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Course Description: Creating Waves of Consciousness

Creative solutions for changing beliefs, reclaiming your power,

and creating a world of unlimited possibilities


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Open to everyone!  Tuesdays 7-10pm

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“When you seek self-empowerment, you truly begin to live.”

New Empowerment Course




Let this course be the opportunity for REAL positive change and SUCCESS to happen in your life– live your greatest desires, feel your absolute best, and love your life more than you ever dreamed possible—greater than imagined, NOW!


I’d like to personally invite you to practice with me …

I have created these Empowerment Courses so we can have a chance to practice together, and therefore, have the opportunity to help each other live our best lives.  This course material gives us the tools to succeed, meet our goals, and have our visions come to fruition.  Ultimately, I want us all the chance to live our greatest dreams… together!


What does it take to start living your dreams Now??

It takes determination. focus. commitment. confidence. dedication. courage. tools. presence. learning new ways. willingness to change. perseverance. cooperation. leadership. appreciation. information. an attitude of gratitude. responsibility. strength. desire. connection. imagination. creativity. inspiration. happiness. guidance. growth. belief. showing up. personal empowerment.

This takes PRACTICE.

My philosophy is I would be practicing these teachings myself anyway, why not practice together?!  This gives us an opportunity to encourage and support each other, learn a similar skill set and language, plus get more out the experience by sharing it with one another.  These empowerment teachings mean the world to me, for my own growth and advancement on the spiritual/success path, as well as being an uplifter and lightworker for others.

I hope you are inspired to join me!  I would be honored to share with you and have this opportunity to practice together.  I feel it is a privilege to lead a group like this through the collection of teachings that I’ve put together from several potent resources:

  • The quotes and inspirations are mainly taken from the Abraham, Napoleon Hill, and the “Path of Empowerment” teachings.  Other sources will surely be added along the way.
  • The guided meditations are inspired from my personal ‘Quantum Healyng’ practice, and they are recorded live in my sessions.  They are influenced by Theta Healing, Pleiadian Lightwork, Abraham, and Melchizedek teachings.  New guided meditations will be offered from Amoraea Dreamseed as well.
  • The main book we will be reviewing (in depth for the advanced level) is “The Law of Success,” by Napoleon Hill.  These 16 principles make up the framework for the course.  Level I does not require reading any books.
  • The practice and processes are given to help articulate and specify one’s dreams and desires into concise ideas as well as give you the tools to navigate life’s challenges.  **Remember, the more we PRACTICE, the more we get out of it**

The course is offered in two 8-week series, with one lesson covered each week to make up the 16 lessons covered in the book (I count the creating Master Minds as the first lesson).

I make these courses incredibly convenient, accessible, and affordable.  You can work at your own pace, do them from anywhere, and have lots of options for the level in which you want to participate.

This course is an Intensive and there is much opportunity for participation, sharing, and involvement.  At this level, reading and practicing from The Law of Success book is required.  There will be weekly lessons and assignments in addition to the offerings in Level I.  Participation both on the interactive website as well as live meetings and gatherings are highly recommended to get the most out of the experience.  Includes 30 minute private consultation each week.

The Advanced Practice with even more opportunity for greater participation, building “Master Mind” teams, collaboration, and business (ad)ventures, as well as making extra income/revenue streams.  All the teachings in Level I and II are offered.  In addition, taking the online  “Master Series for Success” course is recommended, activating a higher skill level for becoming successful in the world.   Mentoring/Apprentice opportunities will be available to those who qualify.

There will be workshops and events that complement the course material offered for all participants through out the year.


We are thrilled to have you join us!  This will be an amazing journey together, one of self-discovery and powerful tools of transformation.

For any further questions or details, feel free to give us a call…

Bright Blessings and Great Appreciation,

Jen Healy


** Other Recommended books and movies:

The Living Matrix

The Secret (in movie and book form)

What the Bleep: Down the Rabbit Hole (movie)


Our Agreement, “Terms & Conditions”, for the course:


  1. Jen Healy /

    Please participate by actively discussing your experiences here in the comment section for each week. We all gain by you sharing your experiences!

    Many thanks.

  2. Dear beautiful Jen,
    Thank you for your help in getting back to the path yesterday. Once again I sit here this morning, connected, and have been since I left your house. The toxin absorber seems to help this morning with the nausea; the books are repeating one of the things I said yesterday (meditation morning and night)which will be a foundation to further where I want to go. I feel as though my next couple of days of service preparation will be inspiring vs. overwhelming. I will continue to post to you as I am in awe. I smile to myself because I only saw fall cleanse and this is turning to be so much more.
    Many Blessings my friend

  3. Jen Healy /

    That is so beautifull Loral!
    Inspiring vs. Overwhelming, I like that.

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