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A magnetized piece of iron will lift twelve times its own weight. But demagnetized, it won’t even lift the weight of a feather. Your mind works in a similar way. Magnetized with Creative Thinking and Positive Expectation, you embody the “Law of Attraction”. This means that what you think, say, and do attracts an enormous number of external assets (the commitment, support, and dedicated efforts of other people, the inherent advantages, benefits, and rewards of every situation).


“You can do it if you believe you can!”



























The Golden Rule
























Lesson 15 is The Golden Rule.  Hill begins this lesson by stating that this principal is “the guiding star that will enable you to profitably and constructively use the knowledge assembled in the previous lessons”. Hill states that following this law is the only way to apply the power that the preceding lessons provide.

The Golden Rule essentially means to do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you if your positions were reversed.  Hill stresses the fact that all of your actions and thoughts will come back to you, for better or worse. Hill tells us that it is not enough to merely believe in the philosophy of the Golden Rule; one must apply it. The key to this lesson is this: the Golden Rule, when understood and applied, makes dishonesty, selfishness, greed, envy, hatred and malice impossible.  One must be scrupulously honest, and realize you are punishing yourself by every wrong you commit, and rewarding yourself by every act of constructive conduct.

Hill further states that we benefit by applying the Golden Rule, even if it is not reciprocated. How? Because of the positive effect on our subconscious mind, and the development of stronger, more positive character.

Hill concludes this lesson by stating that labor and capital have a mutual and common interest. Neither can permanently prosper without the prosperity of the other. They are parts of one body. If labor is the arm, capital is the blood – and each must care for the other – by using the Golden Rule as a guide.

Bonus Section: The Universal law of Cosmic Habit Force

The Universal law of Cosmic Habitforce, which may be interpreted as an early conceptualization of the Law of Attraction. A somewhat obtuse concept to modern readers, Dr. Hill defines Cosmic Habitforce as “the universal law through which nature affixes all habits so that they may carry on automatically once they have been put into motion”. Hill states that Cosmic Habitforce is the reason why success attracts success, and failure attracts failure. The law of Cosmic Habitforce transmits the “success consciousness” from the mind of the successful person to the mind of the unsuccessful one when they are closely associated in daily life.

The key to this lesson is this: Whenever two minds connect, a third mind is created, patterned after the stronger of the two – for better or for worse. Many successful people can trace their success directly to the time they began a close association with someone who possessed the positive mental attitude that they were able to copy.

Even though Cosmic Habitforce is silent and unseen, it is the basis of everything tangible and concrete. As with all of Hill’s preceding lessons, Cosmic Habitforce begins with thoughts, which become habits. A fascinating example of Cosmic Habitforce is this: most successful people have usually experienced severe challenges and failures, which forced them to change their habits. Habits that led them to failure are replaced with habits that led them to success.

Hill concludes this lesson with a review of the previous lessons, and reminds us that these lessons constitute an army – and if any one “soldier” is removed or one lesson underdeveloped, the entire army is weakened.

  • You must watch for every opportunity to apply and empower the law of the Master Mind.
  • Before you can have power, you must have a Definite Chief Aim-a definite purpose.
  • You must have self-confidence with which to back up your purpose.
  • You must have initiative and leadership with which to exercise your self-confidence.
  • You must have imagination in creating your definite purpose and in building the plans with which to transform that purpose into reality and put your plans into action.
  • You must mix enthusiasm with your action or it will be bland and weak.
  • You must exercise firm self-control.
  • You must form the habit of doing more than paid for.
  • You must cultivate a pleasing personality.
  • You must acquire the habit of saving.
  • You must use accurate thinking, remembering, as you develop this quality, that accurate thought is based upon identifiable facts and not upon hearsay evidence or mere information.
  • You must form the habit of concentration by giving your undivided attention to but one task at a time.
  • You must acquire the habit of cooperation and practice it in all your plans.
  • You must profit by failure, your own and that of others.
  • You must cultivate the habit of tolerance.
  • You must make the Golden rule the foundation of all you do that affects other people.
  • You must make use of The Universal law of Cosmic Habitforce, through which all of these principals can be applied to transform not only your thoughts but also your habits.

All efficient armies are disciplined. Likewise, the army you are building in your own mind must also be disciplined. It must obey your command at every step.


Lesson 15 – The Golden Rule

  • The secret of the Golden Rule … and why it is widely misunderstood.
  • The amazing power of your thoughts … and how they affect your life.
  • Why you are undoubtedly using your thoughts in a way that is completely the opposite way you need for success.
  • Why you are wrong to believe that the success of a person should be measured by money alone.
  • The amazing 12-step ‘Code of Ethics’, which if you live by … will guarantee your success.
  • Why you can never achieve success without happiness.
  • The reason why it is essential that you ‘guard your thoughts’.
  • Why it is critical for you not to hate or be jealous of someone else.
  • Why it is impossible for you to be negative without having a corresponding effect on your success.
  • How you can directly benefit from the Law of Retaliation.
  • The outstanding weakness of the vast majority of people … and how you can overcome it.
  • Why the Law of Compensation will change your luck overnight.


















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The bottom line is that The Golden Rule is paramount to achieving Success.  Whether we call it the Law of CompensationLaw of Cause and Effectkarma or any number of other terms, how we think about and act towards others will come back to us in kind.  If not now, then later.  But, it will come back.

Professor Hill also leaves us with his “Code of Ethics,” which, in all its simplicity, is worth noting:

Hill’s Code of Ethics

  1. I believe in the Golden Rule as the basis of all human conduct; therefore, I will never do to another person that which I would not be willing for that person to do to me if our positions were reversed.
  2. I will be honest, even to the slightest detail, in all my transactions with others, not alone because of my desire to be fair with them, but because of my desire to impress the idea of honesty on my own subconscious mind, thereby weaving this essential quality into my own character.
  3. I will forgive those who are unjust toward me, with no thought as to whether they deserve it or not, because I understand the law through which forgiveness of others strengthens my own character and wipes out the effects of my own transgressions, in my subconscious mind.
  4. I will be just, generous and fair with others always, even though I know that these acts will go unnoticed and unrecorded, in the ordinary terms of reward, because I understand and intend to apply the law through the aid of which one’s own character is but the sum total of one’s own acts and deeds.
  5. Whatever time I may have to devote to the discovery and exposure of the weaknesses and faults of others I will devote, more profitably, to the discovery and correction of my own.
  6. I will slander no person, no matter how much I may believe another person may deserve it, because I wish to plant no destructive suggestions in my own subconscious mind.
  7. I recognize the power of Thought as being an inlet leading into my brain from the universal ocean of life; therefore, I will set no destructive thoughts afloat upon that ocean lest they pollute the minds of others.
  8. I will conquer the common human tendency toward hatred, and envy, and selfishness, and jealousy, and malice, and pessimism, and doubt, and fear; for I believe these to be the seed from which the world harvests most of its troubles.
  9. When my mind is not occupied with thoughts that tend toward the attainment of my definite chief aimin life, I will voluntarily keep it filled with thoughts of courage, and self-confidence, and goodwill toward others, and faith, and kindness, and loyalty, and love for truth, and justice, for I believe these to be the seed from which the world reaps its harvest of progressive growth.
  10. I understand that a mere passive belief in the soundness of the Golden Rule philosophy is of no value whatsoever, either to myself or to others; therefore, I will actively put into operation this universal rule for good in all my transactions with others.
  11. I understand the law through the operation of which my own character is developed from my own acts and thoughts; therefore, I will guard with care all that goes into its development.
  12. Realizing that enduring happiness comes only through helping others find it; that no act of kindness is without its reward, even though it may never be directly repaid, I will do my best to assist others when and where the opportunity appears.


As our final practice for this course write a similar list of 12 principles that make up your “Harmonic Coding for the Golden Divine” that you wish to live in accordance with in order to serve the highest and best of what is possible in this lifetime. What are your greatest dreams and wishes that would come from living this practice?



Here’s a list of my personal highest vision for the Harmonic Coding of the Golden Divine::

1. Communing, Connection, Co-creation– Operating from a place of connection to Infinite Intelligence.  Always serving the highest and best.

Using “commune”-ication as a way of deepening connection and experiencing our unity of purpose and being.  Co-creation is a dance, a co-mingling of energies, and an integration of all ideas and re-sources to create anew with a sense of harmonious co-operation and co-action.

2. Mutual Love, Honor, and Respect- Treating others as they wish to be treated. Treating others as I wish to be treated.  Treating myself as I wish to be treated. Asking others to treat me as I wish to be treated.  Asking others how they wish to be treated.  Thinking kindly of others, and wishing only good will on them.

A practice of looking for positive aspects, affirmations, appreciation, and gratitude in all situations.  Practicing forgiveness.

3. Inclusivity, Win-win situations, “Soul-utions”- Realizing we are all one and equal, creating soul-utions that work for everyone involved.  Knowing there is always a way for everyone to benefit from the whole. This is an inclusive universe.  There is no “no”.  Everything always exists.  Creating more “yeses”.

4. Open, Honest, Trustworthy- Allowing my truth to shine through, I give others permission to be their true, authentic Self.   Learning to listen and trust the inner guidance that is always available.  Honoring my word, doing as I say I’ll do.  Always doing my best.  Honoring others privacy, being a confidante.

5. Confidence, Self-Actualization, Re-Sourcing- Taking action in words and deeds that are courageous, noble, and connected to Source energy.  Allowing myself to be a clear conduit and channel for Source to flow through me, with confidence, determination, and certainty of purpose.  I plant constructive seeds to harvest healthy relations and bear uplifting interactions.

6. Resonance and Alignment- Our true power is alignment.  To feel the truth of knowledge and wisdom when I experience it as a resonance within.  A clear message of alignment and connection.  Practicing aligning with Source through meditation, listening, and feeling from a place of inner connection.

7. Responsibility, Accountability, Integrity- Treating each person, place, and thing with reverence and respect, I take full responsibility for my choices, decisions, and energy.  I know being accountable means being in integrity which means being connected to the wholeness of who I am,  allowing me the “ability to respond” with truth,  love, and devotion.  No matter what anyone else is saying or doing, it is my dominant intent to feel good and stay connected to Source.

8. Clarity, Choice, Discernment- In all my interactions I choose to be clear and honest with my intentions and actions.  I practice discerning what is the highest choice in alignment with my purpose (and definite chief aim).  While taking responsibility for my choices, I clearly choose to be discerning about the people, places, and things I invite into my sphere of existence.

9. Intuition, Intention, Optimism- I will use my ability to intuit the way others want to be treated by “putting myself in their shoes” and always wishing the highest and best for them.  I will give others the “benefit of the doubt” and look for the positive aspects of each person I come into contact with.  I will listen intently for my guidance to show me the way, knowing what’s best for me to fulfill my heart’s desires.

10. Kindness, Generosity, Good Will onto others- I will always give generously when I have the means to, knowing all I give does come back to me, in one form or another, I give graciously and happily.  I will practice random acts of kindness and offer my gifts when I can.  I vow to think positively of others and hold them in the highest light, no matter what their actions.  “I see the Divine in you.” — Namaste.

11. Commitment, Dedication, Devotion- I uphold my commitment to living the highest and best of what is possible, to inspire greatness, and to stay true to the path of Divine light and love under any and all  circumstances.  I am reliable and consistent with my love and practice.  I forgive myself and others, and I stay on track with my intentions to live in dedication to light, love, peace, and joy.

12. Grace, Ease & Happiness- The greatest gift I can give another person is my own happiness.  To live with Grace and Ease is to live in truth and love.  I allow life to flow smoothly through me, using alignment and leverage to manifest.

Bonus:: Dream Big, Greater than Imagined, Visualize a World of Infinite Potential and Possibility!




  • There is an eternal law through the operation of which we reap that which we sow.  When you select the rule of conduct by which you guide yourself in your transactions with others, you will be fair and just, very likely, if you know that you are setting into motion, by that selection, a power that will run its course for weal or woe in the lives of others, returning, finally, to help or to hinder you, according to its nature.

  • It may be an old-fashioned idea, but somehow I can’t get away from the belief that no man can attain success in its highest form without the aid of earnest prayer!

  • The Golden Rule philosophy is based upon a law which no man can circumvent.  This law is the same law that is described in Lesson Eleven, on Accurate Thought, through the operation of which one’s thoughts are transformed into reality corresponding exactly to the nature of the thoughts.

  • Those who understand and apply the Golden Rule philosophy are always scrupulously honest, not alone out of their desire to be just with others, but because: of their desire to be just with themselves.  They understand the eternal law upon which the Golden Rule is based, and they know that through the operation of this law every thought they release and every act in which they indulge has its counterpart in some fact or circumstance with which they will later be confronted.

  • If all your acts toward others, and even your thoughts of others, are registered in your subconscious mind, through the principle of Autosuggestion, thereby building your own character in exact duplicate of your thoughts and acts, can you not see how important it is to guard those acts and thoughts?  We are now in the very heart of the real reason for doing unto others as we would have them do unto us, for it is obvious that whatever we do unto others we do unto ourselves.

  • You have noticed frequent reference to Emerson throughout this course.  Every student of the course should own a copy of Emerson’s Essays, and the essay on Compensation should be read and studied at least every three months.  Observe, as you read this essay, that it deals with the same law as that upon which the Golden Rule is based.

  • Remember that your reputation is made by others, but your character is made by you!

  • Throughout this entire course one particular principle has been emphasized for the purpose of illustrating the truth that every personality is the sum total of the individual’s thoughts and acts – that we come to resemble the nature of our dominating thoughts.

  • No one knows the limitations of the power of thought, or whether or not it has any limitations.  Whatever man believes he can do he eventually does.

Guided Meditation


May this final meditation make your heart sing, bring praise and joy to every area of your life, and help you remember just how great and loved you are!

I see the Divine in you.

*The Golden Divine*


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