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The Path of Empowerment

Creating Waves of Consciousness


Creative solutions for changing beliefs,

reclaiming your power,

and creating a world of unlimited possibilities

Two 6 week courses:

12 weeks of Visioning

and EmPowerment…


Conscious Community Gatherings once a month:

“When you seek self-empowerment, you truly begin to live.”

by Barbara Marciniak, quoted from the book “Path of Empowerment”



After several seasons of being a spiritual guide and sharing the Abraham teachings, particularly the law of attraction, with many eager beings, it is time to elevate ourselves to the next level of transformation!  On our journey to becoming fully embodied and empowered on our path, we have been blessed with this delightful book, a gem of a literary experience– the “Path of Empowerment,” by Barbara Marciniak, will be our guide.

After creating the course last fall, “Power Tools and Power Symbols for Self-Empowerment,” I came across this new release from one of my most favorite intergalactic teachers: The Pleiadians, channeled by Barbara Marciniak, who has brought us such deeply transformative and revolutionary masterpieces as “Bringers of the Dawn”, “Earth”, and “Family of Light.”  I highly recommend these books already.  So I was astonished (once again) for the synchronicities that the universe was showing me.

I waited until this summer to read the “Path of Empowerment” while I was in Brazil, and again, I was just completely blown away by the congruence of information that seamlessly converged with my own teachings.  This book contains EVERYTHING that I’ve been wanting to share and bring to the people in my life that I’m here to serve.  This book so closely harmonizes with my own thoughts and ideas, I was wondering how I wrote a book without even knowing it!  All joking aside, I believe this choice will be the most extraordinary and amazing opportunity to discover “creative solutions for changing beliefs, reclaiming your power, and creating a world of unlimited possibilities!”

I am also experimenting and getting creative with the way I offer this information, and this fall we will try something new– accessing and sharing the information online.  I will be offering two consecutive 6 week courses, for a total of 12 weeks.   There will be a weekly course lesson posted online, in a section called “members area” that you will have to sign up for on my website,   There will also be a monthly gathering scheduled to enable us to connect live and have input from all involved so we can create a dynamic interaction of ideas, inspirations, and interests.


Please join us this fall for a surely empowering and transformational journey of insight and self-discovery.

Sign up at


Course material will include, but not limited to, the following topics:

**A focus on our relationship to Self, Body, Sex, Money, Career, and Others**

*What is the purpose and power of the Law of Attraction….

*What are our personal and professional values….

*What are our large and small visions for our lives….

*Creating a mission and vision statement…

*Creating symbols of power (such as Alters and Vision Boards) as reminders of our goals….

*Speaking and being in our power by attracting what we REALLY want…

*How to manage our ‘power tools’ in life such as health, wealth and happiness….

*Supporting and Empowering each other in living out our dreams…

*Creating conscious community around empowering the Devine Feminine…


**Everyone is encouraged to invite a friend who is in alignment with this vision and practice.  My wish is to create a powerful network of conscious community through these teachings and practice.  Committing to all 12 weeks is highly encouraged and recommended to get the full benefit, but there are no requirements to be involved.

I hope you can join us on this exciting adventure of self-discovery, and I look forward to connecting deeper with each of you!

Contact me with any questions or comments you may have, and let me know if you are interested in partaking:))

Light, Love and Blessings,

Jen Healy

**Recommended books and movies:

Path of Empowerment (primary reading-required)

–by Barbara Marciniak

Family of light

–by Barbara Marciniak

Money and The Law of Attraction, The Teachings of Abraham

–by Jerry and Ester Hicks (book and CD)

The Vortex, The Teachings of Abraham

–by Jerry and Ester Hicks (book)

Ask and It is Given

–by Jerry and Ester Hicks (book)

The Living Matrix  (movie- required)

The Secret (in movie and book form)

What the Bleep: Down the Rabbit Hole (movie)


This is a powerful excerpt from the book and our agreement for the course:


of cleansing and healing!



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More Quotes from ‘Path of Empowerment’:

Every once in a great, grand while, in certain locations of time and space, a massive acceleration of cosmic energy occurs. Based on a joint agreement among various forms of intelligence, including stars, planets, and an innumerable host of cosmic players, the acceleration is designed to awaken the various participants to a much greater experience of existence through integrating a huge vibrational change of energy. The gateway to such a time of awakening opened on your world in 1987, initiating 25 years of unprecedented change and exponential transformation. The period from 1987 to 2012 has been foreseen by great sages in many ages as the turning point in a very powerful cycle in human development.

* * *

A vast intelligence, far beyond your current definitions of God, fills the invisible realms of existence. Cosmic Intelligence is watching and waiting for you to wake up to the new horizons of reality. Humanity is preparing to redefine the invisible world beyond the arguments and limitations of science and religion, and prior to the unveiling of this new insight, many cumbersome and worn-out structures must be refurbished and removed from the scene.

Cosmic energies are delivering blueprints of possibilities that penetrate your greater mind and seep into your cells to actualize and activate codes of knowledge deep inside your genetic patterns. Even though you cannot see the multitude of radio waves running through the air, you have come to rely on their presence because of the modern developments of technology. Similarly, intense cosmic waveforms, which occupy various subtle locations on the light-spectrum band, have a more powerful effect on you and your world than all of your broadcast bands combined.

Energies from the Galactic center are playing the most important role throughout these 25 years of human transformation. In December 0f 2012, the culmination of the nanosecond occurs with the winter solstice sun making an alignment with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, which is over 30,000 light years from Earth. The sun will rise on December 21st to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic completing a 26,000 year processional cycle.

This event will be like a long awaited homecoming, a reconnection to your deepest roots as a spiritual being. You will be recharged and revitalized with unbounded creativity from the Womb of the Mother, and you shall know the truths of your origins. And as the years unfold on the way to this auspicious reunion, your solar system will become increasingly active in preparation for the big event.

* * *

In your corner of the cosmos, humanity is deeply immersed in a worldwide spiritual transformation designed to clear a vast accumulation of fearful beliefs from the human gene pool that carry energetic patterns of pain and separation. The ultimate purpose of this transformation is to open the way for new, pronounced frequencies of higher awareness to be available throughout the multiverse. All of humanity is here, along with a host of other dimensional beings, including us, to make a unique contribution to a healing on the lines of time. From the human standpoint, you must be full present in your body to participate most effectively in this transformation.

Your DNA is being beneficially enhanced during these times through cosmic ray exposure that is clearing away vast amounts of lower vibrational energies with roots deep in the human psyche. As the higher vibration of the nanosecond [ie – the transformational time span between 1987 – 2012] continues to accelerate, the gathering momentum of the transformation is fortifying through the process of entrainment – where the strongest, most vital life-enhancing frequencies build great electromagnetic power, selectively attracting other frequencies of consciousness to them.

* * *

A tidal wave of light-encoded energy, emanating from the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy, permeates the new territories of space that your solar system is currently passing through on its journey through the cosmos. This energy is being deliberately introduced to your world to quickly enhance and upgrade human awareness in multiple levels of reality.

* * *

These times of change involve a rapid emergence from an era of ignorance, breaking free from an old spell that has been in place for thousands and thousands of years.

* * *

The transformation of consciousness that is sweeping the globe is a multi-dimensional drama, an orchestration of supreme significance, that essentially involves an act of daring courage – an agreement between many realities to heal the mind and spirit of humanity and all they are connected to.

* * *

During this era of change, the collective intent of humanity appears to be deeply committed to a tremendous opportunity for spiritual growth and expansion, where the experience of being on Earth is both the purpose and the teacher. On one level of your experience, you are here to participate in the mass movement of consciousness towards a collective integrated memory. To raise the stakes and make the experience much more interesting and worthwhile, obstacles of every make and size have been introduced into this drams from many levels of reality.

* * *

Many forms of intelligence, from places you are connected to, are drawn here now to participate in the transformation of consciousness.

* * *

Potent cosmic energies are responsible for the tremendous changes in every arena of life. And as traditional beliefs and expectations continue to crack and crumble like old, stale bread, the ability to quickly grasp new interpretations of life is crucial for navigating the swiftly churning currents of a world seemingly in a rapid race towards chaos. The pressure to change is even greater than you can imagine. The nanosecond in the annals of time [ie – the transformational time span between 1987 – 2012] is hosting a massive transformation of consciousness that catalyzes the spiritualization of matter and restores awareness of your multidimensional existence.

The awakening of consciousness is being cast to the forefront of your own life because you are here at this time to learn how to manage your energy. Will you overcome the program of fear as a qualifier of your experience? Will you pursue the quest of transformation by trusting yourself and your intuition? You are called upon to think for yourself, to believe in yourself, and to consciously create a peaceful and sustainable version of reality accepting complete responsibility for your life. The nanosecond is especially important because as everything continues to accelerate monumental changes will transpire, and your beliefs about reality – and the very nature of reality itself – can be altered in the twinkling of an eye.

The collective mass consciousness of humanity is profoundly affected by the restless stirring of new levels of awareness that are coming to life across the globe. Impetus is building as people steadily emerge from various stages of deep denial due to the accelerated energy that is changing, at supersonic speed, the consciousness of Earth and all her inhabitants. Like a few billion Rip van Winkles suddenly coming back to life, many people are waking up in a very different reality than the one in which they dozed off. The ever increasing influx of cosmic energy shakes up everything at subatomic level, nudging humanity to recognize and grow beyond the dysfunctional patterns that separate world society into factions thriving on discord and disagreement.

These 25 years of accelerated energy involve a huge transformation of consciousness that will collectively clear perceptual limitations and expand your perspective, essentially freeing humanity from a state of bondage that is, as yet, largely unrecognized. The quickening of energy you are receiving, from new areas of space that your solar system encounters, is literally blowing your paradigm wide open, triggering a huge leap in your ability to select probabilities that support, sustain, and value life.

This passage is generating new flurries of solar flames and coronal mass ejections that hurl through space – riding the solar wind with massive, unprecedented bursts of cosmic radiated energy – and quicken every subatomic particle of your body. These super-intense transmissions from the sun totally rearrange your consciousness on multiple levels of reality by tuning your perceptions and enhancing your senses, especially if you have been working to become more spiritually and psychically aware.

* * *

Times of accelerated energy hold the opportunity for the frequencies of disempowerment to be healed. Experiences can be reinterpreted and understood from a viewpoint outside of time, and once you really grasp that you are a multidimensional creator, you will see that there is a point and purpose to life that ripples far beyond the current era. Once you are able to open to this knowledge, your new wisdom will bring out the best of your abilities. And, once you are able to see a bigger picture of reality, you can release the rigid thought-forms of victimhood and the feelings of powerlessness that hold you and your genetic line captive.

* * *

***Image by Alex Wayne from THE ILLUMINATED CHAKRAS by Anodea Judith


  1. srainin /

    I am really excited to take this to a new level! This is the perfect way to do this course. It actually helps keep me in this place of high vibration even when I’m not meeting every week. Thanks for creating such a joyful place to practice!

  2. ilan.gleiser /

    Take this course and you will transform your life…

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