Week 3: Energy and Frequency

Energy and Frequency

We are now ready to review and discuss Chapter 2:  Energy and Frequency, one of my favorite topics!

**Everything is Energy**

“Energy, which can be directed, molded, and shaped into any form, is unlimited in potential.”

“Cosmic energies are delivering blueprints of possibilities that penetrate your greater mind and seep into your cells to actualize and activate codes of knowledge deep inside your genetic patterns. Even though you cannot see the multitude of radio waves running through the air, you have come to rely on their presence because of the modern developments of technology. Similarly, intense cosmic waveforms, which occupy various subtle locations on the light-spectrum band, have a more powerful effect on you and your world than all of your broadcast bands combined.”

“A tidal wave of light-encoded energy, emanating from the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy, permeates the new territories of space that your solar system is currently passing through on its journey through the cosmos. This energy is being deliberately introduced to your world to quickly enhance and upgrade human awareness in multiple levels of reality.”

* * *

In our practice this week, we will explore the connections between:




Brainwaves–Mind–Cosmic Mind





Take some time to honestly contemplate the following questions:

How do you use your energy?  How are you deliberately directing your energy?

How are you breathing at this moment?  How do you normally breathe?

Can you find more space and awareness in the breath?

Awareness and control of the breath are essential keys for understanding and developing the higher mind, because they form a very powerful and natural way to connect with both the inner and outer sources of the vital life-force energy.  By focusing your attention, you can use your breath to stabilize yourself, have more energy and enhance your immune system.”

**Keep breathing and enjoy the power of your focused attention**

“Light is electromagnetic radiation that travels in wave form, and your cells, which are crystalline in structure, eagerly respond to natural light.  Electromagnetic waves of cosmic radiation, composed of pulsed light energies, travel throughout existence conveying vast amounts of information.”

Everything is available to you via this transmission of energy-information from the cosmos.

Remember, your thoughts create your reality, with the cosmic law that like attracts like,  so what are you creating?

What are you attracting into your life?

How is it serving you?  If something isn’t, why are you creating this situation?

What are you willing to do to change that now?

“No matter what you are creating, your beliefs form the underlying foundation for all your experiences.  You must learn to be aware of your power to imprint energies you are interacting with and are using to structure reality.”

Are you contributing to a cluster of thoughts filled with joy or despair?

What are you contributing to the field of human activity and interaction?

The choice is yours.

“Use your creative energy to set the tone of your day, and picture vibrant waves of energy filled with images of your intentions being broadcast from your heart.”

What are your intentions for your attention?


This week we have three practices that are designed to increase your capacity to focus your attention, expand your breath, and enhance your imagination.  They are replicated from the book as audio meditation practices so you can close your eyes, drop in, and have a deeper experience, as well as listen to them many times (which I recommend).

Practice 1: Imagination Meditation (from page 31)


Practice 2: The Breath (from page 43)


Practice 3: The Answer Room (from page 52)

answer room


“Times of accelerated energy hold the opportunity for the frequencies of disempowerment to be healed.  Experiences can be reinterpreted and understood from a viewpoint outside of time, and once you really grasp that you are a multidimensional creator, you will see that there is a point and purpose to life that ripples far beyond the current era.  Once you are able to open to this knowledge, your new wisdom will bring out the best of your abilities.  And, once you are able to see a bigger picture of reality, you can release the rigid thought-forms of victimhood and the feelings of powerlessness that hold you and your genetic line captive.”

The choice is always yours– where are you going to focus your energy?

“Thought-forms are vibrational blueprints that hold instructions for manifesting reality.”

“Learning to recognize and read frequencies, or levels of consciousness, offers you a profound new form of liberty and freedom.”

“Using your WILLPOWER to create a new probable world– with each thought- by producing the frequencies of thought and energy that you desire, is the name of the game of freedom.”

“Responsibility opens the doors to complete self-empowerment.”

Guided Meditation

This week’s guided meditation explores our relationship to energy, attention, vibration and feelings:


“Where our attention goes, energy flows.”

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