Week 5: Beliefs and Emotions

The Intimate Dance of Beliefs and Emotions

Review and Discussion for Chapter 4– our last  and most important chapter for this series!

Welcome to Week 5 — congratulations on making it this far!  Chapter four is the most important information in this series because once we experience the undeniable connection between our thoughts, feelings and emotions– and see how they are forming our beliefs and molding our reality into shape, it is truly up to us– through the power of our choices, what type of life we are going to lead- deliberately.

From Chapter 4, “The Intimate Dance of Beliefs and Emotions,” Pages 92-93

Humankind is being tested to become much more consciously aware of how to use the power of thought. You are born with a multitude of abilities, yet your cultivated beliefs insist you are powerless; therefore, these abilities are blocked out or eradicated from neural pathways at an early age. The key to solving the great planetary crisis you face lies in the compassionate recognition that humanity has essentially developed a collective fear of the power to create. These times call for you to know your mind and your beliefs and to become an extraordinary creator of your reality.

From Chapter 4, “The Intimate Dance of Beliefs and Emotions,” Page 123

There are always a multitude of favorable probabilities from which to choose. Please be aware of this potential and do not busy yourself with worries. Worry is a supreme waste of energy in any situation. It creates a disturbing vibration in your field and drains you of energy. And how do you avoid worry? You must deal with your beliefs concerning what you choose to worry about. Release your need to be in charge or in control of everything. Replace your worry with a statement that affirms your choice of safety, comfort, and peace of mind. Learn more about yourself by paying attention to how you manage energy. Be aware of what no longer works by recognizing how your inner ruminations become the movie of life that you meet in the outside world.

Beliefs are usually about power: your power to create.

[…] when you change your thinking, you will inevitably change your life.

The more aware you are of the programs you run inside your biological computer, the easier it will be to create what you want.

[…] through an array of synchronistic events, you cross the path of opportunity that connects you to what you are focused on, which is deeply tied to your beliefs about your self-worth.

There are no accidents; your cells impel you to turn down one street versus another–to meet an old friend or avoid an unpleasant encounter–so whatever crosses your path is part of your creation.

[…] you often live your life on one avenue of existence, all the while missing out on a myriad of untold opportunities because accepting limiting beliefs is like wearing a straightjacket all of your life.

Neediness is based on a desire to have someone other than yourself mold your destiny.

[…] your beliefs are an integral part of your personal energy field; in actuality, they are a form of magic. Magic is the ability to conjure something into form, and beliefs do the same […]

[…] the meaning you assign to an event determines the outcome you experience.

People often want to know what will happen in the years ahead and the answer is, It depends on what you believe.

Proceed with confidence, common sense, and courage, utilizing your own unique style and grace. Trust yourself to create harmonious resolutions, and remain calm wit all that unfolds, affirming that everything will work out just fine.

[…] how you feel is a result of what you believe.

[…] learning how to manage energy in the material world is one of the main reasons you are here.


This week’s practice dives deeper into the beliefs we hold by entertaining the questions posed in this chapter with curiosity, insight and more understanding of one’s Self.  Earnestly take the time to explore who you are.

Practice (1):


Practice (2):


Practice (3):



You are a pioneer preparing a path for a new interpretation of reality– that is how powerful you are!

In order to empower yourself and consciously utilize the force of vital cosmic energy, you must recognize your fears as your regular contribution to the current state of global emotional pollution.

Happiness and peace of mind are the hallmarks of real empowerment, and they are present when you are in balance with your values and intuition.

Your power ends where your fear begins.

You must learn to seek  the harmony and purpose that is behind the impeccable order of existence.

**The choice is always yours along the path of empowerment.  Your true triumph is courage over fear and truth over deceit.  Opportunities always abound.  Remember your beliefs decree your availability, and your attitude reveals your beliefs.  Offering thanks and gratitude demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility and a willingness to see unexpected change as an opportunity for spiritual growth.  You must remember to be very clear about what you want.  Proceed with confidence, common sense, and courage, utilizing your own unique style and grace.  Trust yourself to create harmonious resolutions, and remain clam with all that unfolds, affirming that everything will work out just fine.  After all, life is a grand lesson in living.**


This week’s guided meditation is an in depth exploration of how our thoughts, feelings, and emotions mold our beliefs– and ultimately our reality.


Week5- The Power of Emotions

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