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AUDIO DESCRIPTION: Input/Output Equation



This is a follow up to the audio on the input/output equation.

It begs the question why do people do what they do?

In fact, I’ve dedicated my whole life to answering this question by devoting my time and energy to exploring the spiritual path and healing arts, extensively.

After acknowledging there is a simple and easy balance to the world following nature’s ways and universal law, I find it fascinating that many people simply just don’t do it and/or listen when I share this equation with them.

So what drives people to the point of exhaustion, sickness, dis-ease, and being “broke?”   Why on earth are people ignoring the clear signs and the emotional guidance that there systems are giving?

It’s first interesting to note that no other animal in nature exhibits these behaviors under “normal” conditions.  So this leads me to believe that not only is it unnatural, and therefore learned, but it is abnormal, and therefore very unhealthy for the delicate balance of our lives.



“Some dance to remember, some dance to forgot”

I can tell you from my personal experience and extreme choices (at many times) that I was definitely living the first half of my life moving strongly and fiercely away from unwanted things.  Things like failure, criticism, low self-esteem, poverty, etc.  The list goes on and on, and I’m sure you can relate, if you think about what motivates you.  It’s also true that nothing I did was every good enough to buck this strong current of negativity and self-loathing.  Work was suppose to be hard and exercise was a form of torture.  Sound familiar?  If we are really honest, it would probably ring true for many reading this.

After living through a very unstable and extremely abusive childhood, I was determined to make a difference in the world, and at the same time, move away from the pain and suffering I was experiencing on a day-to-day basis.   The contrast was so great that it was the rocket fuel that propelled my every decision.  So much so, it was very common for people to call me the energizer bunny and the like.  Very few people knew why I was doing what I was doing and how painful of a life I had experienced that lead to those choices and overdoing everything.  I was running from my emotions and dealing with the feelings that my actions were (trying) to cover up.

After dealing with my suppressed emotions and allowing myself to feel them fully, I now I see my past as an absolute blessing and one that has given me many gifts, now that I can recognize them from a new vantage point.  I can honestly say that I deeply value happiness, love, integrity, success, and healthy choices because of my past, not despite of it.  It also gave me the strength and courage to forgive, to love no matter what, and go for my dreams.



I was always asking myself for years, “What motivates people?”  Now I ask myself, “How can I inspire greatness in others?”  The difference is very clear and yet subtle.  After realizing no matter how far I ran (or how fast), I felt like I was swimming through molasses or getting pulled backwards like the taffy of my past was sticking to my back.  It felt like life was an uphill battle.  No wonder why life can feel for so many exhausting and filled with busy-ness (we even call our “work” a “business” for Heaven’s sake—did you ever notice that?!).

Then, by the Grace of God-Essence (or magical fairy unicorn sparkles, whatever you want to call it), I realized there was another way.  I realized that inspiration is so much more powerful than motivation.  We have been taught motivation as a reward and punishment system.   It is also a form of control.  That just does not feel good for most, and this is why they rebel… or comply and live miserable, disempowered lives.

Now there is another way.  Now it is available to us, through the understanding of Divine Feminine Principles, that inspiring others to move towards their dreams, wishes, and desires is way more powerful and effective.  Plus, it is a whole lot more fun and enjoyable along the way.

So the next logical step from here is find out what is really wanted by most people.



When I ask people what do they want, they usually use language that tells me what they don’t want and emphasize, in excruciating detail, why they don’t want it.  I believe this is a habit for so many because they have not taken the time to find out what they really want and why, or no one has ever asked them.  I find this so fascinating, that I can talk with someone in their 70’s and no one once asked them what they truly wanted?!?  It is also a learned behavior to use such language.  I call the NOTS “virals” that can be identified in someone’s psyche, and usually conditioned them away from their true power and choices.  So, I am adamant, for myself and others, that we start using empowered choices in our thoughts, words, and actions.  Choices that are aligned with our dreams and goals.



One of the most easy, powerful, and effective ways we can start creating better lives for ourselves is using our FOCUS deliberately.  Our attention to something makes it bigger.  It is Law.  Our choice of words and language is sending messages to the universe about what we want.

Bring more awareness into what you are focused on.  It seems too simple.  It is very simple, and yet profound.  Start paying attention to the habit of thoughts that are running through your mind at any given time.  Notice the QUALITY of the thoughts.  Do they feel good?  Do they produce anxiety or depression?  Do they uplift and bring more positive energy to you?

You can tell by the way you FEEL in what direction you are manifesting.  After each thought you notice, ask yourself, “Is this what I want?”  It is a powerful practice of taking inventory of where your attention is going.  Where attention goes, energy flows.

For example, if you are constantly saying to yourself, “I’m so busy,” ask yourself, “Is this what I want?”  I’ve noticed it has become a popular social habit to complain, focus on and talk about being sick, broke, tired, stressed, busy and exhausted.  I hear them through the day, without any sense of awareness of how people are negatively manifesting in their reality and acting like they have no choice in the matter.

Well, I’m here to tell you YOU HAVE CHOICE.  You can choose a better feeling story and better thoughts on any subject.  I am writing this to tell you YOU CAN TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOURSELF! There is plenty of time and energy for everything.  There is an infinite source of well-being for you to tap into.  You are abundant in nature and it’s time to start feeling that and acting like it.



We have a very accurate and reliable guidance system that let’s us know when we are on track to living our heart’s desires and when we’ve fallen off course, so to speak.

Our emotions are here to guide us.

I have noticed a clear theme from the “Universal messages” that our emotions are our greatest gifts.  They lead us to the deeper truth and knowing of who we are, if we just listen… and understand.  Understand that the emotion is simply an indicator of alignment.  Understand that Source Energy is constantly communicating with us through our emotional states (vibration), and each emotion is leading us back to our true Self when we interpret the special gift it has to offer.

The better we feel, the more aligned we are.  Seeing and living through the eyes of Source.  This is a state of allowance.  When resistance is present through a negative interpretation of people, places, and things, there is immediate vibrational feedback from Source letting us know of this misalignment.  It is called a negative emotion- such as fear, anger, despair, frustration, sadness, and so on.   The way in which this is a gift is the negative emotion always points precisely to what it is we are wanting in the face of receiving an unwanted emotional reaction.  If we can move quickly towards the desire that the contrast has created, we would feel immediate emotional relief as well as a surge of energy, well-beingness, and vitality which are all indicators of alignment to Source.

For example, when someone is rude, you want them to be nicer; when you are rude, you want to be nicer.  The key is to give to the situation exactly what it is that you want to receive.  This type of response can also be tricky.  The grand realization is that you create your own reality, so whatever you are calling for, you must first become it in order to receive it!  That is a huge transformation of consciousness and high level operation.  And this is exactly what is being called forth from us, as a whole, to heal and mend all our differences in relating to one another- primarily through the vibration we are offering, our actions, and definitely in our communication.

**Give what it is you want to receive**

There is a deeper reason we are being called to this high caliber state of relating.  The gift is that we awaken the memory of knowing who we truly are– Powerful Deliberate Creators.  Each time we desire something, Source immediately answers. Now it is up to us to line up with that new desire by vibrationally becoming it.   Then we are a vibrational match to the asking.  It’s just like what Gandhi has so perfectly stated, “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

The greatest keys to making these vibrational shifts are visualization and imagination.  Our “dreaming it alive” offers every opportunity to live out our highest and best intentions; once we believe it is possible, it must happen!  It is Law.


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