Theta Healing Ascension Series







Theta Healing Ascension Series 2012

Basic DNA and Advanced DNA

with Theta Healing Master Practitioner James Dove Mosis…

San Rafael/Bay Area

Basic DNA January 20-22

10-6pm each day

Advanced DNA January 27-29

10-6pm each day

@ the Healyng Sanctuary

12 Lido Lane, San Rafael

All are Welcome!



BASIC DNA:        JAN 20-22ND ( 3 DAYS / 10-6PM EACH DAY)
ADVANCED DNA:       JAN 27-29TH  ( 3 DAYS / 10-6PM EACH DAY)
LOCATION:        Quantum Healyng Sanctuary – San Rafael CA
TUITION:             444$  – (777$ If you sign up for both)
ThetaHealing® is a gift from Source that allows us to embody our full potential and access
a true place of Self mastery as empowered Co-Creators of our Reality.
A remarkable tool of transformation that has been spreading across the planet like wild fire, changing people’s lives in miraculous ways.
It is the merging of science and spirit and teaches us how to access
a pure Theta brain wave state which is the key to opening the gates to the sub-conscious realm.

The body holds all memories past present and future, so by using muscle testing one can then discover a way to identify limiting programs that are held deep within the sub-conscious and once revealed, witness them be released from every level of their being.

Ultimately resulting in physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom from whatever it was that was being repressed.
Presented to the world through the medical intuitive Vianna Stibal,
who in her own search for healing was able to experience an instantaneous release of cancer from her body,
has developed this cutting edge method into an easy to learn curriculum of sacred wisdom that allows
anyone to access their divine intuition and witness change on every level of their life.
The Emerald Octave team are Master’s of this technique and have extensive experience in
guiding groups through profound spiritual healing and transformation.
Learning this technique from them is truly a one of a kind experience and will change your life forever.
w/ James Dove Mosis
Please Visit : or call 707-508-7086


Blessed Beings of Beauty n Truth,

Are you ready?

How are you feeling about your life right now?  Would you like to see more abundance in your direct reality?  Are you feeling creatively blocked or are you frustrated in the realm of relationships?  Are you having physical health issues that are bogging you down, making you tired and draining your energy?  Are you feeling really alone, disconnected or out of sync with everyone else?

I can Help!

Now!   Are you ready to become a fully empowered individual?  Are you willing to bravely step into the highest version of your Self and stop repeating dramatic scenes of Reality that cast you as the Victim?  Are you done with procrastinating and ready to activate your Soul to levels you never even knew existed?  Are you wanting to learn a true spiritual tool that shows you how to actually clear the core issue of what is holding you back and actually make physical changes in your world other than just shifting some energy around?

If so….

I can Help!

Over the past 4 Years I have been devoted to studying, practicing and teaching an amazing technique known as Theta Healing.

In Theta Healing one learns how to access a deep Theta Brain Wave which allows the practitioner to witness instantaneous change on the emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

Theta is a real, tangible, grounded tool of transformation that when applied to your personal world shows amazing results.

The Founder of this technique, Vianna Stibal, is one of the most remarkable psychics alive today and her journey with this powerful work began over 15 years ago when she witnessed her leg heal in an instant from a case of cancer that the doctors said would surely end her ability to walk.  Since then it has developed into a full on modality that is changing people’s lives in miraculous ways all across the globe.  We learn that we have layers and layers of ‘Belief systems’ or programs held deep in our sub conscious that are the cause for much imbalance and disease.  We then learn how to dig to the Core emotion/belief that is repressed and witness it change thus affecting every level of our Being.  An example ?  Someone may test Yes for the belief  ” I am unworthy of God’s Love”  which I was running myself  when I found the work and we learn that Worthiness Issues are related to Viruses.  In a 5 minute session I had a virus removed from my body! I laughed for over an hour and the next day I woke up with vitality that I hadn’t felt in lifetimes! That’s just one of the myriad of miracles I have witnessed since applying this technique to my Life .  It’s like we have these broken records in our sub-conscious replaying over and over saying things like “I hate myself”  “I have to be poor to be spiritual”  “I resent my Mother”  and the list goes on…  Imagine how it feels to have these broken records replaced with new ‘genetic songs’ that sing of health, wealth and harmony. . This is not a ‘ theory ‘ or an overwhelming amount of info that will just boggle your brain, it is a simple tangible tool that you can use every day to Create Change, increase your intuitive abilities and stay aligned with what is highest and best for you.

It’s real, it works, and anyone can learn how to do it!

So…. Are you Ready?

Say Yes!

Theta Ascension Training– Activate Your DNA

Do you want to Become a THETA HEALING Practitioner ?

Basic & Advanced DNA Certification Courses



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    **Theta Introduction Night Thursday Sept. 30th 7-10pm at the Healyng Sanctuary**

    12 Lido Lane, San Rafael

    All are Welcome!

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