needed lesson it is always a blessing.

ONE of the greatest leaders who ever lived stated the secret of his leadership in six words, as follows: “Kindness is more

powerful than compulsion.”

I am glad that I have experienced much defeat!  It has had the effect of tempering me with the courage to undertake tasks that I would never have begun had I been surrounded by protecting influences.  Defeat is a destructive force only when it is accepted as failure! When accepted as teaching some needed lesson it is always a blessing.

Guided Meditation

There is quite a surge of healing and a feeling of being re-energized when old memories are transmuted in the light and truth of our higher consciousness.

This Quantum Soul Retrieval meditation is just the antidote for such stuck energies, and memories, that are ready to be recovered for the gifts and blessings they offer.  We are also able to connect to our higher future Self for guidance and re-interpretation when we are met with a challenge or set back.  Enjoy!

Quantum Soul Retrieval


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