I have been working with Jen Healy for the past 10 years consistently and she is quite honestly one of the most incredible women I have ever worked with.

I have been doing her empowerment courses for the past 4 years.  She infuses her amazing knowledge of science with a spiritual practice that enhances success in every aspect of a person’s life.

I highly recommend her!

~Sydney R., Voice Over Expert & Entrepreneur


I have worked with Jen Healy in the empowerment and spirituality fields for over 6 years.  Jen offers an incredible range of experience in these fields.  She has a wealth of knowledge and applies it to her everyday life as well as to her support for her clients.  When I am with Jen, she uses her intuitive skills to connect to my deeper needs and issues, ask the right questions, as well as bring me amazing support.  She has the ability to reach out, to understand and to know the right path to take.  With her coaching and guidance, I am most importantly encouraged to stay focused and vigilant towards attaining my goals.  I have grown with her help tremendously and highly recommend her.

~Eileen F., Inspiring Actress/Business Owner


The first time I remember experiencing the word “empowerment” as a living force, available and inside of me, was the first time I met Jen Healy.  While I’m sure I heard the word many times before that day, until I began spending time with Jen, it was little more than an abstract concept.  It took being in the presence of someone who embodies both the essence of empowerment and the teachings and tools that make it accessible, that it became real for me, and began to shift the way I live, work, and relate to life in a manner that continues to give me access to new energy and previously untapped creative insight and influence.

Since beginning to work with Jen several years ago, I’ve experienced levels of aliveness, joy, vitality, confidence and power beyond anything I would earlier have imagined possible.  Her empowerment coaching – an integral blend of mastery with language, bodywork, spiritual teachings, scientific knowledge, and insight into human potential – has impacted my health, work, relationships and sense of possibility.  Through the quality of her presence and example, and equipped with the tools she has shared with me, I am able to follow my passions, exercise even greater flexibility, choice, discernment and creativity in every moment, and meet life with an ever-expanding spirit of peace, center, curiosity and love.  As someone educated and working in the sciences, I am especially amazed by the way Jen seamlessly blends a deep knowledge of quantum physics, anatomy and physiology with a natural leadership, sense for business, and commitment to healing and thriving at the multiple levels of individual, society and planet.

When I first began seeing Jen as a client, I was experienced a number of physical conditions that were making it difficult to keep up with graduate school studies and work that I loved, and as I understood it then, were keeping me from my potential.   Jen was the first person to address the framework through which I was viewing the situation, and to suggest that all that I was seeking was already within me.  With compassion and firmness, halfway through my story of what had gone wrong, she asked me to begin telling her “what’s right” with me.  It is from here, she said, from “the places in you that are connected with your health and highest self, that you can discover, tap into and activate your capacity to transform anything in every moment.”  Jen never made me wrong for the perspective I had; Instead, she offered me the chance to experience the impact of a different way of looking at things for myself, and to witness all that began to open up.

After only a few weeks of coaching and bodywork, I began to see significant transformations in my life.  Over the months that followed, I experienced more break through results in a single session with Jen than in anything else I had pursued in previous years.  Jen offered me new ways of understanding my body and it’s guidance systems, and helped me to learn to bring the optimal level of awareness to any challenge I met so that the best possible solution is always available.  She supported me in discovering how to successfully and efficiently bring my ideas into reality, and to stay connected to the wellspring of creative energy available inside and around me.  I noticed that my language began to shift as I worked with Jen – I became conscious that language has the power to create worlds, and learned to listen for how I was speaking my commitments and values into action.  Through our private sessions, and in community through groups and courses Jen created, Jen and I worked to formulate personal mission statements, visions and action plans that continue to serve as invaluable resources as I move more fully into the work most congruent with my gifts, skills and path.  With increased clarity came increased results.

Even in the most demanding of circumstances, I find that after working with Jen, I am better able to move situations to resolution, work powerfully with any kind of energy I encounter, and enjoy the process of continuing to grow and learn as I also step more fully into organizational leadership and interface with people across fields and systems.  I find that my ability to create positive change is transformed and transforming, and I continue to feel blessed by Jen’s vibrant presence in my life.  I cannot recommend her coaching and services highly enough.

~Liz M.,  PhD Student/Educator


Working with Jen Healy has been a miraculous turning point in my life. This exceptionally bright and spirited woman has taught me how to turn my life into an adventure and work of art by positively charging what I think, say, eat and do!

In her coaching, Jen Healy provides an unusual mix of healing technologies (from high tech healing machines to no tech organic nutritional wisdom). She combines her engineering background and mathematic skills (which are exceptional) with intuition and her finely tuned ability to read and shift energies. Her own devotion to her spiritual practices infuses her intellectual brilliance with a loving heart–a rare blend indeed!

In addition to all that, she designs yogic playground equipment and gets clients moving their bodies in a way that is healthy, joyful and so highly creative.

When I first met Jen, I was in a middle aged mess. The usual suspects–divorce, money problems, etc had raised my stress levels and dimmed my light. Since putting into practice what Jen has taught me in her coaching and courses, I have become joyful, healthy, empowered, I have more money in the bank and every day more miracles occur. I only wish I had met and worked with her sooner. She is gifted and one of the best gifts I’ve ever received!

~Karen A., Inventor/Business Owner/Leader in Movement and Exercise


After meeting and working with Jen, I no longer walk in a cloud of haze and pain.  
I am now feeling limitless energy and unlimited potential. I am able to laugh at my resistance. I see more clearly and move with more ease. Everyday is more joyful and I am better able to deal with and appreciate contrast.  
I bless you Jen, every day!

~ Pam M., Business Owner


Jen Healy saved my life. There isn’t one day that passes, that I don’t thank the universe for her work. After only a couple of months, she has exponentially raised the quality of my life (on a scale of 1 to 10) from a 2 to an 8. And I was living at a dreary 2 for decades, and thanks to Jen, I’m physically feeling better than I ever have since I was 12. She’s an extraordinary multi-dimensional healer who has provided me with effective solutions to heal the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional issues that were intertwined, and literally weighing me down. She’s undoubtedly and tangibly proven herself to be an exceptionally gifted bodyworker, technologist, nutritionist, intuitive, advisor and teacher who has very effectively led my body, mind, and spirit back to wellness.

With her expertise in diet, exercise, and nutritional healing, Jen provided me with a perfect and rare solution to my lifelong hypoglycemia, and this was 2nd most important event of my life, due to it’s enormous life-changing impact (2nd only to meeting my husband).  Almost every moment of my physical life, since birth, has been burdened with anxiety, fogginess, and swinging emotions that stemmed from severe chronic hypoglycemia.  Numerous doctors, practitioners, herbalists, and nutritionist in NYC, PA, NJ and SF failed over decades to ease my condition, and I gave up hope that life could be anything but a chore because of it.  Jen is also an expert at hypoglycemia and solutions for it; she provided me with a rare supplement that relieved my symptoms and for the first time ever, felt how it was to be free of symptoms.  For 10 years, I was unable to rigorously exercise due to my condition, as my body couldn’t mobilize the blood sugar fast enough when needed, and thanks to Jen’s hypoglycemia solution, I am finally to exercise again!

I was also suffering from debilitating pain from a high speed car accident 3 years ago that left me with 3 bulging neck discs, myofascitis, arthritis in my neck and lower back, and thoracic outlet syndrome. The pain was so bad, I had even spent a week living on the floor because it was too painful to get up; I was on disability, and in the care of a neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeon, multiple osteopaths, and physical therapists with marginal improvement. Working with Jen significantly improved my pain, thanks to her bodywork, and her expertise in using multiple cutting edge electromagnetic healing technologies — Lifestream, Amethyst biomat, BEMER and EPFX — which made all the difference in my pain and rehabilitation. Whereas I was severely restricted by pain in the use of my arms and back prior to working with Jen, I am now significantly improved and have regained much of my physical functionality which continues to improves daily.

What differentiates Jen from many practitioners is her ability to heal issues from a multi-faceted, integrative holistic approach that effectively address the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional aspects that may manifest as issues in one realm, but in actuality are deeply rooted in multiple realms.  Her services are very unique in that she offers integrated solutions and services to comprehensively address and heal client issues.  Jen has demonstrated uncanny psychic accuracy in multiple instances in identifying the underlying condition plaguing my body or mind; yet she is also a master technologist with an electrical engineering degree who understands cutting edge technology and how to use it to heal the cells of the body.  What is so impressive is the breadth of knowledge and experience (based on 15 years of working with thousands of clients), Jen has to provide very effective solutions — be it nutritional, supplemental, spiritual, physical, etc.– to heal the issue once and for all. For example, my car accident injuries and pain have improved significantly as a result of her bodywork, nutritional guidance with supplementation, use of her healing technologies, her guidance in how to manage my vibration through thoughts and beliefs, her healing meditations, and her empowerment teachings/coaching skills.  It’s understandable to me why many people make limited progress with one-dimensional approaches, as I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of, and need for, a multi-dimensional and comprehensive vantage point to healing and empowerment.

On a personal and professional level, Jen has also proven herself to be impeccably conscious with the utmost integrity, ethics, and professionalism; she blesses others with her unwavering commitment to service to others and humanity as part of her own pursuit of evolution and expansion of her soul and spirit. I cannot recommend Jen enough to others, for those who have the opportunity to experience and benefit from her work are truly fortunate.

~Lucy L., Corporate Strategy Leader, Intuitive Healer


Jen has been working with me for over a year, I came to her with a disease called Crohn’s, an autoimmune disease that results in chronic inflammation of the upper and lower intestine. Most of our work together has centered around advanced body therapy and empowerment practices. In the time I’ve been seeing her, she has not only helped to effectively place the disease into “remission” but has also given me some invaluable information and tools to take these empowerment practices home with me to continue working at identifying where and how I came to enable this disease in myself.  Her coaching skills have proven to be an essential part of my healing process, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually, and I look forward to her continued guidance.  She is a blessing given to us.  I hope more people have the opportunity to experience the focused intent and loving dedication she brings to her practice.

~Jason K., Graphic Designer, Music Producer







Jen Healy gives the best massages EVER!!  This woman really shows how the hard work she’s put into her practice has paid off, she’ll walk all over you and you’ll love it!

Jen made me functional again! I suffered a serious back injury after years of neglect and mistreatment of my body. I was unable to work. Jen’s body work allowed me to progress from a state of constant pain to enjoying my life again. I wish that everyone understood that massage has the power to really heal. Go see Jen!

Jason McClain
Jen’s work blew my mind. She assisted me in releasing emotional pain and grief that I was holding in my body in ways that I knew I could not sustain, was not healthy for my overall health and mental well-being, and just plain needed to come out. I can not imagine another practitioner holding the same space of safety, power, compassion, and strength. This, coupled with her competence in the areas she works makes her the only body practitioner I recommend to people. Thanks Jen! jason

Camilla Norman Field
When I first came for a “Jen Healy massage” over a year ago, I was suffering from incredibly painful shoulder and neck problems. After a month of seeing Jen on a weekly basis, my pain was a distant memory and with regular visits I am able prevent its return! Aside from the help Jen has given me with her healying hands, she is an incredibly warm and open person – someone I am honored to call my friend.

Finding Jen was a lifesaver for me. Its great to make a connection with someone who can be a wholistic guide, linking the physical to the spiritual and emotional roots, helping me to open up and live a more fulfilling life. A session with Jen is more than bodywork, its lifework. Thanks for everything Jen!!

Brenda & Edwin
Jen is a godsend to our family! Everytime we have a session with her, all of us come out feeling renewed and revived emotionally, physically and spiritually. Jen is not only the best massage therapist and bodyworker we’ve known but, she’s also a healer who is genuine and dedicated to her profession. Keep up the great work, sister…we love you!

When I lived in San Francisco 2 years ago, I saw Jen often. Her massages were, and have been, unique (and I have tried many others). Not only did I feel physically relieved, but spiritually awakened. I can not explain it as I am generally skeptical until I see concrete evidence. Jen proved it to me. I only wish I had another massage therapist like her where I live now.

Tom Wagenbrenner
Jen has put me back on track after too many sports-related injuries, and way too much silly work stress to mention. Her training background, knowledge, and skills are vast, and offer an incredibly wide array of healying needs. It’s also noteworthy that her compassion for her fellow humans is off the charts, which serves to amplify her committment to the most positive of outcomes. All in all, I would place her in the top 1% of therapists I have encountered in 20+ years of weekly massage.

Jen has made it possible for me to function in my very physical job. Lifting over 80lbs of equipment daily had taken a toll on my body. She focused on my core problem and taught me technics to strengthen my body and live a healthier life.

I have been seeing Jen for massage on a regular basis for almost two years now. She is by far the best masseuse I have ever found. She understands the energy of the body and recognizes ways to release, pain, stress and just make you feel your best. If you are looking for a great masseuse, then look no further. She works miracles. Thanks Jen!

Two years ago I had an accident that resulted in a debilitating back problem. After acute care, I started seeing Jen and, over the past year, her care has allowed me again to become fully functional. She is a superb practitioner; I highly recommend her for anyone that needs back work. An hour spent with her will certainly be the best hour of your week.


  1. jason_knight /

    Jen has been working with me for over a month, I came to her with a disease called Crohn’s, an autoimmune disease that results in chronic inflammation of the upper and lower intestine. Most of our work together has centered around advanced body work. In the short time I’ve been seeing her, she has not only helped to effectively place the disease into “remission” but has also given me some invaluable information and tools to take these practices home with me to continue working identifying and where and how I came to enable this disease in myself. It has proven to be an essential part of my healing process, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually and I look forward to her continued guidance. She is a blessing given to us, I hope more people have the opportunity to experience the focused intent and loving dedication she brings to her practice.

  2. I have worked with Jen for over 6 years. She has helped me physically as well as emotionally in more ways than I could have ever imagined. She has done body work on me (she’s really beyond great), the EPFX (highly recommend it!), the beemer (wonderfully soothing) and the biomat. She has worked with me on nutrition, my first foray into cleansing (amazing!), bringing my stress level down in my life and seeing the world through much better lenses!
    I recommend this woman to anyone who wants to live life to it’s fullest and most joyful because she is the guide that can help anyone who is willing and wanting – get there!

  3. I met Jen over a year ago when she did body work for a dance event I attended. She gave me an amazing massage and since then i have had several extraordinary massages with her. They have not only been physically satisfying, but emotionally and spiritually healing as well. She is the real deal. The trust she built with her body work led me to start the cleansing process with her. I’ve never formally cleansed before. She’s extremely knowledgeable. But she’s more than that – she’s patient, supportive, available, flexible and honorable … i could go on and on with the hyperbole. in short, I can’t recommend her highly enough in whatever discipline we’re engaged in, because she just plain rocks! ~ jennifer paige

  4. Jen Healy /

    Thank you for all the extraordinary feedback! I am so honored to work with amazing people like you!
    With great love and appreciation…

  5. I did the Blessed Herbs colon cleanse with Jen, first over 30 days (very easy), and then over 8 days with some food (which got easier each day). One of the best things I’ve done in my life. The 30 day cleanse got me regular. And then whoa, the 8 day cleanse changed me. Let’s just say I gave birth to plaque babies I never knew existed within me — decades probably. And there were many. Thank GOD they are out of me. My energy level and concentration have improved significantly! Chronic inflammatory issues improved. My acupuncturist noticed many physical organic improvements after I did the cleanse. THANK YOU JEN!!! I’m SO GLAD I did this with you!

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