Week 5: Harmonic Codes, Dreams, Positive Aspects

Week 5: Tuning your Vibration

Becoming a Power-full Deliberate Creator– Tuning your Vibration…

When you tune into who you are, who you are will breath you, who you are will think you, who you are will know you, who you are will see your world.
Can you imagine seeing the world through the eyes of source?  Breathing the air through the nose of source, breathing, seeing, feeling, tasting touching… Can you imagine how orgasmic life can be when you are allowing the fullness of your ability to perceive… to be having this moment in time.”

You are a Vibrational Being– You are a vibrational transmitter, and you are broadcasting your signal every moment of your existence.

The Stream of Well-Being flows even if you do not understand that it does, but when  you consciously become aligned with it, your creative endeavors become so much more satisfying, for then you discover that absolutely everything is possible.

There is only a Stream of Well-Being that flows.  You can allow it or resist it, but it flows just the same.

Your feelings are your representatives of your guidance system.  The way you feel is your true indicator of your alignment with Source.

Your focus on any subject is your invitation.  Your attention to it is the invitation for it to vibrate into your reality.

See yourself , right now where you are, as the beneficiary of the powerful stream of Well-Being that pulses through reality.

Allowing = Well-Being


Review of Chapters 7&8:

You are standing on the Leading Edge of thought

If you can desire it, the Universe can produce it

It works, whether you understand it or not

Without asking, you will receive no answer

Open the floodgates and let your Well-Being flow in

You are in the perfect position to get there from here


You are a Vibrational Transmitter and Receiver

You are  an eternal personality, focusing in the now

Your powerful beliefs were once gentle thoughts

The longer you think thoughts, the stronger they become

Your attention to it invites it in


We are moving from Source to Self to Becoming Power-full Genius Creator and Manifesting of greatest dreams and desires.

We have used the practice of making the most magically delicious creation box together last week…

Continue focusing your energies on harnessing our creative power!  Keep on with all your arts and crafts supplies and have a grand time working on your dream box, or pick another process, like The Creative Workshop, or Virtual Reality, and write out your life circumstances like the greatest play you’ve ever imagined– see what happens!

Put all your favorite images and symbols into what you are creating that represent what you truly want to manifest in your life.

Inspiring Videos:

Setting your Vibrational Tone

Before Doing It, Align With It

Imagination Part I

Imagination Part II


The practices are the most important part of the course.  Do the practices each week as a priority for applying these teachings to the many opportunities that life offers.  Please share and post on the bottom in the comment section– thank you!

Continuing with the Processes:

7: Evaluating Dreams

Part I

Part II

8: The book of Positive Aspects

Part I

Part II

Pivoting and Positive Aspects



Harmonic Coding:

The practice for this week entails transforming what would once be called a “Code of Ethics” into “Harmonic Codes of Creation” where everything that you want is aligned with your personal values and intentions.  Decide in what arena of life do you want to focus for these Harmonic Codes: Romance, Career or Life Purpose, Health, Success, Family, etc.  These new principles will embody the full expression who you are becoming and your new chosen beliefs.

Power Mantra:

“I am the powerful genius creator of my reality. The amount of time it takes me to get from where I am to where I want to be, is only the amount of time it takes me to change the vibration within myself.

**Instant manifestation can be when I can instantly change my vibration**

Power Quote:

“It’s not your work to make anything happen. It’s your work to dream it and let it happen. Law of Attraction will make it happen. In your joy, you create something, and then you maintain your vibrational harmony with it, and the Universe must find a way to bring it about. That’s the promise of Law of Attraction.”



Harmony = Source

You are the creator of your own experience.

It is the You that you are the creating, You are the becoming…

If you can find a way to allow it, there is an avalanche of Well-Being at your fingertips, ripe for plucking– providing you are in vibrational alignment with it!




This week’s guided meditation stimulates and awakens the power of imagination, increasing the capacity to become the powerful deliberate creator that You are– Enjoy!




  1. Whohoo! Love this meditation. Definitely resonates with me deeply. Thank you for the amazing guidance and love!

  2. My favorite thus yet… Ilan did a great job on the brainwave music as well– thank you!

  3. pammarcus /

    Today was really great. I am shifting my thoughts around health:) Health flows through me without resistance!

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