{EP} Week 7- Self-Control

Week 7: Self-Control


“Back of the beating hammer

By which the steel is wrought,

Back of the workshop’s clamor

The seeker may find the Thought;

The thought that is ever Master

Of iron and steam and steel,

That rises above disaster

And tramples it under heel.

“The drudge may fret and tinker

Or labor with lusty blows,

But back of him stands the Thinker,

The clear-eyed man who knows;

For into each plow or saber,

Each piece and part and whole,

Must go the brains of labor,

Which gives the work a soul.

“Back of the motor’s humming,

Back of the bells that ring,

Back of the hammer’s drumming,

Back of the cranes that swing,

There is the Eye which scans them,

Watching through stress and strain,

There is the Mind which plans them

–Back of the brawn, the Brain.

“Might of the roaring boiler,

Force of the engine’s thrust,

Strength of the sweating toiler,

Greatly in these we trust;

But back of them stands the schemer,

The Thinker who drives things through,

Back of the job -the Dreamer

Who’s making the dream

come true.”

“You Can Do It if You Believe You Can!”



Lesson Seven is Self-Control.  Hill states that without self-control, the enthusiasm in the previous lesson “resembles the unharnessed lightning of an electrical storm – it may strike anywhere; it may destroy life and property.  Enthusiasm arouses action, and self-control directs that action in a constructive way.

Hill states that the overwhelming percentage of prison inmates are incarcerated because they lacked the necessary self-control to channel their energies constructively.  Conversely, the one common quality of successful people is self-control.  No one can control others unless they first control themselves.  Lack of self-control is the average salesperson’s most damaging weakness.

One method the author mentions to prevent a loss of self-control is not forming an opinion before knowing the facts.  Too many folks form their opinions based upon what they believe are the facts-not the true facts themselves.  Spending beyond one’s means is another lack of self-control to be aware of.

The key to this lesson is this: self-control will enable you to control your appetite and the tendency to spend more than you earn… and the habit of “striking back” at those who offend you, as well as other destructive habits which result in a waste of energy through non-productive efforts.

Hill’s powerful summation of this lesson is this: “You have the power to control your thoughts and direct them to do your bidding.” Self-control is solely a matter of thought control-and we have complete control over our own thoughts. That is Hill’s method of mastering self-control.  Do not allow outside forces to unduly influence you – think for yourself, but think with rock-solid precision.

All successful people grade high of self-control.   All “failures” grade low, generally zero, on this most important law of human conduct.

Lesson 7- Self-Control

  • The reason why opportunities pass 9 out of 10 people by.
  • The signs of a lack of self-control … and how you can defeat them.
  • Why self-sacrifice is the worse thing you can do for yourself.
  • The spending habit prophecy from 1928 – and why it has come true.
  • The most essential factor in the development of your personal power.
  • The simple response you can use against criticism.
  • The secret of your dominating thoughts.
  • The ability that is the outstanding quality of all successful people.
  • An amazingly simple method of controlling your anger.
  • The Law of Retaliation … and the correct way to apply it.
  • Why you are really a salesman … and how to use it to propel your success.
  • The secret of converting your enemies into friends.


Self-control is solely a matter of thought-control!  **This is, without doubt, the most important single sentence of this entire course.

The fact that thought is THE ONLY THING over which you have absolute control is, within itself, of most profound significance, as it strongly suggests that thought is your nearest approach to Divinity, on this earthly plane.  This fact also carries another highly impressive suggestion; namely, that thought is your most important tool; the one with which you may shape your worldly destiny according to your own liking.   Surely, Divine Providence did not make thought the sole power over which you have absolute control without associating with that power potentialities which, if understood and developed, would stagger the imagination.

Place in your own mind, through the principle of Auto-suggestion, the positive, constructive thoughts which harmonize with your definite chief aim in life, and that mind will transform those thoughts into physical reality and hand them back to you, as a finished product.

When you deliberately choose the thoughts which dominate your mind and firmly refuse admittance to outside suggestion, you are exercising self-control in its highest and most efficient form.   Man is the only living animal that can do this.

Self-control stood near the head of the list, in importance, of the Fifteen Laws of Success.   Self-control was one of the marked characteristics of all successful leaders.

Every wealthy man whom I have analyzed (referring to those who have become wealthy through their own efforts) showed such positive evidence that self-control had been one of his strong points that I reached the conclusion that no man can hope to accumulate great wealth and keep it without exercising this necessary quality.

One very common and very destructive form of lack of self-control is the habit of talking too much.

People of wisdom, who know what they want and are bent on getting it, guard their conversation carefully. There can be no gain from a volume of uninvited, uncontrolled, loosely spoken words.  It is nearly always more profitable to listen than it is to speak.

A good listener may, once in a great while, hear something that will add to his stock of knowledge. It requires self-control to become a good listener, but the benefits to be gained are worth the effort.

“Taking the conversation away from another person” is a common form of lack of self-control which is not only discourteous, but it deprives those who do it of many valuable opportunities to learn from others.

In this lesson we have learned a great principle – The Divine Economy is automatic and very simple: “we receive only that which we give”!   It is not that which we wish for that comes back to us, but that which we give.

We have learned that our thoughts and actions toward others resemble an electric magnet which attracts to us the same sort of thought and the same sort of action that we, ourselves, create.  We have learned that “like attracts like,” whether in thought or in expression of thought through bodily action.

The (wo)man who attracts you to them through his pleasing personality is merely making use of the Law of Harmonious Attraction, or the Law of Retaliation, both of which, when analyzed, mean that “like attracts like.”

We have learned that the human mind responds, in kind, to whatever thought impressions it receives.

The habit of “retaliating in kind” is so universally practiced among us that we can properly call this habit the Law of Retaliation.  If a person presents us with a gift we never feel satisfied until we have “retaliated” with something as good or better than that which we received.  If a person speaks well of us we increase our admiration for that person, and we “retaliate” in return!

Nothing is permanent except change.  Life resembles a great kaleidoscope before which Time is ever shifting, changing and rearranging both the stage setting and the players.  New friends are constantly replacing the old.  Everything is in a state of flux.  In every heart is the seed of both rascality and justice.  Every human being is both a criminal and a saint, depending upon the expediency of the moment as to which will assert itself.

Any influence that causes one to think causes one, also, to grow stronger mentally.   Mind stimulants are essential for growth.

To be practical, the imaginative mind should be always on the alert for ways and means of diverting waste motion and power into useful channels.

By “making it easy” for your child you may be depriving the world of a genius.  Bear in mind the fact that most of the progress that man has made came as the result of bitter, biting NECESSITY!

The mind that is driven by the urge of necessity, or out of love to create, develops more rapidly than does the mind that is never stimulated to greater action than that which is necessary for existence.

The imaginative faculty of the human mind is the greatest piece of machinery ever created. Out of it has come every man-made machine and every manmade object.

Proceed by combining old ideas into new plans.  Every great invention and every outstanding business or industrial achievement that you can name is, in final analysis, but the application of a combination of plans and ideas that have been used before, in some other manner.

Six months or a year from now come back and read this essay again and you will observe how much more you will get from it than you did at first reading.  TIME gives the law of evolution a chance to expand your mind so it can see and understand more.


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How does being in the vortex feel?

Think Vortex Thoughts

Trying to control the uncontrollable

Trying to Control



Plant in your mind the seed of a desire that is constructive by making the following your creed and the foundation of your code of ethics (HARMONIC CODING):

*”I wish to be of service to my fellow men as I journey through life.  To do this I have adopted this creed as a guide to be followed in dealing with my fellow-beings:

*”To train myself so that never, under any circumstances, will I find fault with any person, no matter how much I may disagree with him or how inferior his work may be, as long as I know he is sincerely trying to do his best.

*”To respect my country, my profession and myself.   To be honest and fair with my fellow men, as I expect them to be honest and fair with me.  To be a loyal citizen of my country.  To speak of it with praise, and act always as a worthy custodian of its good name.  To be a person whose name carries weight wherever it goes.

*”To base my expectations of reward on a solid foundation of service rendered.  To be willing to pay the price of success in honest effort.  To look upon my work as an opportunity to be seized with joy and made the most of, and not as a painful drudgery to be reluctantly endured.

*”To remember that success lies within myself – in my own brain.  To expect challenges to come my way and overcome them.

*”To avoid procrastination in all its forms, and never, under any circumstances, put off until tomorrow any duty that should be performed today.

*“Finally, to take a good grip on the joys of life, so I may be courteous to men, faithful to friends, true to God – a fragrance in the path I tread.”

**Write your own set of Harmonic Coding that resonates deeply with your beliefs and values.  Create a “Mission Statement” that clearly defines your goals and the direction in which you will channel your focus and thoughts this year.  Practice writing ONLY in positive terms, use empowered language!

Levels II & III: Read Lesson 8 on “Habit of Doing More Than Paid For” in The Law of Success Book for next week.  Note these are big chapters so pace yourself and make a commitment to read every day.  Take notes as you go along, and STICK WITH IT!

Level III: Listen to the Your Wish Is Your Command CD Series: Sample of Disc 7


When your desires are strong enough you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.

IF you are successful remember that somewhere, sometime, someone gave you a lift or an idea that started you in the right direction.   Remember, also, that you are indebted to life until you help some less fortunate person, just as you were helped.

The energy which most people dissipate through lack of self-control would, if organized and used constructively, bring all the necessities and all the luxuries desired.

Remember, the purpose of this essay is to give you merely the seed of suggestion; not the finished product of an invention ready to set up and render service.   The value to you, of this suggestion, lies in the possibility of THOUGHT that you may devote to it, thereby developing and expanding your own mind.

Fortunate for the human being that his mind is undergoing a continuous process of orderly change.

The law of evolution is always and everywhere at work, changing, tearing down and rebuilding every material element on this earth and throughout the universe.

The two great major influences that cause the mind of man to grow are the urge of necessity and the urge of desire to create… Create a mind that will grow to unbelievable heights when provided with the opportunity to use their imaginative forces in a creative way.

Know YOURSELF and you know the entire human race.  There is but one real achievement, and that is the ability to THINK ACCURATELY.  We move with the procession, or behind it, but we cannot stand still.

**Out of effort and work comes experience; the upbuilding, the development; the capacity to understand and sympathize; the greatest heritage that can come to a person… And nothing in the world can give that to a person, so that it will burn into him, as will poverty.  That is why I believe so strongly in poverty, the greatest blessing in the way of the deepest and fullest experience that one can have.   But, ALWAYS as a condition to work out of, not to stay in.

NOTHING is permanent except change!


In choosing carefully our thoughts, words and actions, we can powerfully align with our greatest Self.  That kind of Self-control of the only thing worth aligning with, and that is with our Source/Inner Being/Higher Self/All That Is.  I call that alignment “IN THE VORTEX.”  Enjoy the meditation!

In the Vortex



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