Course II.5- Probable Choice

Probable Choice

We’ve made it to the last chapter– and chapter 8 is a powerful chapter indeed on Probable Choice.  Woohoo!

I don’t know about you (so you should tell me ;)), but I feel a mixture of exhilaration and a hint of sweet sorrow that we are finished, as this seemingly long and wondrous journey has been too enriching to end.  Sincerely, please do share your thoughts and insights at the bottom in the comments of each section so we can create a virtual connection for the group– your experiences are valuable and beneficial to us all!

A big thank you to all who have opened yourselves to this journey together.

Chapter 8 is the grand finale of the book with a climatic review of the importance and power of choice, and our ability to choose.  We will spend some quality time reviewing all that has been offered through this magnificent collection of empowering information– giving us greater probability to choose wisely, and whole heartedly, the safe and infinite vibrational potential of the reality of love.

“How you use awareness and your attention will determine the version of the world you create.”

‎”Select probabilities that support, sustain, and value life by tuning your perceptions and enhancing your senses.”

‎”The courage to fearlessly ask questions, and ask for what you want, is at the core of your spiritual awakening.”

Never underestimate your own personal power to change the world, for as you emerge from denial, your probably choices dramatically increase. Remember to always ask yourself: Why did I create this? What are my lessons, the gifts of opportunity, and what can I learn from them?

To have an impact on your country and community that establishes world peace now, join with a group of like-minded individuals each month at the new moon, the traditional time for planting and seeding reality.

An integrated, well-balanced mind vibrates at a frequency that is immune to negative influences.

Any spiritual awakening is challenging because a reinterpretation of reality is always involved.

“I know that I will receive the impulses, the signs and signals and guidance that I require to always be in the right place at the right time,  for my highest good and that of all those around me.  All this I know, and for this I am grateful.”

Within the game the greatest victory and ultimate achievement is to feel the power of love within all creations by transcending fear without annihilating its purpose.

Beliefs are the invisible building blocks, the conditions around which you agree to interact with reality.

‎”Awareness is an all-empowering tool for recognizing the failure to acknowledge ignorance. You must learn to TRUST your feelings, and follow your INTUITION, then you will know the TRUTH when you hear it.” — and see that natural BRILLIANCE that resides in each human being.

“As energy continues to accelerate, and billions of people awaken from their slumber, the choice must be made by everyone to take a stand and to value all of life.”

‎”… Consciousness moves from density to light, where matter is spiritualized, and where it is said that the human spirit arises to instigate a majestic ripple of inspiration and healing, which will ultimately transmit the frequency of heightened spiritual achievement”– to choose compassionate benevolence and peaceful stability.

“By availing yourself of a greater sense of personal power, you will discover the exalted state of all power, which is the power to heal.  Your greatest realizations to be carried over from this life into the next will invariably be about the healing power of love.  In all its many splendors, the exultation of love is the ability to see the point, purpose, and significance of life’s events, to willingly transcend and release old, worn-out patterns of perceptions and the beliefs that lock them in place.”


It is our last practice.  Notice the themes through out the course.  Sit and be with the questions posed in a new way.  Take the time to access your life’s choices with honesty and grace.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  May your journey be a joyous one!

P(1): Trust


P(2): Choice

A vast intelligence, far beyond your current definitions of God, fills the invisible realms of existence. Cosmic Intelligence is watching and waiting for you to wake up to the new horizons of reality. Humanity is preparing to redefine the invisible world beyond the arguments and limitations of science and religion, and prior to the unveiling of this new insight, many cumbersome and worn-out structures must be refurbished and removed from the scene.

Cosmic energies are delivering blueprints of possibilities that penetrate your greater mind and seep into your cells to actualize and activate codes of knowledge deep inside your genetic patterns. Even though you cannot see the multitude of radio waves running through the air, you have come to rely on their presence because of the modern developments of technology. Similarly, intense cosmic waveforms, which occupy various subtle locations on the light-spectrum band, have a more powerful effect on you and your world than all of your broadcast bands combined.

Energies from the Galactic center are playing the most important role throughout these 25 years of human transformation. In December 0f 2012, the culmination of the nanosecond occurs with the winter solstice sun making an alignment with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, which is over 30,000 light years from Earth. The sun will rise on December 21st to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic completing a 26,000 year processional cycle.

This event will be like a long awaited homecoming, a reconnection to your deepest roots as a spiritual being. You will be recharged and revitalized with unbounded creativity from the Womb of the Mother, and you shall know the truths of your origins. And as the years unfold on the way to this auspicious reunion, your solar system will become increasingly active in preparation for the big event.

P(3): Responsibility


“When you seek self-empowerment, you truly begin to live.”

Reviewing our “Terms & Conditions” for full participation and responsibility in this creative life expression:

“Any spiritual awakening is challenging because a reinterpretation of reality is always involved.  You must summon the courage in order to emerge from denial, for only then will you realize how inner-connected you are.  As you take charge of your life energies, consider the following proclamation with great care, for these words exemplify the concept of conditioning your life with an attitude of cultivated trust–“

Have you fully embraced and lived by this code of honor during the 12 week course?  Will you choose to continue living by these agreements and inspirations?

What parts of these teachings are easy for you to accept and what parts are challenging for you?

What is the most important aspect that you’ve learned from this chapter?


“You are here to experience delight in what life has to offer, to contribute your unique ideas to the world and to bring forth personal excellence.  You are called upon at this time to offer your visions of harmony and cooperation to the world.”

“You must allow yourself  the inherent luxury of loving yourself by opening your heart and feeling gratitude for all you have created.” —  Count your blessings, receive the gifts, acknowledge your progress, and allow the transformation of your consciousness.

And remember…



My favorite meditation Choice & Love is just so perfect to summarize the information offered in this chapter.  Since we’ve heard that one in the last series, I will also offer a wonderful Guided Meditation on Divine Love that is sure to be uplifting and transformational.  Enjoy!

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