Course II.4- The Game of Existence

The Game of Existence

As we approach the last couple chapters, we will make special note of the changes in perspective we have reached and the profound level of information coming through.  This week’s review of Chapter 7: The Game of Existence, brings us deeper into the understanding of “The Game” being played here on the Earth plane, as well as the rules and the roles we play.  This intriguing information is to be taken more symbolically than literally as we deepen our appreciation for the significance and meaning of all the symbols that are constantly teaching us.  We want to explore the unconscious agreements we have made within this game and take back the power to choose, wisely, what we are available for, and how we will participate in this potent time called the ‘nanosecond’.

To leave the endless, boring loop of repetition on the road of disempowerment, you must make a choice, and then creatively imagine your own existence.

Symbols are the interface between the field of existence and consciousness.

The more adept you are at recognizing patterns within the symbols of 3-D reality, the faster you learn to reestablish contact with your higher self, thus opening and activating the codes for new levels of life-enhancing, sustainable probabilities.

You actually select probable versions of reality as easily as you choose food from the grocery shelves.

Language is based upon telepathic agreements where inherent meaning is assigned to sound symbols; […]

Writing is a form of magic that was once readily accepted and developed as a method for affecting reality.

Never underestimate your own personal power to change the world, for as you emerge from denial, your probably choices dramatically increase. Remember to always ask yourself: Why did I create this? What my lessons, the gifts of opportunity, and what can I learn from them?

To have an impact on your country and community that establishes world peace now, join with a group of like-minded individuals each month at the new moon, the traditional time for planting and seeding reality.

An integrated, well-balanced mind vibrates at a frequency that is immune to negative influences.

Any spiritual awakening is challenging because a reinterpretation of reality is always involved.

Select probabilities that support, sustain, and value life by tuning your perceptions and enhancing your senses.

The courage to fearlessly ask questions, and ask for what you want, is at the core of your spiritual awakening.

We are here to play our part in the process of restoring and activating humanity’s inner codes of consciousness for a healing on the lines of time. Cherish one another, enjoy life, and be willing to bring forth the best of your abilities.

Awareness is the ability to observe, take note of, integrate, and make use of the information presented for the purpose of expanding your perceptions of reality.  New realizations offer renewed opportunities for personal growth and expansion of consciousness.

We offer this information to you as a reminder of your own capabilities for exploring the ever-expanding opportunity to manage energy, to be present in the moment, and to realize that every moment has the potential power to create the version of the world you most desire.


There are several practices in chapter seven that we want to take the time to earnestly explore.

Please note the questions related to each section, and bring more awareness into the experience of discovering your answers.  Use the meditation for “The Answer Room” to help you if you feel stuck at any point, in the practice and in life.

P(1): Cell Communication

P(2): Aligning with Reality

Stretch your mind beyond the wall of the mass agreements within the structure of this 3-D reality, add greater awareness and meaningful new understanding of the whys and wherefores of life.

You select the codes best suited to your values and intentions.  All realities occur concurrently, each one fortified by the power of thoughts and emotions invested in it.  So, the al-important question comes down to —

Which program do you want to be a part of?

P(3): The Game Board

P(4): The Camera Game

P(5): Meditation


It is time to activate your imagination, to clarify your intentions, focus your energy, take action, and expect results. Expand your field of possibilities and TRUST your power within the scheme of existence.

Know that the ‘nanosecond’ provides the opportunity to understand the energy of empowerment through developing different perspectives of reality… It is important to know that challenging situations arise to initiate change.

Remember, the choice is always yours to create joy, safety, and harmony that is essential qualities for paving the way for all your explorations.


This week’s meditation is an offering to embody these higher truths and release all limiting beliefs that are keeping you separate from the version of the field of existence that is your greatest strength.


Abraham-Hicks Video and Perspective:


Create Positive Expectations

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