Week 6– Conclusion & Dedications

Conclusion and Dedications



Welcome to our final review for the first series of The Path of Empowerment course–I am amazed at how much material we have covered in this short amount of time… definitely life altering!

Transforming our relationship to power, consciousness, choice, beliefs, time, energy, intention, attention, awareness, truth, discernment, the body, emotions, thoughts, feelings, fear, harmony, vibration, frequency, balance, compassion, imagination, responsibility, integration– just to name a few;)

I want to hear from you– What have your experiences been?  What have you gained from this course?  What has surprised you?  What do you know for sure?

How have your beliefs changed?  How has your attention shifted?  What do you still want to work on?  Do you feel you understand yourself better now?

Has this book brought you more confusion or relief or a little of both?  How do you feel about learning this information?  Is it new to you or does it come naturally to you?

As we come to a close of this first series, I encourage you to reflect on how much growth you’ve had, how much wisdom has passed through your senses, and give yourself tremendous gratitude for taking this courageous journey.

I sincerely hope  you are inspired to go deeper with us and continue the second half of the book with Part II of the series.

We will cover chapters 5-8 in another six week course format.  The main topics are Healing on the Lines of Time, The Power of Human Sexuality, The Game of Existence, and Probable Choice.  It will also be nothing short of transformative and phenomenal for sure!

Favorite Quotes

“In order to empower yourself and consciously utilize the force of vital cosmic energy, you must recognize your fear as your regular contribution to the current state of global emotional pollution…  You may be thinking that fear is not a desire, yet if you consider how much attention and focus the fear frequency elicits in the world, then perhaps you can see why it seems that this is the version of the world that the majority of the humans want to create.”

“Your biggest test with the body is overcoming fear.”

“Your inner world and the intricate workings of your mind are rich with answers and solutions.”

“You must learn to seek out the harmony and purpose that is behind the impeccable and majestic order of existence.”

“When you blame circumstances outside yourself, you miss the wave of awareness, for you are really attracting the situation.  Whenever you make excuses, you are not in the game.”

“The most exciting life-liberating opportunities are coming to build sustainable probabilities: astounding new healing technologies, an almost instantaneous changeover of energy resources, and amazing discoveries for providing clean water and air are just a few of the many discoveries hovering on the horizon.”

“Perspective is Everything.  The essence of the human experience is to participate in the full range of emotional expression; to learn how to navigate these unpredictable realms and to survive with your consciousness in alignment are some of the profound spiritual tests of the times.  A deep inner knowing based on innocent trust is required to proceed on the path of empowerment. To swim and dive deep into the immense pools of emotions, you must make the link between thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.”

“Emotional assessibility is the true gift of a seeking soul, for through deep feelings you learn what to do as well as what not to do.  Indeed, you will learn to develop your emotional intelligence by trusting your feelings.”

“By availing yourself of a greater sense of personal power, you will discover the exalted state of all power, which is the power to heal.  Your greatest realizations to be carried over from this life into the next will inevitably be about the healing power of love.  In all its many splendors, the exultation of love is the ability to the see the point, purpose, and significance of life’s events, to willingly transcend and release old, worn-out patterns of perceptions and the beliefs that locks then in place.  Once you come to a true understanding of the power of love, you can safely venture into areas of both physical and non-physical reality in need of cleansing and healing.”


We conclude this course with a few more practices from Chapter four that are rich with teachings of empowerment, awareness, and self-discovery.  Take the time to really be with this last practice for this series.  And thank you for all you do.

Practice (1): Observe and Watch

*Emotional accessibility, the ability to feel on very deep level, in one of the key components for managing accelerated energy.*

Accessing the emotional self is like playing music on your inner piano, and you know how to play; the question is:

What tunes are you selecting?

Practice (2): Limiting Beliefs

“Wherever you feel you are challenged in your life — money, sex, health, employment, relationships, or religion — it usually comes down to how you manage energy.  The areas where you struggle, where you develop anxiety, anger, and frustration, and perform poorly, are all signaling negative beliefs about yourself and that your thinking is not working in your best interests.”


Practice (3): Awareness

Worry is a supreme waste of energy in any situation.  It creates a disturbing vibration in your field and drains you of energy.

How do you worry?  What are you worried about?  How do you think worrying will help?

And how do you avoid worry?  You must deal with your beliefs concerning what you choose to worry about.  Release your need to be in charge and in control of everything.

Replace your worry with a statement that affirms your choice of safety, comfort, and peace of mind.

Learn more about yourself by paying attention to how you manage energy.

Be aware of what no longer works by recognizing how your inner ruminations become the movie of life that you meet in the outside world.

What do you see when you observe this movie?


The nature of existence is friendly and significant, and as a designer of reality, ask yourself why you design what you do.  Seize the moment and pay close attention to how you use your thoughts and words to create your outer environment.

Do you really mean what you are saying?

Do you even know what you are really saying?

This level of awareness is most essential to grasp, for opportunities to naturally expand into new territories of intelligence will be yours.

Practice (4): 13 Photos

what the moment held, yet each picture implies that change occurred again and again.


**Make a dedication for your practice to become more savvy and efficient at managing your energy.  Dedicate the time it takes to have more self-awareness, get to know yourself (really), and take time to reflect and understand your feelings and emotions on a deeper level.

Spend time in nature and enjoy the free tune-up she offers.  Challenge your beliefs that have been unconsciously accepted as truth, and create your own version of reality that is truly in alignment with what you want!

What other dedications do you want to make?

Guided Meditation

Our last guided meditation is one of my favorites that was recorded before this course even started; it is absolutely perfect in summing up what this course is all about:

Choice & Love