Week 4: The Web of Existence and the “Nanosecond”

The Web of Existence and the “Nanosecond”


Welcome to Week 4–

We are now experiencing the profound shifts and impact of this transformative material… seeing and feeling the vibrational connections between our thoughts, beliefs, actions, and behavior in a new found way, we are ready to live in greater choice, awareness and empowerment!  Thank you being present with me on this journey into the multidimensional awakening of Self.

This week we are reviewing and exploring the content of Chapter 3, “Accelerated Energy and Stretching your Mind in the Nanosecond of Time.”

“Your DNA is being beneficially enhanced during these times through cosmic ray exposure that is clearing away vast amounts of lower vibrational energies with roots deep in the human psyche. As the higher vibration of the nanosecond [ie – the transformational time span between 1987 – 2012] continues to accelerate, the gathering momentum of the transformation is fortifying through the process of entrainment – where the strongest, most vital life-enhancing frequencies build great electromagnetic power, selectively attracting other frequencies of consciousness to them.”

“A tidal wave of light-encoded energy, emanating from the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy, permeates the new territories of space that your solar system is currently passing through on its journey through the cosmos. This energy is being deliberately introduced to your world to quickly enhance and upgrade human awareness in multiple levels of reality.”

“Potent cosmic energies are responsible for the tremendous changes in every arena of life. And as traditional beliefs and expectations continue to crack and crumble like old, stale bread, the ability to quickly grasp new interpretations of life is crucial for navigating the swiftly churning currents of a world seemingly in a rapid race towards chaos. The pressure to change is even greater than you can imagine. The nanosecond in the annals of time [ie – the transformational time span between 1987 – 2012] is hosting a massive transformation of consciousness that catalyzes the spiritualization of matter and restores awareness of your multidimensional existence.”

“These 25 years of accelerated energy involve a huge transformation of consciousness that will collectively clear perceptual limitations and expand your perspective, essentially freeing humanity from a state of bondage that is, as yet, largely unrecognized. The quickening of energy you are receiving, from new areas of space that your solar system encounters, is literally blowing your paradigm wide open, triggering a huge leap in your ability to select probabilities that support, sustain, and value life.”

“Anything the blocks these new energies from penetrating you and your environment will become visibly manifest and must be dealt with as an obstacle and moved out of the way, so as not to impede the process of personal transformation.”

Our focus this week is to understand  and create a new relationship to the following topics with intention, purpose, and meaning:

(1)  Web of Existence

“You have learned that everything in existence is connected to an unlimited interactive web, which we call the web of existence.”

(2) Nanosecond, Time, Simultaneous Time

“The period from 1987-2012, or the nanosecond in the annals of time, involves reconnecting with the power source of the Galactic Center, or Womb of the Mother, by accepting responsibility for cleaning up the vast accumulation of negative energetic debris that gridlocks your reality.”

(3) Values

“Your frequency is based on your values, and your values stem from the choices you make in the process of developing your own moral and civid code as you play with the energies of existence.”

(4) Internet

“Your internet is a symbolic model of the web of existence– an attempt in the material world to mimic the web and replicate its boundless energy.”

(5) Speed

The actual purpose of the accelerated energy is to teach you how to embody cosmic law– thoughts create your reality.  As everything continues to go faster and faster, this becomes a self-evident teaching as what you think about materializes with greater and greater speed.

(6)  The 3 Phases

“The velocity and intensity of the accelerated energy are modulated into three distinct phases, each one designed to adjust humanity’s expanding consciousness by creating a rhythm and pattern of entrainment with new light frequencies on a cellular level.”

(7) The Galactic Center

“The Galactic Center represents truth and is distinguished as the primary source of information for the galaxy.”

(8) Healing on the Lines of Time

“A healing on the lines of time is required to resolve a massive buildup of pent-up psychic and emotional energy that is stored in the DNA structure.”

(9) Chakras

“Opening your chakras and allowing cosmic energies to flow through your body will ultimately refresh your spirit and empower your life.”

(10) Multidimensional Chakras

“There are five additional centers of energy that are located outside of and well beyond your physical form.  To navigate and explore these cosmic chakras, creative imagery is important.”

(11) Stretch your Imagination

“Stretch your imagination and expand the use of your mind to reveal the truth of your multidimensional existence.”

(12) Symbols

“Symbols are the primary means through which you explore and interpret life.”

(13) Harmonious Resolution/Creative Solution

Very often you will find that the issues you carry are old ones, searching for harmonious resolution, from lifetime to lifetime.

(14) Western Medicine

“The human mind is always naturally seeking a state of integrated wholeness.  Modern Western medicine does not embrace this premise of healing through body-mind cooperation, and therefore the rampant use of pharmaceutical drugs is seen as a solution to every illness, which only denies and clouds the innate intelligence of the body.”

(15) Clear Intention

Understanding vital energy and mastering your ability to stamp your thoughts with clear intent upon the web of existence is the ultimate practice.

(16) Perspective is the Key

As you expand your perceptions, you will be operating in reality in a new and powerful way.

(17) New Frequencies of  Wisdom and Love

“Throughout the cosmos, we are all striving for the frequency of wisdom and the proper use of the frequency of love.  These times are about consciously producing individual and mass frequencies that affect all of existence, for once you can read frequencies and understand what you are doing, all the parameters of living are changed.”

(18) Enjoy Life!

“In order to manage the accelerated energies, take it easy, slow down, laugh, and allow yourself the luxury of actually enjoying life.”


The practice this week is a deeper exploration of our imagination along the lines of time and through the potent energy portals of the chakra system.  Again, I am offering them in audio form– they are replicated from the book as audio meditation practices so you can close your eyes, drop in, and have a deeper experience, as well as listen to them many times (which I recommend).

Practice (1): Ancestors (from page 67)


Practice (2): The Chakras (from page 78)


Practice (3): Contemplation

Intend to examine any blocks that stand in the way or impede your progress and ask:

What is really bothering me?

Why am I really afraid to change?

What am I  still gripping and holding on to that needs to be released?

“Very often you will find that the issues are old ones that are being carries by you from lifetime  through lifetime in search of harmonious solution.”

Opportunities for empowering your life exist in every moment as accelerated energy offers unlimited possibilities for all participants.  Contemplate the  significance of your life for a few moments…

What deeper purpose is rising to the surface now?

What memories are being triggered into the light of your conscious mind?

What frequency are you broadcasting?

Are you sending signals with clear intent?

“Remember, a very important and crucial purpose of these accelerated times is to clean up the frequency of fear.”

Are you deliberately choosing,  with clear intention, to uphold the frequency of love or fear in every situation?

What would love do?


You must master your mind and know yourself  to consciously manifest in this web of existence.

“Be willing to feel your way through life in order to ascertain the many layers of truth that define reality.”

“Your values and beliefs determine your experiences, and you certainly have the freedom and the free will to change either or both of them and alter their paths whenever you choose.”

“Times of accelerated energy hold the opportunity for the frequencies of disempowerment to be healed. Experiences can be reinterpreted and understood from a viewpoint outside of time, and once you really grasp that you are a multidimensional creator, you will see that there is a point and purpose to life that ripples far beyond the current era. Once you are able to open to this knowledge, your new wisdom will bring out the best of your abilities. And, once you are able to see a bigger picture of reality, you can release the rigid thought-forms of victimhood and the feelings of powerlessness that hold you and your genetic line captive.”

“During these times of accelerated energy, everything quickens and manifests with much greater speed.”

“Understanding the cosmic laws of manifesting is like having the keys to the universe.  If you are aware of your thoughts, knowing that what you focus on is what you get, then ideally you are consciously creating the version of life that you want.”



This week’s guided meditation is an extension of the chakra system described in the book.  Stretch your imagination to feel and experience these energy centers in a whole new light of your own design– Enjoy!

Week 4: Chakras

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