EMPOWERMENT: Alignment & Harmonic Coding

Alignment & Harmonic Coding




For a New Beginning

In out-of-the-way places of the heart,
Where your thoughts never think to wander,
This beginning has been quietly forming,
Waiting until you were ready to emerge.

For a long time it has watched your desire,
Feeling the emptiness growing inside you,
Noticing how you willed yourself on,
Still unable to leave what you had outgrown.

It watched you play with the seduction of safety
And the gray promises that sameness whispered,
Heard the waves of turmoil rise and relent,
Wondered would you always live like this.

Then the delight, when your courage kindled,
And out you stepped onto new ground,
Your eyes young again with energy and dream,
A path of plenitude opening before you.

Though your destination is not yet clear
You can trust the promise of this opening;
Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning
That is at one with your life’s desire.

Awaken your spirit to adventure;
Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk;
Soon you will be home in a new rhythm,
For your soul senses the world that awaits you.

~ John O’Donohue ~
(To Bless the Space Between Us)



New beginnings…

As we move past this special time of alignment with the Galactic Center that happened on the winter solstice (12/21/12), we want to utilize these energies to start all over in the new year and create a new beginning for ourselves.  Many conversations have erupted questioning the deeper meaning of this alignment (and the Mayan calendar prediction). I believe it is up to us- what we choose to do with these new energies and the changing times we live in.


A Profound Opportunity For Spiritual Growth


The 2012 phenomenon comprises a range of eschatological beliefs according to which transformative events will occur after 21 December 2012.  This date can be regarded as the end of a long cycle.  And a new beginning.  Various astronomical alignments and numerological formulae have been proposed as pertaining to this date as well. ~Wikapedia

A New Age interpretation of this transition is that this date marks the start of time in which Earth and its inhabitants may undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation, and that the end of 2012 may mark the beginning of a new era. Is it simply the arrival of the next solar maximum, an interaction between Earth and the black hole at the centre of the galaxy?

“A tidal wave of light-encoded energy, emanating from the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy, permeates the new territories of space that your solar system is currently passing through on its journey through the cosmos. This energy is being deliberately introduced to your world to quickly enhance and upgrade human awareness in multiple levels of reality.” ~Path of Empowerment

“The ancient Maya predicted around December 2012, values focused on money (possessions), power and control would be replaced.  A new world based on love, brotherhood, unity and integrity is prophesied to take there place.   If what they say is true then today’s worldwide upheaval is eliminating the old values and transitioning us towards the new.” ~ John Jenkins

“Humanity is deeply immersed in a worldwide spiritual transformation designed to clear a vast accumulation of fearful beliefs from the human gene pool that carry energetic patterns of pain and separation.

Energies from the Galactic center are playing the most important role throughout these 25 years of human transformation.  In December of 2012, the winter solstice sun makes an alignment with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, which is over 30,000 light years from Earth.  The sun will rise on December 21st to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic completing a 26,000 year processional cycle.

This event will be like a long awaited homecoming, a reconnection to your deepest roots as a spiritual being.  You will be recharged and revitalized with unbounded creativity from the Womb of the Mother, and you shall know the truths of your origins.   And as the years unfold on the way to this auspicious reunion, your solar system will become increasingly active in preparation for the big event.

The awakening of consciousness is being cast to the forefront of your own life because you are here at this time to learn how to manage your energy.   Will you overcome the program of fear as a qualifier of your experience?  Will you pursue the quest of transformation by trusting yourself and your intuition? You are called upon to think for yourself, to believe in yourself, and to consciously create a peaceful and sustainable version of reality accepting complete responsibility for your life.  You must be full present in your body to participate most effectively in this transformation.

Your DNA is being beneficially enhanced during these times through cosmic ray exposure that is clearing away vast amounts of lower vibrational energies with roots deep in the human psyche.   As the higher vibration continues to accelerate, the gathering momentum of the transformation is fortifying through the process of entrainment – where the strongest, most vital life-enhancing frequencies build great electromagnetic power, selectively attracting other frequencies of consciousness to them.

This time is especially important because as everything continues to accelerate monumental changes will transpire, and your beliefs about reality – and the very nature of reality itself – can be altered in the twinkling of an eye.” ~Path of Empowerment


Let’s discuss what it means to you, and what we can do to deliberately create the best experience for ourselves in this coming year, as a collective of empowered beings ready to advance our spiritual lives in a new world.



We have a very special opportunity.  The amplified energies will allow us to clear old belief patterns, remove blockages and limitations, and align us with greater power to create anew.  It is offering us a chance to remember, awaken, activate, and anchor a higher level of consciousness on the Earth.  We have to ready our systems to hold these new frequencies and be willing to act them out with new habits and behaviors that reflect the true nature and power of our Spirit.  Therefore, it is time to get clear.  You can transform your life by becoming aware of your actions, setting strong intentions, creating new practices, and tuning your vibration with empowered thoughts, words, and deeds.  Making empowered choices of where you direct your energy is of the most significance.  And how do you direct your energy?  With your focus and attention.


I have noticed a swifter manifestation through thought, action, and deed.  Whether my focus is positive or negative, things seem to be happening almost instantly in conjuction with the energy and intention I am transmitting.  The energies are being amplified. It has given me a greater understanding of the ‘imprinting’ we have on our reality.

A question that arose recently in my psyche was, “What if this was the last day of my existence?”  Not like a death, but like a “Groundhog Day” where whatever I am living today is what I will live, in quality, for the rest of my days.  SO- I ask you, Are you living the quality of life you want to repeat for the rest of your existence?!  If not, what are you willing to do to change that?


It is essential to use powerful language as our vibratory offering to the universe; this is a primary way we direct energy!

I have created my own version of “The Golden Rule” and a “Code of Ethics” that feels in alignment with my higher purpose,  universal truths, and cosmic law.

I chose the term “Harmonic Coding” to represent the resonance that happens when a collection of energies come together in a constructive patterning.  I used the term “Golden Divine” to represent the Golden age of awakening we are moving into that fully merges the power and balance of the Divine Feminine, aspects that we are now reclaiming.

Here’s a list of my highest vision for the Harmonic Coding of the Golden Divine::

1. Communing, Connection, Co-creation- Operating from a place of connection to Infinite Intelligence.  Always serving the highest and best.

Using “commune”-ication as a way of deepening connection and experiencing our unity of purpose and being.  Co-creation is a dance, a co-mingling of energies, and an integration of all ideas and re-sources to create anew with a sense of harmonious co-operation and co-action.

2. Mutual Love, Honor, and Respect- Treating others as they wish to be treated. Treating others as I wish to be treated.  Treating myself as I wish to be treated.Asking others to treat me as I wish to be treated.  Asking others how they wish to be treated.  Thinking kindly of others, and wishing only good will on them.

A practice of looking for positive aspects, affirmations, appreciation, and gratitude in all situations.  Practicing forgiveness.

3. Inclusivity, Win-win situations, “Soul-utions”- Realizing we are all one and equal, creating soul-utions that work for everyone involved.  Knowing there is always a way for everyone to benefit from the whole. This is an inclusive universe.  There is no “no”.  Everything always exists.  Creating more “yeses”.

4. Open, Honest, Trustworthy- Allowing my truth to shine through, I give others permission to be their true, authentic Self.   Learning to listen and trust the inner guidance that is always available.  Honoring my word, doing as I say I’ll do.  Always doing my best.  Honoring others privacy, being a confidante.

5. Confidence, Self-Actualization, Re-Sourcing- Taking action in words and deeds that are courageous, noble, and connected to Source energy.  Allowing myself to be a clear conduit and channel for Source to flow through me, with confidence, determination, and certainty of purpose.  I plant constructive seeds to harvest healthy relations and bear uplifting interactions.

6. Resonance and Alignment- Our true power is alignment. To feel the truth of knowledge and wisdom when I experience it as a resonance within.  A clear message of alignment and connection.  Practicing aligning with Source through meditation, listening, and feeling from a place of inner connection.

7. Responsibility, Accountability, Integrity- Treating each person, place, and thing with reverence and respect, I take full responsibility for my choices, decisions, and energy.  I know being accountable means being in integrity which means being connected to the wholeness of who I am,  allowing me the “ability to respond” with truth,  love, and devotion.  No matter what anyone else is saying or doing, it is my dominant intent to feel good and stay connected to Source.

8. Clarity, Choice, Discernment- In all my interactions I choose to be clear and honest with my intentions and actions.  I practice discerning what is the highest choice in alignment with my purpose (and definite chief aim).  While taking responsibility for my choices, I clearly choose to be discerning about the people, places, and things I invite into my sphere of existence.

9. Intuition, Intention, Optimism- I will use my ability to intuit the way others want to be treated by “putting myself in their shoes” and always wishing the highest and best for them.  I will give others the “benefit of the doubt” and look for the positive aspects of each person I come into contact with.  I will listen intently for my guidance to show me the way, knowing what’s best for me to fulfill my heart’s desires.

10. Kindness, Generosity, Good Will onto others- I will always give generously when I have the means to, knowing all I give does come back to me, in one form or another, I give graciously and happily.  I will practice random acts of kindness and offer my gifts when I can.  I vow to think positively of others and hold them in the highest light, no matter what their actions.  “I see the Divine in you.” — Namaste.

11. Commitment, Dedication, DevotionI uphold my commitment to living the highest and best of what is possible, to inspire greatness, and to stay true to the path of Divine light and love under any and all  circumstances.  I am reliable and consistent with my love and practice.  I forgive myself and others, and I stay on track with my intentions to live in dedication to light, love, peace, and joy.

12. Grace, Ease & Happiness- The greatest gift I can give another person is my own happiness.  To live with Grace and Ease is to live in truth and love.  I allow life to flow smoothly through me, using alignment and leverage to manifest.

Bonus:: Dream Big, Greater than Imagined, Visualize a World of Infinite Potential and Possibility!




Which of the 12 Harmonic Codes above stands out for you as most important, right now, in your life (you can choose more than one)?

Why is this choice significant to you?

Awareness and control of the breath are essential keys for understanding and developing the higher mind, because they form a very powerful and natural way to connect with both the inner and outer sources of the vital life-force energy.  By focusing your attention, you can use your breath to stabilize yourself, have more energy and enhance your immune system.”

Take some time to honestly contemplate the following questions:

How do you use your energy?  How are you deliberately directing your energy?

How are you breathing at this moment?  How do you normally breathe?

Can you find more space and awareness in the breath?


*Keep breathing deeply and enjoy the power of your focused attention**


“Use your creative energy to set the tone of your day, and picture vibrant waves of energy filled with images of your intentions being broadcast from your heart.”

Notice the connection between the following words:




Brainwaves–Mind–Cosmic Mind





Which grouping stands out for you as most significance right now? And why?


“Achieving freedom through the union of work and play, I express every action as an opportunity to marry thought, intention, and prayer.”

“Now is the time for divination. I Invoke the images that melt open my heart. Now is the time for divination. I Invoke the images that fuse myself with Spirit.”

“Path of Empowerment” Quotes:


“When you seek self-empowerment, you truly begin to live.”

“You are living in a time when opportunities for self-empowerment, expanded awareness, and spiritual growth appear to be unlimited.”

“Thought-forms are vibrational blueprints that hold instructions for manifesting reality.”

“Learning to recognize and read frequencies, or levels of consciousness, offers you a profound new form of liberty and freedom.”

“Using your WILLPOWER to create a new probable world– with each thought- by producing the frequencies of thought and energy that you desire, is the name of the game of freedom.”

“Responsibility opens the doors to complete self-empowerment.”

“Understanding the cosmic laws of manifesting is like having the keys to the universe.  If you are aware of your thoughts, knowing that what you focus on is what you get, then ideally you are consciously creating the version of life that you want.”

Happiness and peace of mind are the hallmarks of real empowerment, and they are present when you are in balance with your values and intuition.


Your power ends where your fear begins.

You must learn to seek the harmony and purpose that is behind the impeccable order of existence.

**The choice is always yours along the path of empowerment.  Your true triumph is courage over fear and truth over deceit.  Opportunities always abound.  Remember your beliefs decree your availability, and your attitude reveals your beliefs.  Offering thanks and gratitude demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility and a willingness to see unexpected change as an opportunity for spiritual growth.  You must remember to be very clear about what you want.  Proceed with confidence, common sense, and courage, utilizing your own unique style and grace.  Trust yourself to create harmonious resolutions, and remain calm with all that unfolds, affirming that everything will work out just fine.  After all, life is a grand lesson in living.**




2012 and Beyond

Tell a New Story

Rampage of Invincibility



This meditation on *The Golden Divine* can be listened to in the morning in a comfortable sitting position or laying down.  Let the information wash over you, being open and receptive.  At night, you are welcome to lay down and drift off into sleep.  The meditations are designed to guide you into higher states of being, also known as a Theta brainwave state, which allows for instant healing and recalibration.  Listen to these meditations every day to get the maximum benefit, and allow yourself become familiar with the unique style of these guided meditations.  Enjoy!


Suggested Readings:

“Law of Success” and “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill; “Ask & It is Given,” “The Vortex,” and “Money, and The Law of Attraction” by Abraham-Hicks, “Path of Empowerment” by Barbara Marciniak, “Living in the Heart,” by Drunvelo Melchizedek, “Transforming through 2012,” by Debra Giusti.


**Another example of Harmonic Coding:  THE 42 IDEALS OF MA’AT

(from The Temple of Isis)

1. I honor virtue
2. I benefit with gratitude
3. I am peaceful
4. I respect the property of others
5. I affirm that all life is sacred
6. I give offerings that are genuine
7. I live in truth
8. I regard all altars with respect
9. I speak with sincerity
10. I consume only my fair share
11. I offer words of good intent
12. I relate in peace
13. I honor animals with reverence
14. I can be trusted
15. I care for the earth
16. I keep my own council
17. I speak positively of others
18. I remain in balance with my emotions
19. I am trustful in my relationships
20. I hold purity in high esteem
21. I spread joy
22. I do the best I can
23. I communicate with compassion
24. I listen to opposing opinions
25. I create harmony
26. I invoke laughter
27. I am open to love in various forms
28. I am forgiving
29. I am kind
30. I act respectfully of others
31. I am accepting
32. I follow my inner guidance
33. I converse with awareness
34. I do good
35. I give blessings
36. I keep the waters pure
37. I speak with good intent
38. I praise the Goddess and the God
39. I am humble
40. I achieve with integrity
41. I advance through my own abilities
42. I embrace the All



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