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“You can do it if you believe you can!”

Accurate Thinking

Lesson 10 is Accurate Thinking. According to Hill, this is the most important, the most interesting, and the most difficult-to-present lesson of the entire course.  He states that Accurate Thinking involves two things: Separating fact from information and separating fact into two classes: important/unimportant or relevant/irrelevant. The ability to make this distinction is so important, Hill tells us, because the accurate thinker will not believe anything he hears. Instead, he will arrive at a conclusion only after careful, thoughtful analysis.

Beware of any self-interest from the provider of evidence, since this may have a huge impact on what they are saying and seeing.  If you don’t have hard facts, “form your own judgment on the part of the evidence before you that furthers your own interest without working any hardship on others… and is based on facts.”

The key to accurate thinking is “creative thought”, which allows us to tap into “infinite intelligence.”  The first step to creative thought is autosuggestion – suggestions you make to yourself.  The subconscious mind records the suggestions we send it, and invokes the aid of infinite intelligence to turn these suggestions into action.

The subconscious mind accepts any and all suggestions, constructive or destructive – and cautions us to be careful what we suggest – facts only, no slander, for slander is poisonous to the subconscious mind and ruins creative thought.

Hill concludes this lesson by reminding us that the subconscious mind does not question the source from which it receives orders, but will direct the body to carry out any order it receives. Therefore, it is vitally important we are careful about how and from where we receive suggestions.

Lesson 10 – Accurate Thought

  • The Law of Evidence … and how you can use it to propel yourself forward.
  • Why going against your own interest can work to your advantage.
  • Why a temporary penalty will turn into a greater reward.
  • Why it is crucial to know which facts are important and relevant to your success.
  • The secret of the power of creative thought.
  • The two outstanding characteristics of your subconscious mind.
  • How you can tap into ‘infinite intelligence’ … and use it to change your life.
  • The four major factors that will shape how successful you are.
  • The secret of six key steps you can use to focus your thinking.
  • The secret passageway to true knowledge … and how you can reach into it.
  • How your thoughts magnetize your entire personality.
This lesson will carry the average student far beyond the boundary line of his common experience and into the realm of thought in which he is not accustomed to dwell.

Unless you study this lesson with an open mind, you will miss the very keystone to the arch of this course, and without this stone, you can never complete your Temple of Success.
In this lesson you are dealing with four major factors to which I would again direct your attention with the request that you familiarize yourself with them.  They are:  Auto-suggestion, the Sub-conscious Mind, Creative Thought and Infinite Intelligence.  These are the four roadways over which you must travel in your upward climb in quest of knowledge.

Men did not know until quite recently that the great open void known as the air is more live in more sensitive than anything that is on the earth.

The purpose of this lesson is to aid you in unfolding and expanding your mind that you will be able to think with accuracy, for this unfoldment will open to you a door that leads to all the power you will need in completing your temple of success.

You will observe that the previous principles that have been presented lead to success as measured by material wealth. This seemed necessary for the reason that to most people the word success and the word money are synonymous terms.

Very well — let those who are satisfied with this standard of success have it, but some there are who will want to go higher up on the ladder,  in search of success which is measured in other than material standards, and it is for their benefit in particular that this and the subsequent lessons of this course are intended.

Accurate thought involves two fundamentals which all who indulge in it must observe:

First to think accurately, you must separate facts from mere information.   There is much information available to you that is not based upon facts.

Second, you must separate facts into two classes; namely,  the important and the unimportant,  or the relevant and the irrelevant.

All facts which you can use in the Attainment of your chief definite aim are important and relevant.   All that cannot be used are unimportant and irrelevant.

The person who forms the habit of directing his attention to the important facts, out of which he is constructing his temple of success, thereby provides himself with a power that allows for some sort of fulcrum and lever with which they can move with their little fingers loads that you cannot budge with the entire weight of your body.

The accurate thinker knows that the newspapers are not always accurate in their reports, and he also knows that what “they say” usually carries more falsehood than truth.

Of course much truth and many facts travel in the guise of idle gossip and newspaper reports,  but the accurate thinker will not except as such all that he sees and hears.

It is amazing to the more advanced student of Accurate thought how many people there are who are honest when it is possible to them, but find myriad of facts to justify themselves in following a dishonest course when that course seems to be more profitable or advantageous.

The accurate thinker adopts a standard by which he guides himself and he follows that standard at all times, whether it works always in his immediate advantage or carries him now and then to the fields of disadvantage (which is inevitable).

The accurate thinker deals with facts regardless of how they affect his own interests,  for he knows that ultimately this policy will bring him out on top, in full possession of the object of his definite chief aim in life.  (S)He understands the soundness of this  philosophy.

Before you can become an accurate thinker,  you must understand and make allowance for the fact that the moment a man or woman begins to assume leadership in any walk of life, the slanderers begin to circulate rumors and subtle whisperings reflecting upon his or her character.

No matter how fine one’s character is or what service he may be engaged in rendering to the world, he cannot escape the notice of those misguided people who delight in destroying instead of building.
Truth alone endures.  all else must pass on with Time.

No harm  can come from accepting as fact hearsay evidence that is constructive, but its opposite, if accepted at all, should be subjected to the closest inspection possible under the available means of applying the law of evidence.

As an accurate thinker,  it is both yor privilege and your duty to avail yourself of facts even though you must go out of your way to get them.

If you permit yourself to be swayed to and from by all manner of information that comes to your attention, you will never become an accurate thinker, and if you do not think accurately you cannot be sure of attaining the object of your definite chief aim in life.

“I do believe that I can afford to uplift others.  I know I can afford to uplift myself.”
This must be the motto of the accurate thinker.
To make use of creative thought, one must work very largely on faith, which is the chief reason why few indulge in this sort of thought.  The most ignorant of the race can think in terms of deductive reasoning, in connection with matters of a purely physical and material nature, but to go a step higher and think in terms of infinite intelligence is another question.

The average man is totally at sea the moment he gets beyond that which he can comprehend with the aid of his five physical senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting. Infinite intelligence works through none of these agencies and we cannot invoke its aid through any of them.

The power of infinite intelligence is appropriated through creative thought!

Auto-suggestion is the telegraph line, so to speak, over which you may register in your subconscious mind a description or plan of that which you wish to create or acquire in physical form.

The sub-conscious mind is the intermediary between the conscious thinking mind and infinite intelligence, and you can invoke the aid of infinite intelligence only through the medium of the subconscious mind, by giving it clear instructions as to what you want.  Here you become familiar with the psychological reason for a definite chief aim.

The very foundation upon which this entire course is built is on the principle of infinite intelligence, which may be reached and appropriated at will through aid of the law of the “Master Mind” described in the Introductory Lesson.

The sub-conscious mind has another outstanding characteristic -it accepts and acts upon all suggestions that reach it, whether they are constructive or destructive, and whether they come from the outside or from your own conscious mind.

You can see, therefore, how essential it is for you to observe the law of evidence and carefully follow the principles laid down in the beginning of this lesson, in the selection of that which you will pass on to your subconscious mind through Auto-suggestion.  You can see why one must search diligently for facts, and why one cannot afford to lend a receptive ear to the slanderer and the scandalmonger – for to do so is the equivalent of feeding the sub-conscious mind with food that is poison and ruinous to creative thought.

Do not solely rely upon the performance of miracles for the attainment of the object of your definite chief aim; rely upon the power of infinite intelligence to guide you, through natural channels, and with the aid of natural laws, for its attainment. Do not expect infinite intelligence to bring to you the object of your definite chief aim; instead, expect infinite intelligence to direct you toward that object.


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The Power of Meditation, Mantras, and Positive Thinking

We are now starting to get it!  The sub-conscious mind is imprinted with mental concepts through Auto-suggestion and Creative thinking.  The ideas are put into motion, in the world, through the coordination with Infinite Intelligence which is orchestrating all people, places, and things that are aligned with our thinking.

Whether we are creating positively or negatively with our thoughts, is up to us, and the world will reflect the sub-conscious imprinting.  This is exciting news!  We have the ability to direct our thoughts, and we have the ability to practice ourself into desired manifestations with the use of creative thinking, imagination, visualization, meditation, and auto-suggestion.


This week’s practice will help us to become powerful deliberate creators of our own reality through the use of meditation.  Keep in mind all that this lesson has to offer, and record a meditation for yourself that includes all the qualities and aspects of the Self you want to become.

GET CREATIVE WITH THE PROCESS!  Review the process given by Abraham Hicks on scripting, and write your new and improved story, then record it in a meditation style that you can listened to over and over again.  This will be a version of Auto-Suggestion that you can practice daily.

Levels II & III: Read Lesson 11 on Concentration in The Law of Success Book for next week.  Note these are big chapters so pace yourself and make a commitment to read every day.  Take notes as you go along, and STICK WITH IT!

Level III: Listen to the Your Wish Is Your Command CD Series: sample of disc 9




The law of Evidence varies according to the subject and circumstances with which it is used, but you will not go far wrong if, in the absence of that which you know to be facts, you form your judgments on the hypothesis that only that part of the evidence before you which furthers your own interests without working any hardship on others is based upon facts.

This is a crucial and important point in this lesson; therefore, I wish to be sure that you do not pass it by lightly. Many a man mistakes, knowingly or otherwise, expediency for fact; doing a thing, or refraining from doing it, for the sole reason that his action furthers his own interest without consideration as to whether it interferes with the rights of others.

As an accurate thinker, it is both your privilege and your duty to avail yourself of facts, even though you must go out of your way to get them.  If you permit yourself to be swayed to and fro by all manner of information that comes to your attention, you will never become an accurate thinker; and if you do not think accurately, you cannot be sure of attaining the object of your definite chief aim in life.

Look, once more, in the circle of your own acquaintances and find a person who appears to accomplish more with less effort than do any of his associates. Study this man and you observe that he is a strategist in that he has learned how to arrange facts so that he brings to his aid the Law of Increasing Returns which we described in a previous lesson.

In the realm of thought man knows no limitations.

Then comes the Spiritual Period. On this plane the lower forms of life, described in the previously mentioned four periods, converge and become infinitude in nature.  At this point thinking man has unfolded, expanded and grown until he has projected his thinking ability into infinite intelligence. As yet, thinking man is but an infant in this fifth period, for he has not learned how to appropriate to his own use this infinite intelligence called Spirit.  Moreover, with a few rare exceptions, man has not yet recognized thought as the connecting link which gives him access to the power of infinite intelligence.

The truth for which man is eternally searching is wrapped up in his own being.


Guided Mediation

Your meditation goes here…

The most powerful tool we have as creators is our “creativity”, the verb version of the word that brings the action into our everyday encounters, infused with infinite intelligence and creative thought.



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