Course II.2- Healing on the Lines of Time

Healing on the Lines of Time



Review and Discussion of chapter 5–  This is a culmination of healing insights, remedies and teachings that bring deeper awareness and understanding of what is needed in order to reclaim our highest healing potential.  This chapter is the BEST collection of healing advice that I could possibly offer to any client coming to me in my private practice for help.  I sincerely hope you will receive this review as a powerful and important practice for your own personal healing needs.

From Chapter 5, “Healing on the Lines of Time,” Page 142

Great significance underlies every illness, large or small, because your body is a biofeedback system for your attitudes. Managing energy involves managing your relationship with your emotional self. Examining your emotions is the bottom line for understanding the purpose of a particular health-related situation. Poor health does not just land in your lap. You are ultimately responsible for setting the stage of your body’s inner terrain based on the choices you make, and you actually restrict your body’s natural healing processes when you readily accept only conventional medical labels and categories for your condition. You deny the purpose and power of your body’s intelligence when you believe that you “just caught something out of the blue,” rather than realizing and accepting that your body is merely responding to your inner feelings and commands.

“Your DNA is being beneficially enhanced during these times through cosmic ray exposure that is clearing vast amounts of lower-vibrational energies with roots deep in the human psyche.  As the higher vibration of the nanosecond continues to accelerate, the gathering momentum of transformation is fortifying through the process of entrainment– where the strongest, most vital life-enhancing frequencies build great electromagnetic power, selectively attracting other frequencies of consciousness to them.”

“Health is wealth, and a well-fortified immune system is the key to good health, and the simple key to a strong immune system is happiness.  The transformation of human consciousness calls for you to accept personal responsibility for your health and healing, for you are the one who is ultimately in charge of your body and your life.”

“The courage to claim your self-trust offers a new form of personal freedom.  The choice to create a safe, honest, respectful, and pleasant experience in all realities is entirely up to you.  When life-enhancing beliefs are embraced, a distinct vitality exudes from your physical form, and you are wired, so to speak, to the max.  An exuberant state of mind makes you much more receptive to the vibrant effects of the cosmic radiated energy.”

“Healing is dealing, and dealing is feeling, and feeling is healing.”


For this chapter we will take a slightly different approach, and we will recap the healing remedies and insights offered in the chapter.

The true key to healing: The ability to both give and receive love.  Because it is the most life-sustaining and affirming form of emotional expression.

Self-Responsibility: Nurturing an awakened mind is the real investment that will change the world by offering newfound freedoms and creative expressions as the best returns for your focus of energy.  The decision to accept ultimate responsibility for creating your life experience will empower you toward attaining a state of mental clarity and physical vitality.

Beliefs: No matter what you believe, your body will essentially follow your innermost commends– whether you send thought patterns of doom and despair or those that embrace vibrant health.  Your beliefs are literal programs that affect cellular function.

YOU are in charge of your physical form: The state of your health is a direct reflection of your inner world of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  It is in these arenas of perception that the great spiritual healing will have a profound impact.  Opportunities abound when you choose to heal your relationship with your physical form.

Every illness is a messenger: Every illness serves as a positive message from one part of the self to another concerning your emotional response to life. A viewpoint of deep respect for your body’s innate intelligence is required in order to understand the body’s inner messages.  Great significance underlies every illness, large or small, because your body is a biofeedback system of your attitude.

Developing strong foundational beliefs for vital health is of the utmost of importance: A conscious commitment to live a better life must be made by you in order to induce the necessary changes required to create the ideal conditions of health and well-bring over the apparent reality.

Nutritional awareness will grant you a self-reliance that will give you far greater results than pharmaceutical manipulation.

The body is a storehouse of power:  Your body is a magnificent self-healing, self-repairing system and an organic wonder that you have yet to truly appreciate.  Often your limiting beliefs stop the power from flowing.

All healing is a reinterpretation of what has happened to you.

Developing emotional intelligence is one of the keys for learning how to manage your energy.  Wellness involves expressing your feelings in a mature and responsible manner.  Your emotions are the most difficult aspect of mastering your biological being for playing the game of life within this system of consciousness.

Your body is designed as a self-healing system:  it is highly intelligent, and with the proper rest and nourishment it can produce whatever is required to bring about a state of health, once changes in both attitude and activity are engaged.

You must affirm and act as if you are worthy of your own love, worthy of life, and that life is worth living.

Guided imagery is a very useful and effective tool that can be used for re-experiencing emotional conflict and substituting desired new outcomes.  (Quantum Soul Retrieval Meditation).

Imagination, visualization, activation of your willpower, expectation, and positive reinforcement are the keys to learning new behavioral patterns.

Loving yourself is one of the best investments you can make: If you want to be really healthy, wealthy, and wise, you must be fully present in your body.

Electromagnetic codes are the patterns for healing the body: These life-energy enhancing codes that sustain you are held in your genes.

Your cells, blood supply, and organs are all affected by the food you eat, the water you drink, the quality of the air you breathe, and the amount of sunlight you get.  The more wholesome your diet and the more oxygen you bring into your system, the more vital the cells.

Let your food be your medicine: You can learn to eat for health.  It is essential that you eat wisely to enhance the strength of the immune system.  Maintaining an alkaline pH balance in your diet is the most practical approach to optimal health and boosting the immune system.  Superfoods and vital nutrients found in live foods is the essential key to good pH balance.

Enzymes, Minerals and Amino Acids are critical components for the building blocks of the body that aid in digestion, balance the pH, and are the conductors of energy for every system and function of the body.  There has been a long term depletion of minerals in the soils due to overuse and poor management.  It is absolutely essential to replace these missing components in your diet for healthy digestion and optimal function of the system.

Food that is grown with loving care and with conscious regard for harmonizing with the forces of nature will be super-energized with vital cosmic energies.  Vibrant food is more than just organic, it is affected by the consciousness with which it is grown and handled.

The rays of the sun are actually very good for you- the body makes vitamin D  and natural mood elevators in response to sunlight, which awakens the cells to enhance the body.

Intestinal health is of the utmost importance for keeping your body functioning with ease.  When unwanted waste accumulates in the intestines, all sorts of health problems occur.  Cleaning your colon twice a year, preferably in the spring and fall, will do wonders to restore your health and vitality.

Parasites are especially draining on your energy and can also be the source of many health problems.  A full body cleanse is highly recommended and the best way to regularly eliminate parasitic infestations which are a much greater problem than many people realize.

Electromagnetic frequency devices are also highly effective in treating parasites and restoring the body to optimal health.

Nature is a good mood elevator and is a great source of calming, balancing energies and fresh air– spend more time enjoying the outdoors!

Deep oxygenation restores your body’s vitality, and can also clear away the emotional debris stored in the body: practice breath-awareness.

Herbs: Time-tested natural herbal treatments are nature’s contribution to the healing along the lines of time.

Plenty of restful sleep is also extremely important as well as quiet time to effectively navigate the many changes these times encompass.

When you sleep you dream, and when you dream, you are practicing the creation of reality.

Prioritize your time by becoming really clear about what is essential to your well-being and what is not.

When you use your imagination, you are programming the subconscious mind to send out the command for the version of reality you want.

Yoga, exercise and many other methods for learning about energy and body management are essential for building both inner and outer stamina.  Good posture is essential to your development as a consciously aware being.  A strong, flexible, stretched, and energized spine is the conduit of life-force energy, and it is the foundation of good health.

Bodywork therapies also move a lot of energy in the body, and vibrational attunements with subtle energies, magnetic therapies, and pulsed electromagnetic fields can all be very beneficial in helping you reduce old patterns of stress and trauma in the body.  Hence, my dedication to Quantum Healyng through Zen Healyng and Healyng Technologies.

Loving yourself and taking care of your body are essential for maintaining vibrant health.


Spend some time with all the various questions posed in this chapter, for they are quite potent with vital self-discoveries.  There are three practices offered that are very useful in creating a new relationship to healing the body on all levels.

Health care



P(1): Journal

P(2): Limiting beliefs


P(3): Imagination



“We advise you to become much more aware of how you use your physical form.  First and foremost, it is essential that you embrace the knowledge that you are an unlimited being, wondrous and unique in your own experiences and capabilities.  Slow down and enjoy life, and take more time for quiet, contemplative, and relaxing moments where you can be immersed in nature’s healing vibrations.  There is strength in calmness; inner peace is a source of wisdom.”

“A belief in a vital healthy existence is one of the wisest beliefs to embrace.  A key to vital health is the ability to sustain love for yourself and excitement for life.  Remember that forgiveness is a self-healing act that releases you from the lower vibrational build up of resentments, anger, and judgement.  Forgiveness permits you to move forward in the game, so you can get on with the venture of living a joyful life.”

“You are capable of accomplishing greatness when you believe in yourself.”

Ultimately you must decide what your life is worth.

Choose to love yourself.


This week’s meditation is a wonderful collection of clearing and aligning the chakras, theta healing, abraham teachings and the practice of “Quantum Soul Retrieval” to create  a powerful Quantum Healyng Meditation, integrating all the profound information that has been passed on in this transformational chapter- Healing on the Lines of Time:

Quantm Healyng

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