{EP} Week 2- Confidence

Week 2: Confidence


Let Me Remember…

the path to my heart.
the light in my soul.
the force that drives the universe.
how precious life is.
love is within everyone.
my unique gifts and talents.
the silent coming of peace.
the stars in the night sky.
to accept life as it comes.
to be true to myself.
the beauty of this earth.

to think good thoughts.

that I am part of everything.
to face and release my fears.
to nourish my soul.
I have nothing to prove.
in confusion, to be still and listen.
my progress.
to love myself as much as I can.
the pace of life is my choice.
the joy of giving and sharing.
to cease judgement.
to be deeply grateful.
to honor and express my creativity.
all that nature has given.
to strive towards calmness.
to celebrate life.

~~David Janakos~~

Review of Lesson 2: Self Confidence

Lesson Two is Self-Confidence:  “You can do it if you believe you can.”

Hill states that fear is the chief reason for poverty and failure. Therefore, the person who masters faith and courage will succeed. The development of self-confidence begins with the elimination of fear.  He discusses the origins of fear in great detail and lists the six basic fears: poverty, old age, criticism, loss of love, ill health, and death.

The most effective way to succeed is organized knowledge. Ignorance and fear are twins that are found together. To eliminate fear, eliminate ignorance. Hill provides a formula for developing self-confidence using autosuggestion, along with persistence, the development of good habits and having a clearly stated definite purpose. He provides several unique and original examples from the animal world of how fearful behavior can be passed down quickly.

“Believe in yourself but do not tell the world. Show it!”

  • The deadly enemy of your progress … which I guarantee that you are feeling right now.
  • Your six basic fears … and how you can extinguish them from your life for good.
  • The two Laws of your heredity … and how they affect your confidence.
  • Why you have no grounds whatsoever for fearing poverty.
  • How your life will be plagued by uncertainty if you let these two things ‘die’.
  • Why the worst thing you can do for your children is give them an ‘easy’ life.
  • The amazing five-point confidence formula that will guarantee you unbreakable self-confidence.
  • The hidden force inside you that, once unleashed, will give you unlimited belief in your abilities.
  • The law of mental telepathy … and how you can use it to your advantage.

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself!”

You might well remember that Nothing can bring you success but yourself. Of course you will need the co-operation of others if you aim to attain success of a far-reaching nature, but you will never get that cooperation unless you vitalize your mind with the positive attitude of Self-confidence.

The human mind, if you will pardon repetition, may be likened to an electric battery. It may be positive or it may be negative.  Self-confidence is the quality with which the mind is re-charged and made positive.

You will also notice that this Self-confidence is contagious; it is impelling; it is persuasive; it attracts others.

Direct your efforts and your thoughts along a desired line until you have formed the habit that will lay hold of you and continue, voluntarily, to direct your efforts along the same line.

Believe in yourself.

The principle of habit will lay hold of the faculties of your mind just the same as it will influence the physical muscles of your body, as you can easily prove by mastering and applying this lesson on Self-confidence.

What strength and power and possibility lie hidden in the mind of the man who has never discovered the value of Self-reliance.


Inspiring Videos

Napoleon Hill:


Applied Faith



Focus~ Vibrate~ on your future

Manifesting your Desires

Confidence in Manifestations


The Looking Glass:

“While there is nothing that I can do for you, there is a man in this building to whom I will introduce you, if you wish, who can help you regain your lost fortune and put you back on your feetagain.” These words had barely fallen from my lips when he jumped up, grabbed me by the hands and said, “For God’s sake lead me to this man.

“It was encouraging to note that he had asked this “for God’s sake.” This indicated that there was still a spark of hope within his breast, so I took him by the arm and led him out into the laboratory where my psychological tests in character analysis were conducted, and stood with him in front of what looked to be a curtain over a door. I pulled the curtain aside and uncovered a tall looking-glass in which he saw himself from head to foot.

Pointing my finger at the glass I said:”There stands the man to whom I promised to introduce you. There is the only man in this world who can put you back on your feet again, and unless you sit down and become acquainted with that man, as you never became acquainted with him before, you might just as well go on over and ‘punch a hole’ in Lake Michigan, because you will be of no value to yourself or to the world until you know this man better.”He stepped over to the glass, rubbed his hands over his bearded face, studied himself from head to foot for a few moments, then stepped back, dropped his head and began to weep. I knew that the lesson had been driven home, so I led him back to the elevator and sent him away. I never expected to see him again, and I doubted that the lesson would be sufficient to help him regain his place in the world, because he seemed to be too far gone for redemption. He seemed to be not only down, but almost out.

A few days later I met this man on the street.  His transformation had been so complete that I hardly recognized him. He was walking briskly, with his head tilted back. That old, shifting, nervous posture of his body was gone. He was dressed in new clothes from head to foot. He looked prosperous and he felt prosperous. He stopped me and related what had happened to bring about his rapid transformation from a state of abject failure to one of hope and promise.

He said to Hill, “It seems like a dream when I think that only a few days ago I had lost hope and faith and courage, and was actually contemplating suicide.”

“I was coming to tell you that one of these days, when you are least expecting me, I will pay you another visit, and when I do. I will be a successful man. I will bring with me a check, signed in blank and made payable to you, and you may fill in the amount because you have saved me from myself by introducing me to myself – that self which I never knew until you stood me in front of that looking-glass and pointed out the real me.”

As that man turned and departed in the crowded streets of Chicago I saw, for the first time in my life, what strength and power and possibility lie hidden in the mind of the man who has never discovered the value of Self-reliance. Then and there I made up my mind that I, too, would stand in front of that same looking-glass and point an accusing finger at myself for not having discovered the lesson which I had helped another to learn. I did stand before that same looking-glass, and as I did so I then and there fixed in my mind, as my definite purpose in life, the determination to help men and women discover the forces that lie sleeping within them. The book you hold in your hands is evidence that my definite purpose is being carried out.

The man whose story I have related is now the president of one of the largest and most successful concerns of its kind in America, with a business that extends from coast to coast and from Canada to Mexico.



Although you are Source Energy in physical form, you are not always the champion of confidence in all areas of your life. For example, if you question about your gifts, and are somewhat silent because of the doubts you have about yourself. In fact, there are times when you wonder if you have any gifts at all (which is just ridiculous). You must be able to recognize them for yourself! Sit down and make a list of at least 21 things you can do and all the gifts you bring to any environment. Take time to celebrate all that you are!!

Levels II & III: Read Lesson 3 in The Law of Success Book for next week.  Note these are big chapters so pace yourself and make a commitment to read every day.  Take notes as you go along, and STICK WITH IT!

Visualize your BEST Self: Review the Empowerment Practice for creating a VISION of your highest and best Self out of the qualities and gifts you offer to the world.


First. I know that I have the ability to achieve the object of my Definite Purpose in life, therefore, I DEMAND of myself persistent, continuous action toward its attainment, and I here and now promise to render such action.

Second. I realize the dominating thoughts of my mind will eventually reproduce themselves in outward, physical action, and gradually transform themselves into physical reality, therefore, I will concentrate my thoughts for thirty minutes daily, upon the task of thinking of the person I intend to become, thereby creating in my mind a clear mental picture of that person.

Third. I know through the principle of auto-suggestion, any desire that I persistently hold in my mind will eventually seek expression through some practical means of attaining the object back of it, therefore, I will devote ten minutes daily to demanding of myself the development of SELF-CONFIDENCE.

Fourth. I have clearly written down a description of my DEFINITE CHIEF AIM in life, and I will never stop trying, until I shall have developed sufficient self-confidence for its attainment.

Fifth. I fully realize that no wealth or position can long endure, unless built upon truth and justice, therefore, I will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects. I will succeed by attracting to myself the forces I wish to use, and the cooperation of other people. I will induce others to serve me, because of my willingness to serve others. I will eliminate hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness, and cynicism, by developing love for all humanity, because I know that a negative attitude toward others can never bring me success. I will cause others to believe in me, because I will believe in them, and in myself.

I will sign my name to this formula, commit it to memory, and repeat it aloud once a day, with full FAITH that it will gradually influence my THOUGHTS and ACTIONS so that I will become a self-reliant, and successful person.


Second Signed Declaration

I believe in myself. I believe in those who work with me. I believe in my employer. I believe in my friends. I believe in my family. I believe that God will lend me everything I need with which to succeed if I do my best to earn it through faithful and honest service. I believe in prayer and I will never close my eyes in sleep without praying for divine guidance to the end that I will be patient with other people and tolerant with those who do not believe as I do.

I believe that success is the result of intelligent effort and does not depend upon luck or sharp practices or double-crossing friends, fellow men or my employer. I believe I will get out of life exactly what I put into it, therefore I will be careful to conduct myself toward others as I would want them to act toward me. I will not slander those whom I do not like. I will not slight my work no matter what I may see others doing. I will render the best service of which I am capable because I have pledged myself to succeed in life and I know that success is always the result of conscientious and efficient effort.

Finally, I will forgive those who offend me because I realize that I shall sometimes offend others and I will need their forgiveness.

Signed ………………………………………………………



Level III: Listen to Disc 2 of “Your Wish is Your Command”



THE only man who makes no mistakes is the man who never does anything. Do not be afraid of mistakes providing you do not make the same one twice. -Roosevelt

NO man can become a great leader of men unless he has the milk of human kindness in his own heart, and leads by suggestion and kindness, rather than by force.

You have but little conception of the possibilities which lie sleeping within you, awaiting but the awakening hand of vision to arouse you, and you will never have a better conception of those possibilities unless you develop sufficient Self-confidence to lift you above the commonplace influences of your present environment.

The human mind is a marvelous, mysterious piece of machinery.

Threw off the poverty consciousness, developed confidence in yourself, thought by thought of success, and attain it.

Where thought prevails power may be found!

The (wo)man who wins is the (wo)man who thinks (s)he can.



Igniting the energy that creates worlds, we are ready to step into the full breath of our power with a clear and aligned body temple.  Allow the Confidence and Faith that is your inheritance be returned to you in this meditation.

Self Confidence



  1. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was spurred to write the following when I read Jen’s message of gratitude around this holiday and 11.11.11 about my self-confidence and what I bring to the world:
    I bring joy, humor, organization, love, togetherness, peace, ease, people together, happiness, deep caring for others, my own perspective, openness, a great ability to be flexible, years of knowledge, a young spirit, a deep desire to learn, a deep desire to share, a great respect for Mother Nature… I am an uplifter!
    With gratitude,

  2. SO wonderful Sydney!

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