Hydrocolon Therapy– Very important to help release old toxins, recommended once or twice a week while cleansing.  Go to for more details.

Kriya Yoga– Yoga designed specifically for clearing and detoxing the organs of the body.  Recommended practicing every day.  More details at

Massage and Chi Nei Tsang– One of the most important aspects to supporting and opening the body during cleansing, especially Chi Nei Tsang (Internal Organ Massage).  Recommended once a week at least.  All the information you need is on this site.  Here’s links to–

Chi Nei Tsang

Massage Therapy Session

Meditation– Also very important is to take time to still the mind and go inside.  Meditate daily, either seated or walking meditation is fine.  Check out some local favorites for classes and instruction:

Zen Center

Green Gulch

Spirit Rock

Exercise and Nature– Take the time to exercise daily (at a gentle pace) in order to bulid circulation and help flush toxins; spend time in Nature and learn from her infiinite knowledge how to be present and in harmony.

**Baths, Hot Springs, Saunas and Steams are highly recommended and encouraged.  Two of my favorites:

Kabuki Springs

Harbin Hot Springs

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