Course II.3- Human Sexuality

The Power of Human Sexuality




We are reviewing Chapter 6 this week and discussing the potent topic of sexuality.  This book gives an enlightening perspective and describes the depths of sacredness that sexuality potentially encompasses.  As we explore new definitions of sacred union and connection to the divine with the attention of our focused sexual energy, we take back the inherent power and responsibility to use our intimacy wisely.  No union or interaction is without sacred and symbolic meaning.  This chapter takes us on a fascinating ride of self-discovery and contemplation of all encounters we have had, and excitement for the highest intentionality of what is to come.  As the book keenly notes, “Sexual Energy, in regard to what it is and how you use it, can contribute to a restoration of all that is sacred and missing in your life.”


Know that the ‘nanosecond’ provides the opportunity to understand the energy of empowerment through developing different perspectives of reality… It is important to know that challenging situations arise to initiate change; ‎the resolution of old issues– and there are none more potent than sexual issues– frees you to have a more meaningful, emotionally fulfilling connection to life.

On some level of consciousness, you are always responding to the effects of lunar and planetary cycles; how you interpret these influences can have a profound impact on your sexual experiences.

No one owes you an orgasm if you have been unable to discover for yourself your body’s own orgasmic pleasure.

Women in general currently have the greater tendency to switch their attention from one reality to another and most women do so, often without realizing it.

At the onset of womanhood, the appearance of the first blood creates a psychic-spiritual vortex of energy, a personal power entrained to the lunar cycles.

Men need to understand that their personal power resides in activating and embracing their feelings, a side of themselves they have not duly considered.

The sperm that genetically best suits the requirements of the non-physical being desiring birth through the union will then resonate with the song and match the egg’s vibration.

Good sex is good business for all.

You are stronger than you think, and with this in mind, you must allow the multiverse to gift you with something even greater than you can imagine.

To leave the endless, boring loop of repetition on the road of disempowerment, you must make a choice, and then creatively imagine it into being.

Symbols are the significant interface between the field of existence and consciousness.





Take some time to feel into your relationship to your body, emotions, sexual interactions, and choices.  Then contemplate the significance of the questions offered in this chapter.  Answer them honestly and earnestly.  Use this as an opportunity to completely shift your relationship with your sexuality, for the highest and best.


P(1):  Sexual Experience



P(2): Understanding Non-Physical Entities

**Also note, it is not possible to become possessed by an entity when you have strong emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual boundaries.  That is why we are flexing our spritual muscles and having more self-awareness to be in the highest choice in every moment.


P(3): The New Frontier…




“Emotional intelligence which can be one of the most difficult aspects of physical reality to master, is learned and developed through responsibility and accountability.  The chief challenge to emotional balance is sexual energy, perhaps both the most difficult and most dangerous of energies to understand because the power of sex can make life as well as destroy it.”



managing energy.


The “Ascending Earth Beings” website put together a rather entertaining way of reviewing the potent details of this chapter, for your viewing pleasure:

Sexual Energy




In this week’s meditation, we will explore the higher meaning and relationship to emotions, sensuality, pleasure, creativity, life-force energy, shakti, connection, intimacy, fulfillment, power, passion, divine union, sacred play, romance, relating, excitement, sharing, caring, trusting, loving.  There is really no end to the adjectives we can give to describe the relationship between sexuality and energy, in our attempts to understand the infinite, powerful expression of our being, which is beyond physical description.


Sacred Sexuality

Abraham-Hicks Videos and Perspective:


Sexuality 2


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