Cleanse: Week Four




Congratulations for making it this far!  By now, you are probably be feeling the profound effects and benefit of this comprehensive system– enjoy your last week fully.  During the forth week, you will concentrate on your Blood, Skin, and Lymph systems. You will be taking two formulas, Blood & Skin Rejuvenatorâ„¢ and Lymph Rejuvenatorâ„¢, three times per day during week four.

After the last week of the cleanse, an amazing five day sprouted green juice fast is offered and recommended.  This juice fast is offered in collaboration with my dear friend Tricia Barrett, please check for more information and details about the cleanse.  I will be organizing the cleanse, so contact me if you are interested in participating with us!


Week 4— You pretty much got the jist of it by now…use the 7th and 8th principles of each topic as they apply to the nature of the Blood, Lymphatics and Cells.

The Chakra System:

The Yoga Sutras:

The Eight fold path:

Using the Law of Attraction, Visioning and Personal building skillls:

Creating a new “Code of Ethics” around food, diet and exercise.

Create a “Vision” of a healthly, happy you

Take some time write out a new plan for your approach to health and your commitment to live and life that reflects this healthier, happier you that you have uncovered during the cleanse.  What dietary changes do you want to keep?  How do you want to feel about your body?  What type of commitment do you want to make for yourself around creating a healthy lifestyle?

What is your highest vision for living your fullest, most unlimited, and healthiest life?  Go into detail and enjoy creating a new you, deliberately, intentionally, and consciously.

All my light, love and blessings!

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