Course II.1- (Re)Setting Intentions

Welcome to Week 1 of the Path of Empowerment Course II

Creating Waves of Consciousness

Creative solutions for changing beliefs,

reclaiming your power,

and creating a world of unlimited possibilities

“When you seek self-empowerment, you truly begin to live.”

“You are living in a time when opportunities for self-empowerment, expanded awareness, and spiritual growth appear to be unlimited.”

by Barbara Marciniak, quoted from the book “Path of Empowerment”

Course II Outline:

Week (1):  Introduction/Setting Intentions

Week (2): Healing on the Lines of Time

Week (3): The Power of Human Sexuality

Week (4): The Game of Existence

Week (5): Probable Choice

Week (6): Conclusions/Overview and Dedications


After several seasons of being a spiritual guide and sharing the Abraham teachings, particularly the law of attraction, it is time to elevate ourselves to the next level of transformation!  On our journey to becoming fully embodied and empowered on our path, we have been blessed with this delightful book, a gem of a literary experience– the “Path of Empowerment,” by Barbara Marciniak.  I am loving it!

As we continue on the Path of Empowerment, Marciniak challenges us to resist the age-old forces that limit awareness. She presents the Pleiadian keys to opening human consciousness to the unlimited possibilities of “significant living,” including how to:

  • Activate your hidden potential by reading the symbolic reality of daily life
  • Utilize the power of your sexuality to create greater intimacy and self-expression
  • Recognize the power of beliefs and emotions and the role they play in healing illness
  • Release feelings of powerlessness and embrace your innate ability to create your reality

Path of Empowerment offers profound new insights and practical advice on how to creatively meet the challenges of a world on the brink of major change.

Excerpts from Path of Empowerment

From Chapter 5, “Healing on the Lines of Time,” Page 142

Great significance underlies every illness, large or small, because your body is a biofeedback system for your attitudes. Managing energy involves managing your relationship with your emotional self. Examining your emotions is the bottom line for understanding the purpose of a particular health-related situation. Poor health does not just land in your lap. You are ultimately responsible for setting the stage of your body’s inner terrain based on the choices you make, and you actually restrict your body’s natural healing processes when you readily accept only conventional medical labels and categories for your condition. You deny the purpose and power of your body’s intelligence when you believe that you “just caught something out of the blue,” rather than realizing and accepting that your body is merely responding to your inner feelings and commands.

Happiness and peace of mind are the hallmarks of real empowerment, and they are present when you are in balance with your values and intuition.

Healing is dealing, and dealing is feeling, and feeling is healing.

The message, or core purpose, of your body’s condition is based on a friendly, cooperative relationship between your mind, your feelings, and your cells.

You are stronger than you think, and with this in mind, you must allow the multiverse to gift you with something even greater than you can imagine.

Never underestimate your own personal power to change the world, for as you emerge from denial, your probably choices dramatically increase. Remember to always ask yourself: Why did I create this? What are my lessons, the gifts of opportunity, and what can I learn from them?


(Re)Setting Intentions:

Whatever is it you want to get out of this course is possible for you.  It is of the utmost importance to know what that is and set very clear and specific intentions to achieve your goals.

Imagine there are no limits, and anything and everything is possible, what do you REALLY want for yourself, and from this course?

Take some time to sit and meditate on this idea and entertain it to the fullest capacity of your imagination.  Visualization and feeling into the practice are our most valuable tools for navigating the multi-dimensional possibilities of our reality.

Read chapter five this week and absorb the information delivered concerning our “Healing on the Lines of Time.”   Analyze your relationship to your health and your power to change.  Recognize that we are in very unique and powerful accelerated times of conscious awakening, and you play a very important role in that process.

“Everyone on Earth is here to participate in and contribute to the mass awakening of humanity to the truth that your thoughts create your reality.”

“What you do now, the choices you make, will determine a course of experience more complex and astounding than you can currently imagine.”

Choose wisely, with discernment, and set very clear intentions.

**This week’s guided meditation: Healing

**Our Agreement, “Terms & Conditions”, for the course:

  • I intend to embrace true knowledge and freedom and make the best use of all my ‘nows’ on the path to empowerment.
  • I agree, I accept, I allow.

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