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Empowerment Course

***Manifesting your Desires, Empowering your Dreams***


Two 6 week series

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Let this year be the time REAL positive change and trabsformation happens in your life– that you are able to live your greatest desires, feel your absolute best, and love your life more than you ever dreamed possible—greater than imagined!


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Manifesting your Desires, Empowering your Dreams:

A review and practice of the Abraham Teachings, based on the book, “Ask & It is Given” by Abraham-Hicks, with inspiration taken from the Pleiaidian, Theta Healing, and Melchezedek teachings.

With your willingness to practice yourself into a better feeling place (through your vibration), receive all the tools and guidance necessary to make that possible with the Abraham-Hicks teachings and more.

Learn about the vibrational nature of your being; learn how to follow and value the way you feel as your way in to your vibrational alignment to WHO YOU TRULY ARE; learn the connection between your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and what you’re seeing in the world around you; learn how to guide your thoughts in a way that allows your dreams to manifest into your reality.  Feel the empowered Self awaken to lead your life.





Weekly Postings, practices, guided meditations, and updates online at www.zenhealyng.com

This 12 week course is divided into two 6 week series, with a pause in the middle for integration.  The following outline is a general overview of the material covered:


Course I: Review of “Ask & It is Given” and additional practices part I


Week 1: Introduction, Overview, Reading Assignments, Assessments, Setting Intentions


Week 2: Review Chapter 1&2, Processes 1&2

Create a list of values and aspects you want to live in your life


Week 3: Review Chapter 3&4, Processes 3&4

What’s your vision


Week 4: Review Chapter 5&6, Processes 5&6

Write a mission statement for your life/goals


Week 5: Review Chapter 7&8, Processes 7&8

Personal “code of ethics” to live by


Week 6: Review Chapter 9&10, Processes 9&10

Time and money management



Course II: Review of “Ask & It is Given” and additional practices part II


Week 7: Review Chapter 11&12, Processes 11&12

Re-setting Intentions


Week 8: Review Chapter 13&14, Processes 13&14

Become a deliberate creator


Week 9: Review Chapter 15&16, Processes 15&16

Power of Imagination


Week 10: Review Chapter 17&18, Processes 17&18

Focus, Awareness, and Attention


Week 11: Review Chapter 19&20, Processes 19&20

What are your greatest dreams?


Week 12: Review Chapter 21&22, Processes 21&22

Using your emotional guidance system

Conclusion, Dedications, Feedback, and Final Discussion.



Other suggested readings—“The Vortex” and “Money, and The Law of Attraction” by Abraham-Hicks, “Path of Empowerment” by Barbara Marciniak, and “Living in the Heart” by Drunvalo Melchezedek.




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