Course II.6- Conclusion

Infinite Possibilities Along the Lines of Time

As my appreciation for Quantum Physics grows year by year, I find a deeper level of respect for the concept of probable choice.  That, in combination with simultaneous time, I am compelled to give further explanation on this topic, as we come to completion with the Path of Empowerment book, and conclude this twelve week course.

I am moved by the depth of information that flows through me constantly, gently guiding me, nudging me forward into the great unknown of liberation and self-empowerment.

As I continue to receive this guidance, I am honored to share it with you.  In reference to the above topic of probable choice and simultaneous time, I will share with you, to the best of my literary skills, an interpretation of the vision I am given.  Spirit speaks to me in visions and pictures, not just words, so translation can sometimes be a little tricky.

I inspire to be an incredible artist some day, to offer these depictions as well as my words.  Until then…

As I understand it, simultaneous time means everything is happening at once, similar to parallel living.  So in this moment, if we could imagine another dimension opening up outside of time, and we could rise above ourselves and see a bunch of straight lines below us, those lines would represent our concurrent lives playing out in front of us.  If we pictured ourselves as a ball hovering above these lines, we could see how we could bounce in and out of different lives, creating what we call our reality.  Therefore, a way of chronologically defining our experiences, and creating linear time.

Now, if we get back into this dimension we are actually experiencing, it’s challenging to see the ball bouncing while you’re in it.  So we have another concept we call vibration or frequency.  This is how our thoughts, words, and deeds are creating our reality.  It is based on the vibrational match that we make with the reality we are resonating with.

In other words, if we can grasp the idea that everything is occurring simultaneously, and that there are infinite possibilities to choose from, then we are choosing based on our vibrational coherence with that particular reality at any given moment.  Everything has a vibrational signature, and based on Law of Attraction, which is simply defined as like attracts like, we are magnetized towards the things we think, feel, and talk about, while we repel the things we are not in tune with.

Although, all things, including you, have a unique frequency signature, there are distinctly two different vibrational modes that we are playing with at this time; one is the frequency of love, while the other is fear.  These two distinct fields set up a large part of our choice or flavor of reality we are participating in.  The multitude of possibilities become similar in nature when we choose consistently between one of these worlds.

When we choose the world of love through our vibration, we harmonize with the higher intelligence that comes through the heart chakra, which holds the highest, purest vibration of no opposites.  This state of being has the values of compassion, benevolence, peace, joy, forgiveness, happiness, grace, and ease.  Depending upon the details of our thoughts and feelings, we’ll find ourselves in that version of reality we are a vibrational match to.

When fear is our predominant state, then we limit our perceptions to the mental realms of dualistic, pessimistic thinking.  This reality consists of destructive wave patterns that create disharmony, disease, illness, war, hatred, and violence.

By definition we choose which reality we are aligning with based on our vibration.  Our vibration is determined by the quality of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, expectations, and actions.  Most of this is actually chosen unconsciously through our conditioning and programming, so it is not really chosen at all, it is simply the energy that is perpetuating through genetic imprinting and modeling old behavior patterns.  Therefore, we find ourselves reliving the past over and over again.

As we wake up to our power of choice and our ability to discern what it is we consciously want to create, we take back our responsibility to be happy, healthy, and free.

So, now we understand there are really two major vibrational realities to choose from in this Earth plane game: Love and Fear.  Most of us, on this path to awakening and self-awareness, spend most of our days bouncing back and forth between these two realities as thoughts and feelings of both come flooding into our experience moment by moment.

As we become more aware of our thinking and refine our conscious mind, we can consistently choose the thoughts that feel good– that align us with love, peace, and joy; therefore, consistently placing us in a version of reality that creates more miraculous, empowering and enlightening experiences.

As we move into these stupendous times of change, our choices have greater impact on the reality we see.  We receive almost instant feedback from our choices.  If we continue to let the unconscious programs guide our choices, and only have snippets of consciousness aligned with our capacity to love, we will experience an ever increasingly inconsistent field of existence.

We are in exciting times where our conscious choices can be harmonized into a reality where our predominant state is one of love, where we are aligned with the higher intelligence of the heart, and where our thoughts, words, and actions reflect back to us the coherence of our choice to be powerful deliberate creators of our reality.  We can consistently tune ourselves in every moment to the safe, healthy, wealthy, and bountiful world we truly want to be living by imagining it into being, by using the power of our intention, and aligning with the best that life has to offer.

The choice is always yours.



Here is a collection of my favorite quotes, practices, and lessons from the Path of Empowerment.  It is my greatest wish that this course has been transformational, healing, and empowering on all levels of your being.  It has been an honor and a privilege to share with you. I have the deepest appreciation for Barbara Marciniak’s incredible work and the loving guidance of the Pleiadians.  May the path of choice always lead to greater awakening and very joyous journey.

“When you seek self-empowerment, you truly begin to live.”

“You are living in a time when opportunities for self-empowerment, expanded awareness, and spiritual growth appear to be unlimited.”

“Understanding the power of beliefs and the power of the mind, both individually and en masse, is the most pressing and crucial issue for humankind to grasp. Recognizing these two important keys of knowledge can open human consciousness to a new worldview of unlimited possibilities and highly creative solutions. Beliefs are essentially agreements about reality, and both personal and collective beliefs form the structure and the parameters of your life experience in any era. Beliefs, thoughts, and feelings leave a distinct formative imprint on the field of vital energy that envelops your world. You are creating all of the time and humankind is rapidly awakening to this astounding realization.”

The awakening of consciousness is being cast to the forefront of your own life because you are here at this time to learn how to manage your energy. Will you overcome the program of fear as a qualifier of your experience? Will you pursue the quest of transformation by trusting yourself and your intuition? You are called upon to think for yourself, to believe in yourself, and to consciously create a peaceful and sustainable version of reality accepting complete responsibility for your life. The nanosecond is especially important because as everything continues to accelerate monumental changes will transpire, and your beliefs about reality – and the very nature of reality itself – can be altered in the twinkling of an eye.”

“All real healing involves a compassionate reinterpretation and energetic understanding of people, places, times and events.”

“We recommend that you become enamored of yourself, for you are a miraculous form of creation, capable of manifesting a magnificent and majestic version of existence through thought, word, and deed.  Seek that path that brings fun and joyful living, where you attract meaningful and significant life experiences.”

“Energy, which can be directed, molded, and shaped into any form, is unlimited in potential.”

“Cosmic energies are delivering blueprints of possibilities that penetrate your greater mind and seep into your cells to actualize and activate codes of knowledge deep inside your genetic patterns. Even though you cannot see the multitude of radio waves running through the air, you have come to rely on their presence because of the modern developments of technology. Similarly, intense cosmic waveforms, which occupy various subtle locations on the light-spectrum band, have a more powerful effect on you and your world than all of your broadcast bands combined.”

“A tidal wave of light-encoded energy, emanating from the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy, permeates the new territories of space that your solar system is currently passing through on its journey through the cosmos. This energy is being deliberately introduced to your world to quickly enhance and upgrade human awareness in multiple levels of reality.”

“Times of accelerated energy hold the opportunity for the frequencies of disempowerment to be healed.  Experiences can be reinterpreted and understood from a viewpoint outside of time, and once you really grasp that you are a multidimensional creator, you will see that there is a point and purpose to life that ripples far beyond the current era.  Once you are able to open to this knowledge, your new wisdom will bring out the best of your abilities.  And, once you are able to see a bigger picture of reality, you can release the rigid thought-forms of victimhood and the feelings of powerlessness that hold you and your genetic line captive.”

“Potent cosmic energies are responsible for the tremendous changes in every arena of life. And as traditional beliefs and expectations continue to crack and crumble like old, stale bread, the ability to quickly grasp new interpretations of life is crucial for navigating the swiftly churning currents of a world seemingly in a rapid race towards chaos. The pressure to change is even greater than you can imagine. The nanosecond in the annals of time [ie – the transformational time span between 1987 – 2012] is hosting a massive transformation of consciousness that catalyzes the spiritualization of matter and restores awareness of your multidimensional existence.”

“These 25 years of accelerated energy involve a huge transformation of consciousness that will collectively clear perceptual limitations and expand your perspective, essentially freeing humanity from a state of bondage that is, as yet, largely unrecognized. The quickening of energy you are receiving, from new areas of space that your solar system encounters, is literally blowing your paradigm wide open, triggering a huge leap in your ability to select probabilities that support, sustain, and value life.”

“Anything the blocks these new energies from penetrating you and your environment will become visibly manifest and must be dealt with as an obstacle and moved out of the way, so as not to impede the process of personal transformation.”

“You must master your mind and know yourself  to consciously manifest in this web of existence.”

“During these times of accelerated energy, everything quickens and manifests with much greater speed.”

“Understanding the cosmic laws of manifesting is like having the keys to the universe.  If you are aware of your thoughts, knowing that what you focus on is what you get, then ideally you are consciously creating the version of life that you want.”


“People often want to know what will happen in the years ahead and the answer is, It depends on what you believe.”

You are a pioneer preparing a path for a new interpretation of reality– that is how powerful you are!

“In order to empower yourself and consciously utilize the force of vital cosmic energy, you must recognize your fears as your regular contribution to the current state of global emotional pollution.”

Happiness and peace of mind are the hallmarks of real empowerment, and they are present when you are in balance with your values and intuition.

Your power ends where your fear begins.

**The choice is always yours along the path of empowerment.  Your true triumph is courage over fear and truth over deceit.  Opportunities always abound.  Remember your beliefs decree your availability, and your attitude reveals your beliefs.  Offering thanks and gratitude demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility and a willingness to see unexpected change as an opportunity for spiritual growth.  You must remember to be very clear about what you want.  Proceed with confidence, common sense, and courage, utilizing your own unique style and grace.  Trust yourself to create harmonious resolutions, and remain calm with all that unfolds, affirming that everything will work out just fine.  After all, life is a grand lesson in living.**

“Wherever you feel you are challenged in your life — money, sex, health, employment, relationships, or religion — it usually comes down to how you manage energy.  The areas where you struggle, where you develop anxiety, anger, and frustration, and perform poorly, are all signaling negative beliefs about yourself and that your thinking is not working in your best interests.”

“In order to empower yourself and consciously utilize the force of vital cosmic energy, you must recognize your fear as your regular contribution to the current state of global emotional pollution…  You may be thinking that fear is not a desire, yet if you consider how much attention and focus the fear frequency elicits in the world, then perhaps you can see why it seems that this is the version of the world that the majority of the humans want to create.”

“Your biggest test with the body is overcoming fear.”

“Your inner world and the intricate workings of your mind are rich with answers and solutions.”

“You must learn to seek out the harmony and purpose that is behind the impeccable and majestic order of existence.”

“When you blame circumstances outside yourself, you miss the wave of awareness, for you are really attracting the situation.  Whenever you make excuses, you are not in the game.”

“The most exciting life-liberating opportunities are coming to build sustainable probabilities: astounding new healing technologies, an almost instantaneous changeover of energy resources, and amazing discoveries for providing clean water and air are just a few of the many discoveries hovering on the horizon.”

“Perspective is Everything.  The essence of the human experience is to participate in the full range of emotional expression; to learn how to navigate these unpredictable realms and to survive with your consciousness in alignment are some of the profound spiritual tests of the times.  A deep inner knowing based on innocent trust is required to proceed on the path of empowerment. To swim and dive deep into the immense pools of emotions, you must make the link between thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.”

“Emotional assessibility is the true gift of a seeking soul, for through deep feelings you learn what to do as well as what not to do.  Indeed, you will learn to develop your emotional intelligence by trusting your feelings.”

Healing is dealing, and dealing is feeling, and feeling is healing.

The message, or core purpose, of your body’s condition is based on a friendly, cooperative relationship between your mind, your feelings, and your cells.

You are stronger than you think, and with this in mind, you must allow the multiverse to gift you with something even greater than you can imagine.

Never underestimate your own personal power to change the world, for as you emerge from denial, your probably choices dramatically increase. Remember to always ask yourself: Why did I create this? What are my lessons, the gifts of opportunity, and what can I learn from them?

Great significance underlies every illness, large or small, because your body is a biofeedback system for your attitudes. Managing energy involves managing your relationship with your emotional self. Examining your emotions is the bottom line for understanding the purpose of a particular health-related situation. Poor health does not just land in your lap. You are ultimately responsible for setting the stage of your body’s inner terrain based on the choices you make, and you actually restrict your body’s natural healing processes when you readily accept only conventional medical labels and categories for your condition. You deny the purpose and power of your body’s intelligence when you believe that you “just caught something out of the blue,” rather than realizing and accepting that your body is merely responding to your inner feelings and commands.

“Your DNA is being beneficially enhanced during these times through cosmic ray exposure that is clearing vast amounts of lower-vibrational energies with roots deep in the human psyche.  As the higher vibration of the nanosecond continues to accelerate, the gathering momentum of transformation is fortifying through the process of entrainment– where the strongest, most vital life-enhancing frequencies build great electromagnetic power, selectively attracting other frequencies of consciousness to them.”

“Health is wealth, and a well-fortified immune system is the key to good health, and the simple key to a strong immune system is happiness.  The transformation of human consciousness calls for you to accept personal responsibility for your health and healing, for you are the one who is ultimately in charge of your body and your life.”

“The courage to claim your self-trust offers a new form of personal freedom.  The choice to create a safe, honest, respectful, and pleasant experience in all realities is entirely up to you.  When life-enhancing beliefs are embraced, a distinct vitality exudes from your physical form, and you are wired, so to speak, to the max.  An exuberant state of mind makes you much more receptive to the vibrant effects of the cosmic radiated energy.”

“We advise you to become much more aware of how you use your physical form.  First and foremost, it is essential that you embrace the knowledge that you are an unlimited being, wondrous and unique in your own experiences and capabilities.  Slow down and enjoy life, and take more time for quiet, contemplative, and relaxing moments where you can be immersed in nature’s healing vibrations.  There is strength in calmness; inner peace is a source of wisdom.”

“A belief in a vital healthy existence is one of the wisest beliefs to embrace.  A key to vital health is the ability to sustain love for yourself and excitement for life.  Remember that forgiveness is a self-healing act that releases you from the lower vibrational build up of resentments, anger, and judgement.  Forgiveness permits you to move forward in the game, so you can get on with the venture of living a joyful life.”

“You are capable of accomplishing greatness when you believe in yourself.”

Ultimately you must decide what your life is worth.

Choose to love yourself.

Know that the ‘nanosecond’ provides the opportunity to understand the energy of empowerment through developing different perspectives of reality… It is important to know that challenging situations arise to initiate change; ‎the resolution of old issues– and there are none more potent than sexual issues– frees you to have a more meaningful, emotionally fulfilling connection to life.

On some level of consciousness, you are always responding to the effects of lunar and planetary cycles; how you interpret these influences can have a profound impact on your sexual experiences.

No one owes you an orgasm if you have been unable to discover for yourself your body’s own orgasmic pleasure.

Women in general currently have the greater tendency to switch their attention from one reality to another and most women do so, often without realizing it.

Men need to understand that their personal power resides in activating and embracing their feelings, a side of themselves they have not duly considered.

Good sex is good business for all.

To leave the endless, boring loop of repetition on the road of disempowerment, you must make a choice, and then creatively imagine it into being.

Symbols are the significant interface between the field of existence and consciousness.

The more adept you are at recognizing patterns within the symbols of 3-D reality, the faster you learn to reestablish contact with your higher self, thus opening and activating the codes for new levels of life-enhancing, sustainable probabilities.

You actually select probable versions of reality as easily as you choose food from the grocery shelves.

Language is based upon telepathic agreements where inherent meaning is assigned to sound symbols; […]

Writing is a form of magic that was once readily accepted and developed as a method for affecting reality.

To have an impact on your country and community that establishes world peace now, join with a group of like-minded individuals each month at the new moon, the traditional time for planting and seeding reality.

An integrated, well-balanced mind vibrates at a frequency that is immune to negative influences.

Any spiritual awakening is challenging because a reinterpretation of reality is always involved.

Select probabilities that support, sustain, and value life by tuning your perceptions and enhancing your senses.

The courage to fearlessly ask questions, and ask for what you want, is at the core of your spiritual awakening.

We are here to play our part in the process of restoring and activating humanity’s inner codes of consciousness for a healing on the lines of time. Cherish one another, enjoy life, and be willing to bring forth the best of your abilities.

Awareness is the ability to observe, take note of, integrate, and make use of the information presented for the purpose of expanding your perceptions of reality.  New realizations offer renewed opportunities for personal growth and expansion of consciousness.

We offer this information to you as a reminder of your own capabilities for exploring the ever-expanding opportunity to manage energy, to be present in the moment, and to realize that every moment has the potential power to create the version of the world you most desire.

It is time to activate your imagination, to clarify your intentions, focus your energy, take action, and expect results. Expand your field of possibilities and TRUST your power within the scheme of existence.

“Remember, the choice is always yours to create joy, safety, and harmony that is essential qualities for paving the way for all your explorations.”

”Awareness is an all-empowering tool for recognizing the failure to acknowledge ignorance. You must learn to TRUST your feelings, and follow your INTUITION, then you will know the TRUTH when you hear it.” — and see that natural BRILLIANCE that resides in each human being.

“As energy continues to accelerate, and billions of people awaken from their slumber, the choice must be made by everyone to take a stand and to value all of life.”

‎”… Consciousness moves from density to light, where matter is spiritualized, and where it is said that the human spirit arises to instigate a majestic ripple of inspiration and healing, which will ultimately transmit the frequency of heightened spiritual achievement”– to choose compassionate benevolence and peaceful stability.

“By availing yourself of a greater sense of personal power, you will discover the exalted state of all power, which is the power to heal.  Your greatest realizations to be carried over from this life into the next will invariably be about the healing power of love.  In all its many splendors, the exultation of love is the ability to see the point, purpose, and significance of life’s events, to willingly transcend and release old, worn-out patterns of perceptions and the beliefs that lock them in place.”

“You are here to experience delight in what life has to offer, to contribute your unique ideas to the world and to bring forth personal excellence.  You are called upon at this time to offer your visions of harmony and cooperation to the world.”

“You must allow yourself  the inherent luxury of loving yourself by opening your heart and feeling gratitude for all you have created.” —  Count your blessings, receive the gifts, acknowledge your progress, and allow the transformation of your consciousness.

And remember…






Make a dedication for yourself to utilize the information in this extraordinary book in your own unique way so you can put it into practice in your day to day life.  The only way we can truly heal (and deal) is to practice– every moment of every day– make a new choice!

Please share with us what that practice will be and how it is working for you along the way.





I have a very special guided meditation to share with you as a comprehensive culmination of all the teachings offered in this course.   I am calling it–

Sacred Heart Space


This meditation is inspired by the work of Melchizedek, “Living in the Heart” book.


With great love and appreciation,

Jen Healy


  1. ilan.gleiser /

    I felt compelled to write down my experience now that we achieved the end of the Path of Empowerment course. I wrote it down in the form of a “letter of intention” that I will share with all of you. It has been a great honor and pleasure to be part of this course. Jen and I started reading the book while we were in Brazil during summer. She read it at least 4 times. I only read half of it, as I normally do with 10 other books at the same time. But she read it all for me as she wanted to make sure I got this so important and vital information. What a great partner! I also read all her great online summaries and quotes and heard the amazing guided meditations several times. It was really fun to create some of the brain waves sounds for the guided meditations. A source of great pleasure for me.

    So this course really thought me a lot about taking responsibility for my emotions and creating the reality I want to live in. But what really motivated me to write this, influenced by the course, was the love that radiates from my heart. So here we go …


    This is a time of transformation. A time when I have the possibility of transitioning from the old way of being that was based in the brain, into a completely new, refreshing, heart centered and kind way.

    My awareness is still a baby, that needs to be nurtured and protected from the fear based reality. However, when I feel there is no way way out, I will find the way out. Because TRUTH is all there is …

    It is a time of great hope and accelerated change, where the baby graduates from crawling and starts walking. Down the road, the baby will turn into a mature and advanced being so he can run, with ease and grace. Eventually, I will look back and remember these challenging times of transformation with a big smile on my face.

    I’m looking forward to manifest a connection with my higher self, by bringing to the forefront of my consciousness the issues that are preventing me from vibrating in the love frequency of the heart, where all fear goes away. The dualistic ideas of good and bad, right or wrong, male or female are to be replaced by a new form of perception where unity of all life is my heart centered state of being.

    When my perception changes, than everything else changes. There will be no sense of lack or neediness left. All is healed. All this things go away, they just end. I will than (hopefully in this lifetime : ) ) be vibrating in the frequency of unconditional love and unity. It is beingness rather than doingness. I will be love.

    I want to live from the dreaming state of the heart, the place where creation took place in the first place. In this place I can change anything. I will make myself very beautiful by shedding the layers of the ego that relate to its negative shadow and I will do that at an accelerated pace so I can keep up with the speed of transformation and evolution of the nanosecond. I will do that so I can continue to vibrate in the same frequency that attracted my lover and I in the first place. I will do that with ease and grace so that our paths together can be one of joy and ecstatic living.

    I will do that because I love me. And you!

    With much love and appreciation for my dedication to the spiritual path,

  2. Jen Healy /

    “In this lifetime, you are here to actualize all of your abilities, and by choosing the vibration of love, you become entrained with the immense cooperation and intelligence that permeate existence.

    To build the reality you want, create a clear, detailed mental image of your desired outcome; let it come to you swiftly, with grace and ease. Embrace the idea that everything works out just fine in a remarkable series of beneficial events.

    Imagination, visualization, activation of your willpower, expectation, and positive reinforcement are the keys to learning new behavioral patterns. You must expect results, otherwise there will be none.

    Creative use of the imagination followed by action brings about results. When something isn’t functioning well, you have the power to change your attitude and heal yourself– this can be as simple as recognizing self-pity ad changing it to self-acceptance; changing fear to desire, and anger and pain to forgiveness.

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