Week 4: Mission, Prosperity, Meditation


Week 4: Becoming a Power-full Creator



We are now focusing our energies on harnessing our creative power…

We are ready to move into the Source and Self of Power-full Genius Creator and manifest of greatest dreams and desires.


This week’s review is for Chapters 5 and 6:  ”The Basis of Understanding” and “Law of Attraction, The Most Powerful Law in the Universe.”

Processes 5 and 6 are added to our practice as well as Creating your Mission Statement.


In chapter 5, the focus is on understanding a consistent formula gives you consistent results, you are a vibrational being in a vibrational universe, and your emotional are vibrational interpreters.   Chapter 6 explains the Law of Attraction: that which is liken to itself is drawn.  The main topics cover what are you giving your attention to, what are you attracting, and you get what you think about, whether you want it or not.


There is a CURRENT that runs through everything.

As you begin to understand and have more awareness of this Source Energy that is the basis of all things, you will then understand everything about your own experience as well as others.

You now have a way of understanding your world that is consistent with the Laws of the Universe.

Never again are you a victim, in the past or future, cowering from the idea of unwanted things pouncing into your life experience.  You will finally understand the absolute creative control that you have in your own life experience.

Turn your attention to your own creative power, and you will experience the absolute bliss of watching all manner of things converging to assist you  in the creation of your own specific desires.  This power is available to everyone.

You will now have the ability to shorten the time between inception of an idea and its full and absolute manifestation.

You can FEEL whether you are alowing your full connection to Source Energy or not.

Feel good = Allowing.  Feeling bad = Not Allowing (Resisting).

Everything is vibration (or energy or frequency).  You are a Vibrational Being.  It is only through your ability to translate vibration that you are able to understand your your physical world.

Your most sophisticated of all vibrational interpreters, by far, are the emotions.  By paying attention to the way you feel, you can fulfill your reason for being here, and you can continue your intended joyful expansion into who You really are.

Every thought vibrates, every thought radiates a signal, and every thought attracts a matching signal back.

The powerful Law of Attraction is like a Universal Manager.

Like radio vibrational frequencies (channels), you are a match to what you are broadcasting in the air waves.  And what you are experiencing is also a match to what you are broadcasting.

**As your experiences cause you to launch rockets of desire, you must then find ways of holding yourself consistently in vibrational harmony with those desires in order to receive their manifestation.**

Whatever you give your attention to causes you to emit a vibration, which equals your point of attraction.

Every thought, every idea, every Being, every thing is vibrational, so when you focus on something, the vibration of your Being begins to reflect  the vibration of that which you are giving your attention to.

You are Consciousness.

You are Energy.

You are Vibration.

You are Electricity.

You are Source Energy.

You are Creator.

You are on the Leading Edge of thought.


Feel your way into the Vortex

You are Creator

You are the Creator of your own reality


To what are you giving your attention?

How can I know what I’m attracting?

How big are your vibrational differences?

This week we will continue with processes 5 and 6:


(5) The Prosperity Game

Part I

Removing the Brakes

(6) Meditation

Part I

Part II

Understanding Meditation

Best Meditation Ever

As you read and familiarize yourself with the processes, use them as appropriate to meet your needs in any situation; experiment with it.



Mission Statement

Write a mission statement using the intentions and values you’ve previously created.  With this statement, answer the question “Who do I want to be in the world?”


Power Mantra:

“I am the Source of all creative genius. I allow all my creative juices to flow through me smoothly and easily. I am now ready to manifest my greatest desires and biggest dreams”


Power Quote:

“Those who are needy of attention, hide from themselves their greatness.

Those who are needy of opportunity, hide from themselves their power to create.

And those who are needy of love, hide from themselves what’s already there.”

~~The Universe



You will come to know that all things can com e swiftly and easily into your experience.

Give your undivided attention to what it is your desire, and it must show up in your vibration- it is Law.

The key is to achieve vibrational harmony  with what you desire.

When your thoughts are a vibrational match to your desire, you feel good, it’s that simple.

Imagination is the most powerful tool for manifesting.  Use it in a positive direction.

As you become  consciously aware of your emotions, you will always know how you are doing with the allowing part of your Creative Process.


When you understand the Law of Attraction, you can never again act surprised by what occurs in your experience– Nothing can occur in your life experience without an invitation of it through your thoughts.

You are creative genius expressing here in this Leading-Edge time-space-reality for the purpose of taking thought beyond that which it has been before.  That is how powerful you are!

Enjoy the power of your creative juiciness!


Guided Meditation

This week’s guided meditation explores the areas of energy and frequency:



Announcement: The next Conscious Community Gathering will be Tuesday, April 12th from 7-10pm with Special Guest Master Nigel offering a free introduction to mastering the gifts of “negative” emotions from 6-7pm .  Come early and enjoy these free teachings!


  1. My mission statement is to show up in the world to the best of my abilities in every moment, as a spiritual uplifter– embodying passionate radiant power and vibrant health with Grace and Ease. My life is dedicated to the light, the spiritual path, and the quantum healing arts. I am here to spread as much love, joy and inspiration to others as possible in order to empower strength, courage and wisdom– overcoming any and all challenges that may fall on the path. I am here to be an example, a leader in holding the highest vision for what is possible– in truth, growth, freedom and expansion– through honesty, balanced strength, integrity, respect, and responsibility. I believe this is a life of love, light, peace, joy and harmony. I offer this with gratitude for the divine guidance and reverence for this opportunity to be Who I Am.

  2. pammarcus /

    To live in SOURCE with Honesty and Integrity, knowing that my vibrational offerings will always be matched by source. I strive to continually remain in the vortex sharing my love, joy and peace with those around me. I strive to have no resistance, but live with grace and ease.

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