Power Symbols and Power Tools for Self EmPowerment

Power Symbols and Power Tools for Self EmPowerment:




What Do You REALLY Want….

“Creating solutions for changing beliefs, reclaiming your power,

and creating a world of unlimited possibilities”



Women’s Group    — ONLINE SERIES

Starting Oct. 4, 2010

12 weeks of Visioning

and EmPowerment…


Sign up at http://www.zenhealyng.com

Only $25 per course if you sign up by 9/30



I am very excited to announce a new women’s group online series, starting October 4th.  You are all very wonderful and powerful women in your own right, and I would be honored if you could join us to share in creating a powerful, supportive environment to envision and actualize our dreams!

This group has been developed in order to empower and support each other in creating the life and visions of WHAT WE REALLY WANT, based on the principles of the Law of Attraction and Pleiadian Teachings….

For 12 weeks, there will be a weekly course lesson posted online, divided into a format of 2 six-week courses.   There will also be a monthly gathering scheduled to enable us to connect and have input from all involved so we can create a dynamic interaction of talents, inspirations, and interests.


We will explore the following topics in detail:


**A focus on our relationship to Self, Body, Sex, Money, Career, and Others**

*What is the purpose and power of the Law of Attraction….

*What are our personal and professional values….

*What are our large and small visions for our lives….

*Creating a mission and vision statement…

*Creating symbols of power (such as Alters and Vision Boards) as reminders of our goals….

*Speaking and being in our power by attracting what we REALLY want…

*How to manage our ‘power tools’ in life such as health, wealth and happiness….

*Supporting and Empowering each other in living out our dreams…

*Creating conscious community around empowering the Devine Feminine…


Every women included is encouraged to invite a friend who is in alignment with this vision and practice. We want to create a powerful network of women and connect everyone through these teachings and practice.  Committing to all 12 weeks is highly encouraged and recommended to get the full benefit, but there are no requirements to be involved.

I hope you can join us on this exciting adventure of self-discovery, and I look forward to connecting deeper with each of you!


Contact me with any questions or comments you may have, and let me know if you are interested in partaking:))


Light, Love and Blessings,

Jen Healy


**Recommended books and movies:

Path of Empowerment (primary reading-required)

–by Barbara Marciniak

Money and The Law of Attraction, The Teachings of Abraham

–by Jerry and Ester Hicks (book and CD)

The Vortex, The Teachings of Abraham

–by Jerry and Ester Hicks (book)

Ask and It is Given

–by Jerry and Ester Hicks (book)


The Living Matrix  (movie- required)

The Secret (in movie and book form)

What the Bleep: Down the Rabbit Hole (movie)




The Fall Women’s Group:

Hello my Dear and Lovely Women–

I am soooo excited to start up our time together again to explore the use of the Pleiadian and Abraham-Hicks teachings and our personal relationship to Power this fall.

I feel like the universe has perfectly prepared me this summer by creating the most advanced and intensive self-exploration course through my own life circumstances! I have dived deep into the Spiritual practices and Abraham teachings, and I’ve come to the other side feeling so renewed and motivated by the inspirations– I am so grateful for this opportunity to feel and experience the salvation of these teachings. I so look forward to what we will share!

The Spring WiG’s (Women’s Group) was filled with so much growth, positivity, change, and inspiration– I have thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone grow into our new relationship to Source and pure positive energy. We have had countless stories of transformation and success– I am so happy and proud to be part of such a beautiful group of inspiring women!

We ended with many powerful tools to take into our lives and practice living. This fall we will focus our attention and energies on just that– Power Tools and Power Symbols for EmPowering our Lives! This is going to be a very Powerful end to this year of positive growth and change.

We will offer a special 12 week series ONLINE starting Oct. 4th, 2010.

We will cover 5 main topics in our quest of EmPowerment: Self/Body, Sex, Relationships, Money, and Career/Life Purpose. We will spend two weeks on each topic, as well as include the new  book, “Path of Empowerment”, and the Abraham-Hicks teachings, Theta Healing techniques, Pleaidian Lightwork, plus many more meditation and visualization practices to help us clear, align, and release our energy system and thoughts to receive the highest gifts possible from our connection to Source.  **NEW– Ever week a guided meditation will be available to you on the topic that we covered!

I am asking that we continue to expand, grow, and share the precious gift of this women’s group to our friends and loved ones. I encourage each of us to forward this message on and invite at least 5 more women to join us– let’s all set a goal of having 1 more friend of each of us to join us, this alone will double the size of our group, which would be a wonderful addition! Also, be sure to respond to this email and let me know you availability this fall. We will offer online updates of all our information shared and a facebook group will be created to follow along. Please consider making a dedication for yourself to practice every week together, and give yourself this gift this fall of connection, growth, support, inspiration and EmPowerment!

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