Week 8: Creating, Clearing, Clarity

Week 8: Becoming a Power-full Deliberate Creator




Review of Chapters 13 & 14:

Allow your Feelings to Be Your Guide

Learn to pay attention to your feelings

An empty feeling is telling you something important

“Follow your bliss” is a positive thought, is it not?

You have the ability to direct your own thoughts

If we were standing in your physical shoes

Your natural desires cannot be held back

Some Things You Knew Before You Arrived

“If I know so much, how come I’m not successful?”

“Can I really count on the Law of Attraction?”

“But I can’t get to San Diego from Phoenix!”



You are a physical extension of Source Energy– an eternal Stream of Source Energy flows to you and through you– and that IS You.

You are eternal Consciousness.  Spirit, which is who you really are, is infinite and eternal in Nature.

You have the ability to place your attention wherever you decide.

Replenish your connection with Source Energy by choosing better-feeling thoughts.

When the current from your Source is flowing through  you toward your intended desire with no restriction or resistance– we call that Allowing.

We would like you to approach your emotions in a different way: It is our encouragement that you pay attention to how you feel and allow your emotions to be the valuable indicators they are.

It is helpful to remember that you are creators who have come into this Leading-Edge time-space-reality to experience the joy of directing Source Energy into the specifics of your physical life experience.

Enjoy the Creative Process– mold, evaluate and decide– it is done.

Mold your vibration into a pleasing position for the attraction with eager anticipation of a wonderful life experience.

The only reason that you could ever experience something other than what you desire is because you are giving the majority of your attention to something other than what you desire.

Pay attention to the way you feel, and deliberately choose thoughts– about everything– that feel good to you when you think them.

Get into the Vortex and realize there is no reason good enough or big enough to disconnect with WHO YOU REALLY ARE, your Source, your Inner Being.

You get what you think about.

Once you  understand your Emotional Guidance System, you will never again offer your vibrations in ignorance.

Once you understand the clarity that your emotions provide, you will never again not know what you are doing with your current thought.  You will always be aware of whether you are, in this moment, moving toward or away from your intended goal or desire.  Your awareness of the way you feel will give you the clarity you have been seeking.

The Essence of whatever you give your attention to is unfolding in your experience.   Therefore, there is nothing that you cannot be, do, or have.  This is  Law.

Inspiring Videos:

Think about Being Happy

Glorious Experience of Allowing


Tell a Different Story

Expect Manifestations



Regarding the creation of your own life experience, there really is only one important question for you to ask:  How can I bring myself into vibrational alignment with the desires that my experience has produced?


Processes 13 & 14 from Ask & It is Given:

13: Which Thought Feels Better?

Part I

Part II

Feel Better

14: The Process of Clearing Clutter for Clarity

Part I

Part II


Power Mantra:

“No matter where I am, no matter what I’m doing, no matter who I’m with it is my dominant intent to be a Power-full Deliberate Creator of Cooperative, Harmonious Relationships by setting the vibrational tone of my interactions to one of love, joy, growth, and freedom.”

Power Quote:

“We want to help you regain clarity about your individual power. Everyone has it. No one can ever take it away from you. No one can ever do anything “bad” to you. No one can assert into your experience. Everything, without exception, comes only by your individual invitation to it. Do you understand the process of asking? When you give something your attention and it becomes your dominant vibration relative to the subject–that is your asking. So, deliberate creating is not so much about looking out into the world and saying, “Oh, there are things that are good that I want to create or attract into my experience, and there are things that are bad that I don’t want to create or attract into my experience.” Deliberate creating is more about deliberate allowing. Deliberate allowing is more like deliberate vibration.

Power Practice: Tell a new story!

Each and every component of your life experience is drawn to you by the powerful Law of Attraction’s response to the thoughts that you think and the story that you tell about your life. Make a practice and intention to tell a better feeling, improved story, right now from where your at, of your life circumstances and situation. Be Prophetic instead of Historic! Write your own creative, imaginative script of your life path and how you want it to unfold…



Toleration – a willingness to put up with beliefs and action of which one does not approve.

Resolve your tolerations and bring in new energy.

Write down all of your tolerations (things that no longer serve you).

Go through your office, home, closets, and drawers. Get rid of anything that is broken, old looking, useless and creates clutter. Complete the projects that have been piling up for days, weeks, months even years.

Tolerations are the minor irritations that take up all your time unnecessarily. Tolerations are easy to handle if you just do them one at a time.  Tolerations hold us back from doing what we really want to do more than anything else in the world.  The best thing you can do for yourself is to resolve your tolerations. As you get rid of things, you’re using the principle of vacuum–making room for what you want by getting rid of what you don’t.


Do you have projects you wanted to start but never got done?

Do you have piles of mail on your table or in a corner?

Do you have clutter in your closets or garage?

A balance on a high interest credit card.

Medical insurance that doesn’t cover alternative health care.

Are you bored with paid work; not doing what you love?

A profession you can no longer relate to?

Make a list of all your tolerations and resolve one small toleration each day and one large one for the week. You can break down the large toleration into smaller pieces and do a little each day. You’ll be amazed at how much more time and energy you’ll have after you start resolving tolerations on a daily and weekly basis.  You may not have 50 tolerations please list the ones you have.


Life and work can sometimes have challenges and it is important that we look at these issues and do our best to make changes.

Make a list of challenges and possible solutions

3 life challenges and solutions

3 work challenges and solutions


1. Time

2. Money

3. Office Space




Make a list of 4 things that support you in living your dreams.


People – Spouse, co-workers, friends.

Places – Park, Church.

Events – movie, gym, knitting club.

Now determine what can strengthen your supportive environment.



Imagination is the force that pulls your physical,emotional and mental energies into dynamic harmony,giving wings to your soul.When your imaginative life is rich and generative, you’re in vital touch with the rhythms and messages of your body,heart and mind.  You are making art of your life and the radiance of this creative living attracts others who want to live soulfully as well…


You just have to determine to settle for nothing less that being fully alive- to show up, be who you are, and share your gifts.

~Gabrielle Roth Maps to Ecstasy~

It is a tremendous gift to learn how to set the tone vibration in your relationships in order to create the cooperative harmonious components that you truly desire, filled with joy, hope, knowledge, freedom, and inspiration.

Tune your attention to the vibration of Bliss.



This week’s guided meditation is my new favorite, it is the unedited version, a new one will be posted shortly, enjoy!




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