Infinite Possibilities Along the Lines of Time

Infinite Possibilities Along the Lines of Time



As my appreciation for Quantum Physics grows year by year, I find a deeper level of respect for the concept of probable choice.  That, in combination with simultaneous time, I am compelled to give further explanation on this topic, as we come to completion with the Path of Empowerment book, and conclude this twelve week course.


I am moved by the depth of information that flows through me constantly, gently guiding me, nudging me forward into the great unknown of liberation and self-empowerment.


As I continue to receive this guidance, I am honored to share it with you.  In reference to the above topic of probable choice and simultaneous time, I will share with you, to the best of my literary skills, an interpretation of the vision I am given.  Spirit speaks to me in visions and pictures, not just words, so translation can sometimes be a little tricky.

I inspire to be an incredible artist some day, to offer these depictions as well as my words.  Until then…


As I understand it, simultaneous time means everything is happening at once, similar to parallel living.  So in this moment, if we could imagine another dimension opening up outside of time, and we could rise above ourselves and see a bunch of straight lines below us, those lines would represent our concurrent lives playing out in front of us.  If we pictured ourselves as a ball hovering above these lines, we could see how we could bounce in and out of different lives, creating what we call our reality.  Therefore, a way of chronologically defining our experiences, and creating linear time.


Now, if we get back into this dimension we are actually experiencing, it’s challenging to see the ball bouncing while you’re in it.  So we have another concept we call vibration or frequency.  This is how our thoughts, words, and deeds are creating our reality.  It is based on the vibrational match that we make with the reality we are resonating with.


In other words, if we can grasp the idea that everything is occurring simultaneously, and that there are infinite possibilities to choose from, then we are choosing based on our vibrational coherence with that particular reality at any given moment.  Everything has a vibrational signature, and based on Law of Attraction, which is simply defined as like attracts like, we are magnetized towards the things we think, feel, and talk about, while we repel the things we are not in tune with.


Although, all things, including you, have a unique frequency signature, there are distinctly two different vibrational modes that we are playing with at this time; one is the frequency of love, while the other is fear.  These two distinct fields set up a large part of our choice or flavor of reality we are participating in.  The multitude of possibilities become similar in nature when we choose consistently between one of these worlds.


When we choose the world of love through our vibration, we harmonize with the higher intelligence that comes through the heart chakra, which holds the highest, purest vibration of no opposites.  This state of being has the values of compassion, benevolence, peace, joy, forgiveness, happiness, grace, and ease.  Depending upon the details of our thoughts and feelings, we’ll find ourselves in that version of reality we are a vibrational match to.


When fear is our predominant state, then we limit our perceptions to the mental realms of dualistic, pessimistic thinking.  This reality consists of destructive wave patterns that create disharmony, disease, illness, war, hatred, and violence.


By definition we choose which reality we are aligning with based on our vibration.  Our vibration is determined by the quality of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, expectations, and actions.  Most of this is actually chosen unconsciously through our conditioning and programming, so it is not really chosen at all, it is simply the energy that is perpetuating through genetic imprinting and modeling old behavior patterns.  Therefore, we find ourselves reliving the past over and over again.


As we wake up to our power of choice and our ability to discern what it is we consciously want to create, we take back our responsibility to be happy, healthy, and free.


So, now we understand there are really two major vibrational realities to choose from in this Earth plane game: Love and Fear.  Most of us, on this path to awakening and self-awareness, spend most of our days bouncing back and forth between these two realities as thoughts and feelings of both come flooding into our experience moment by moment.

As we become more aware of our thinking and refine our conscious mind, we can consistently choose the thoughts that feel good– that align us with love, peace, and joy; therefore, consistently placing us in a version of reality that creates more miraculous, empowering and enlightening experiences.


As we move into these stupendous times of change, our choices have greater impact on the reality we see.  We receive almost instant feedback from our choices.  If we continue to let the unconscious programs guide our choices, and only have snippets of consciousness aligned with our capacity to love, we will experience an ever increasingly inconsistent field of existence.


We are in exciting times where our conscious choices can be harmonized into a reality where our predominant state is one of love, where we are aligned with the higher intelligence of the heart, and where our thoughts, words, and actions reflect back to us the coherence of our choice to be powerful deliberate creators of our reality.  We can consistently tune ourselves in every moment to the safe, healthy, wealthy, and bountiful world we truly want to be living by imagining it into being, by using the power of our intention, and aligning with the best that life has to offer.


The choice is always yours.

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