Week 7: Re-Setting Intentions, Segment Intending, Imagination


Empowerment Course: Series II


Week 7: Re-Setting Intentions


Welcome to the second segment of the Empowerment Course!  We are half way through, and it’s time to set forth more clarity with our intentions that were set at the beginning of Spring.  What are you very much looking for to experiencing and bringing into your reality this summer??  Spend some quality time sitting with Re-Setting your intentions.  Blessings!


A review of Chapters and Processes 11 & 12:

With Practice, You Will Become a Joyous, Deliberate Creator

It is not about controlling thoughts, it is about guiding thoughts

When your practiced thought becomes a dominant thought

How to effectively become a deliberate creator

Have you made a decision to direct your thoughts?

Can you accept yourself as a vibrational being?

Your Emotional Set-Points Are Within Your Control

It is impossible to control conditions that others have created

“But whose ‘truth’ is the true Truth?”

Your point of attraction is being affected

Moods are indicators of your emotional set-points

Your emotional set-points can be changed



You live in a Vibrational Universe, and you are more Energy, Vibration, and Electricity than you realize.

You will be able to achieve focused control of your Creative Energy with practice.

As you focus Creative Energy, there are two things to consider: intensity and speed of your energy; and second, your level of allowing or resisting.

The Creative Process is happening whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

Reach for a better feeling thought on all subjects.  GUIDE them towards something that feels better.

You must first accept that Well-Being is the only stream that flows in the Universe in order to effectively benefit from paying attention to your emotions and gently guide them down stream.

Once you accept yourself as a vibrational being who attracts all things that come into your experience, then you begin the delicious journey of becoming a Deliberate Creator!

Rarely do people understand that they have the ability to control their personal relationship to events with their thoughts and attention.

Your mood is showing you a good representation of what you are inviting into your experience.

After years of exposure to thoughts of “lack,” your habit of thought around certain subjects (like money) can have a low emotional set-point which can lead to low expectation and unconscious negative reactions on the subject.  CHANGE your set-point on these subjects deliberately by telling a new story!

In the same way that your Emotional Set-Points can change from feeling basically good or secure to feeling bad and insecure, your set-points can change from not feeling good to feeling good, for your set-points are achieved simply by paying attention to a subject, and through your practiced thought.

We want you to understand that you do have absolute control over the set-points that you achieve.  We want you to understand the extreme value in deliberately achieving your own set-points.  Because, once you expect something, it will come.  The details may play out differently– but the vibrational essence will always be an exact match.

Inspiring Videos:

A Crash Course in Creation

Creative Power of the Mind

I will Set the Tone



The practices are the most important part of the course.  Do the practices each week as a priority for applying these teachings to the many opportunities that life offers.  Please share and post on the bottom in the comment section– thank you!


11: Segment Intending

Part I

Part II

Segment Intention

Best use of Segment Intending


12: Wouldn’t be Nice If…

Part I





After fine tuning our practice these last few months, having experienced life changes and fluctuations, what are your new intentions for the second series?  How have your intentions changed?  In what areas have you fulfilled your goals, and what are you continuing to strive for?  Please share with the group in the comment section below!



Anything you give your attention to will become your “truth.”  Your life, and everyone else’s, is but a reflection of the predominance of your thoughts.  There is no exception.

Your Emotional Guidance System is the key to helping you understand what your vibrational content is and therefore exactly what your current point of attraction is.

By paying attention to your emotions and by deliberately offering thoughts that affect the way you feel (in a positive way), you can consciously guide yourself into the vibrational frequency that will allow the fulfillment of any desire you hold.

Use the power of your imagination to create in your environment the things you most desire with clear and focused intention, and watch the powerful laws of the Universe shift  and rearrange life circumstances to meet your request.  But you got to let it in.   Look for it, make room for it. That is the Art of Allowing!

Where ever you are, keep reaching for the best feeling thought you can find.

“Wouldn’t it be Nice if I discovered a much easier way of doing all this… wouldn’t it be nice if I came into full alignment with my dreams, into Energetic alignment with All That Is, and everything around me came into vibrational harmony with that?!?”  Yes…

Know that it is coming in perfect timing. All the cells of your being are in cooperation and there is a collective alignment happening. All kinds of things are beginning to come into alignment, things that you could not orchestrate even if you tried!

Your Inner Being knows what to do. Your Being had come into active alignment and agreement with all this.




This week’s guided meditation is an overall feel good Quantum Healing experience.  It’s time to clean, clear, and align to activate the Divine design of the highest and best version of YOU.   Enjoy!

Quantm Healyng


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